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  1. Ab-initio computation of electronic, and transport properties of wurtzite aluminum nitride (W-AlN) and microwave absorption properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (outer diameter 20-30 nanometers)-epoxy composites
  2. Abant İzzet Baysal Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi
  3. ABC ... Anyone but CY. Will changing the Chief Executive make a difference?
  4. ABCS health sciences
  5. Academic Achievement among Latina Undergraduates : An Examination of Psychosociocultural Factors Associated with Academic Achievement and Persistence among Dominican and Puerto Rican Students
  6. Academic honesty in the digital age
  7. The academic librarian as blended professional : Reassessing the position
  8. Academic writing in English and Chinese : Case studies of senior college students
  9. Accelerated successive approximation technique for analog to digital converter design
  10. Accessing the semantics of Japanese numeral classifiers
  11. Accommodating Complex Chained Prepositional Phrases in Natural Language Query Interface to an Event-Based Triplestore
  12. Accounting series releases : releases 1 to 77, inclusive, amended to March 10, 1956
  13. Accretion and Subduction of Oceanic Lithosphere : 2D and 3D Seismic Studies of Off-Axis Magma Lenses at East Pacific Rise 9°37-40'N Area and Downgoing Juan de Fuca Plate at Cascadia Subduction Zone
  14. Acculturation, acculturative stress, and psychological adjustment among Muslim Arab American high school students
  15. Acculturation, Mental Health, and Mental Health Service Use Among Older Adults from Five Asian Ethnic Groups
  16. Accuracy levels of land cover classified maps derived from mid and high spatial resolution remote sensing data
  17. Achieving epistemic descent
  18. Acoustic Analysis of Internally versus Externally Guided Speech in Parkinson's Disease
  19. Acoustic characteristics of Parkinsonian speech before and after morning medication : The on and off states
  20. Acoustic correlates of second language word repetition : An investigation into the influence of native and non-native prosodic patterns in late listeners of the English language
  21. Acoustic emission monitoring of multi-phase fluid flow in laser- engineered net shaping process (LENS)
  22. Acoustic emission-based sensor analysis and damage classification for structural health monitoring of composite structures
  23. Acoustic mediation of vocalized emotion identification : Do decoders identify emotions idiographically or nomothetically?
  24. Acoustic performance of reiterated hierarchical honeycomb structures
  25. Acoustic scattering response of hierarchic honeycomb structures for cylindrical and spherical structures
  26. Acquisition and assimilation of management skills by Chinese light industrial firms : Soft technology transfer to a transitionaleconomy
  27. The acquisition of grammatical gender by French as a second language learners enrolled in French immersion
  28. Acquisition of intonational prominence in English by Seoul Korean and Mandarin Chinese speakers
  29. The acquisition of vowel normalization during early infancy : Theory and computational framework
  30. ACS omega Free database
  31. Acta Baltico-Slavica
  32. Acta Chemica Iasi
  33. Acta mechanica et automatica
  34. Acta regionalia et environmentalica
  35. Actions, reasons and self-expression : a defense of subjectivist- internalism about reasons
  36. Active Enchantments : Form, Nature, and Politics in American Literature
  37. Activity-based cost modeling and dynamic simulation study of an international reusable packaging systems
  38. An Actor Repairs : Listening not Generating
  39. Adaptation of Thai Insurance to Natural Disasters : An Analysis of Developments in Major Rice Crop Insurance Using the Area Yield Approach
  40. Adapting DNA barcoding for use in routine biomonitoring programs
  41. Adapting sustainable low-carbon techologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants in China
  42. Adaptive Boosting for Automatic Speech Recognition
  43. Adaptive leadership challenges in HIV/AIDS and male circumcision initiatives in Tanzanian churches
  44. Adaptive learning of neural activity during deep brain stimulation
  45. The adaptive plasticity of pancreatic beta-cells
  46. Adaptive Real-Time Embedded Systems
  47. Adaptive Spline-based Finite Element Method with Application to Phase- field Models of Biomembranes
  48. Adaptive sports integration following spinal cord injury
  49. Addressing the challenges in signal quality and calibration time of EEG-based brain-computer interface
  50. Addressing Uncertainty in Stackelberg Games for Security : Models and Algorithms
  51. Adeptus (Warsaw, Poland)
  52. The Administration of Intranasal Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Induces Changes in the Nasal Microbiota and Nasal Epithelium Gene Expression Profile
  53. Adolescent female aggression : Measurement, relational risk and promotive factors, and risk pathways
  54. Adolescent Male Perpetrators of Rape in the General Population and Their Young Adult Outcomes
  55. Adolescent Refugees in High School : a Multiple Case Study of Students from Burma, Bhutan, and Sudan
  56. Adoption of Electronic Health Records by Physicians for Use in Their Practices
  57. Adoption of ereaders by senior adults : a phenomenological study
  58. The adoption of restorative justice legislation as a state policy response to criminal justice concerns : a mixed methods inquiry
  59. Adoptive Parent Perspectives on Placing an Intercountry Adopted Child with Disabilities in Out of Home Care
  60. Adult Learning-Focused Professional Development for Dental Hygiene Clinical Instructors
  61. Adult Zebrafish Lateral Line : a Well Supported System
  62. Advanced Analysis Algorithms for Microscopy Images
  63. Advanced Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  64. Advanced materials characterization based on full field deformation measurements
  65. Advanced mission planning and impact risk assessment of near-Earth asteroids in application to planetary defense
  66. Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
  67. Advanced wireless communications using large numbers of transmit antennas and receive nodes
  68. Advancement and validation of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model utilizing experimental data from vehicle testing
  69. Advancements of in-flight mass moment of inertia and structural deflection algorithms for satellite attitude simulators
  70. Advances in anatomy
  71. Advances in biomaterials (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
  72. Advances in botany
  73. Advances in computer engineering
  74. Advances in ecology
  75. Advances in electronics (Cairo, Egypt)
  76. Advances in Empirical Bayes Modeling and Bayesian Computation
  77. Advances in endocrinology (Cairo, Egypt)
  78. Advances in epidemiology
  79. Advances in geriatrics
  80. Advances in Information Retrieval : 38th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2016, Padua, Italy, March 20-23, 2016. Proceedings
  81. Advances in language and literary studies : AL & LS
  82. Advances in neuroscience
  83. Advances in nursing
  84. Advances in psychiatry
  85. Advances in statistics (Cairo, Egypt)
  86. Advances in toxicology
  87. Advances in vascular medicine
  88. Advances in zoology
  89. Advancing Opportunities for All Students : Superintendent Leadership Teams in High-Achieving School Districts
  90. Adverbial ordering in English
  91. Advice on Facebook : Channel effects on the evaluation of advice
  92. Advnaces in aerospace engineering (Hindawi Publishing Corporation)
  93. Aerobic Oxidative Functionalization of Alkenes Catalyzed by Palladium : Methods and Mechanism
  94. Aerodynamic analysis of a propeller in a turbulent boundary layer flow
  95. The Aerodynamic and Dynamic Loading of a Slender Structure by an Impacting Tornado-Like Vortex : The Influence of Relative Vortex-to-Structure Size on Structural Loading
  96. Aerodynamic wake study : oscillating model wind turbine within a turbulent boundary layer
  97. Aerosol Spray Pyrolysis Synthesis of CZTS Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications
  98. The affective politics of home : Queer familial imaginations in 20th and 21st century Chinese theatre and film
  99. Affeu fangani 'join together' : a morphophonemic analysis of possessive suffix paradigms and a discourse-based ethnography of the elicitation session in Pakin Lukunosh Mortlockese
  100. African American Adolescents' Attitudes and Beliefs on Trauma and Healing : Implications for Mental Health Service Use
  101. African American and White copreneurs : Comparing education, marriage, business success, and longevity
  102. African American school counselors employed in predominantly White- culture school districts : a phenomenological study
  103. African literature and the environment : a study in postcolonial ecocriticism
  104. Age related differences in smartphone human computer interaction usability
  105. Agency costs and accounting quality within an all-equity setting : The role of free cash flows and growth opportunities
  106. Agency staff perceptions of end-of-life care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  107. Agency Theory and the Role of R and D Governance in Enabling Technology Strategy and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  108. Agile actors on complex terrains : transformative realism and public policy
  109. Aging in Place : Perceptions of Older Adults on Low Income Housing Waitlists
  110. Agricultural students' perceptions of workforce readiness as a result of applied courses : a quasi-experimental study
  111. Agricultural water management in the Sevier River Basin, Utah : a multidisciplinary approach
  112. Aid and the role of external influence in polycentric institutions
  113. Air traffic management under uncertain weather impact
  114. Air-blast effects on civil structures
  115. Alexander and the Persian Cosmopolis, 1000-1500
  116. Alfalfa reference crop evapotranspiration in Colorado and its use for irrigation scheduling
  117. Algebraic Matroids in Applications
  118. Algebraic Techniques in Coding Theory : Entropy Vectors, Frames, and Constrained Coding
  119. An Algorithm for the Aerodynamic Analysis of Rotating Blades Using a Weak Viscous-Inviscid Interaction Method
  120. Algorithmic Improvements to Sweeping and Multi-Sweeping Volume Mesh Generation
  121. Algorithms and Data Structures for Efficient Timing Analysis of Asynchronous Real-time Systems
  122. Algorithms and discrete applied mathematics : second International Conference, CALDAM 2016, Thiruvananthapuram, India, February 18-20, 2016, Proceedings
  123. Algorithms for increased efficiency of finite element slope stability analysis
  124. All the data we can get : a contextual study of learning analytics and student privacy
  125. Aller Simple (One-Way Ticket) Corporate Accountability for Mass Atrocity A Study of the French National Railroads
  126. Altering Tian : Spirituality in Early Confucianism
  127. Alternative routes to revolution : An integrated model of societal disintegration in Qing China
  128. Alternative schools, educational reform and social movements : An ethnographic study of three elementary schools in Taiwan
  129. Alternatives to relational databases in precision medicine : Comparison of NoSQL approaches for big data storage using supercomputers
  130. Aluminum Nitride Countour Mode Resonators
  131. The ambivalent identity of Wong Kar -wai's cinema
  132. An American biographical and historical dictionary : containing an account of the lives, characters, and writings of the most eminent persons in North America from its first settlement, and a summary of the history of the several colonies, and of the United States
  133. American Indian child and family well-being : a systematic review of research from twenty-two national datasets
  134. The American magazine; or, A monthly view of the political state of the British colonies
  135. American, British and Canadian studies
  136. Anadolu BİL Meslek Yüksekokulu Dergisi
  137. Analogical reinforcement learning
  138. Analyses for a Modernized GNSS Radio Occultation Receiver
  139. Analyses of job stress and burnout among paramedics and emergency medical technicians
  140. Analysis and design of compact low profile antennas for fixed volume applications
  141. The analysis and study of stress distribution over the whole human body and some joints by using FEM method
  142. Analysis by Synthesis : 3D Image Parsing Using Spatial Grammar and Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  143. An analysis of a low-energy, low-water use community in Mexico City
  144. The analysis of a secondary space : Bathrooms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
  145. An analysis of accommodation in adult ESL classrooms
  146. Analysis of factors affecting the aerodynamics of low reynolds number rotating wings
  147. Analysis of Light Emitting Diode Technology for Aerospace Suitability in Human Space Flight Applications
  148. An analysis of non-standard verb placement by American learners of German as a foreign language
  149. Analysis of plant lignin formation and engineering for biofuels production
  150. Analysis of post-transcriptional regulation during early Drosophila development by ribosome profiling
  151. Analysis of Public-Private Partnership for Disaster Relief Risk Management
  152. An analysis of sensitivity in economic forecasting for pavement management systems
  153. An Analysis of Storage Virtualization
  154. Analysis of surface wind speed distributions : a look into NARCCAP models and ASOS data throughout the Contiguous United States
  155. An Analysis of Teacher Perceptions on the Impact of Technology in Rural South Central Missouri Schools
  156. An analysis of the attempted amalgamation of Western and Chinese musical elements in Huang Anlun's Piano Concerto in G Minor, Opus 25b,A lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Schubert, and Schumann
  157. An analysis of the effectiveness and cost of project security management
  158. An analysis of the leadership competencies of specialized nonprofit management degree programs
  159. An analysis of the on-time graduation rate in the two-year program at National Taipei Institute of Technology in Taiwan
  160. Analysis of Time Series Models with Iterated Boosting
  161. Analyst performance, institutional ownership, and post-analyst revision drift
  162. Analytic for Data-Driven Decision-Making in Complex High-Dimensional Time-to-Event Data
  163. Analytic Methods for Next-Generation Sequencing Studies of Chromatin Structure and 3D Organization
  164. An analytical case study : Curriculum development and girls' education in Yemen
  165. An Analytical Model to Assess Technology Needs in a Rural Community
  166. Analytical theories for spacecraft entry into planetary atmospheres and design of planetary probes
  168. Analyzing 3D Objects in 2D Images
  169. Analyzing agricultural education student teachers' critical thinking skills through blogs in an online community of practice
  170. Analyzing emotions on Twitter during the 2014 Purdue University shooting crisis
  171. Analyzing Subgroups of Bailed Out Financial Institutions : a Turnaround Theory Perspective
  172. Analyzing the Impact of Building Information Modeling (BIM) on Labor Productivity in Retrofit Construction : Case Study at a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
  173. Analyzing the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership Behavior and Team Effectiveness in the United States Army
  174. Analyzing user acceptance of mobile technology in clinical settings through point-of-care mobile applications
  175. The anatomy of China's banking sector and regulation
  176. Anchoring bias, idiosyncratic volatility and the cross-section of stock returns
  177. Annals of the American revolution, or, A record of the causes and events which produced, and terminated in the establishment and independence of the American republic : interspersed with numerous appropriate documents and anecdotes ; to which is prefixed a summary account of the first settlement of ...
  178. Antenna location design in downlink distributed antenna system
  179. An anthropological study of a Japanese advertising production company
  180. Antibacterial Activity of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  181. Antibiotic fate in the environment and during anaerobic digestion and composting
  182. Anticipatory Coarticulation and Stability of Speech in Typically Fluent Speakers and People Who Stutter Across the Lifespan : An Ultrasound Study
  183. Antilogophoricity : In Conspiracy with the Binding Theory
  184. An antisymmetry account of the syntactic positions of nominal arguments in Turkish : Implications for clausal architecture
  185. Antisymmetry and the conservation of C-Command : Scrambling and phrase structure in synchronic and diachronic perspective
  186. Antitrust law and practice in China and Hong Kong
  187. Ants in the city
  188. Anxiety, emotional reactivity, and attachment as predictors of embedding dimensionality of affect
  189. An Aperture Synthesis Technique for Cylindrical Printed Lens / Transmitarray Antennas with Shaped Beams
  190. Appellate justice in England and the United States : a comparative analysis
  191. Apple picking : The rise of electronic device thefts in Boston subways
  192. The Applicability of E-S-QUAL for Assessing the Service Quality of Social Media Services in Academic Libraries
  193. Application of a Novel Multiple Kernel Learning Framework for Improving the Robustness of Network Intrusion Detection
  194. Application of atmospheric pressure plasma in polymer and composite adhesion
  195. Application of fast multipole method
  196. Application of Lean Construction Principles to Highway Projects : Analysis of Barriers to Timely Delivery of Service
  197. Application of Machine Learning to Mapping and Simulating Gene Regulatory Networks
  198. Application of nonlinear site response analysis in Coastal Plain South Carolina
  199. Application of Orthogonal Array Composite Designs to Study Lipid Accumulation
  200. Application of risk management to supply chain raw material sourcing and mitigation strategies in the dietary supplement industry
  201. Application oriented batch fabrication and system level integration of thermal-piezoresistive and piezoelectric M/NEMS resonators
  202. Applications of fault modeling and remote sensing for hazard analysis, decision support and disaster response
  203. Applications of ideal point approaches to scale construction and scoring in personality measurement : The development of a six-faceted measure of conscientiousness
  204. Applications of Macdonald Ensembles
  205. Applications of short-time asymptotic methods to option pricing and change-point detection for Levy processes
  206. Applications of Statistical Modeling in Iterative CT Image Reconstruction
  207. Applications of technology and large data in statistics education and statistical graphics
  208. Applications of the Seiberg-Witten equations to the Differential Geometry of non-compact Kahler manifolds
  209. Applied computer systems
  210. Applying an argument-based approach for validating language proficiency assessments in second language acquisition research : The elicited imitation test for Russian
  211. Applying Costing Models for Competitive Advantage
  212. Applying reflection and self-assessment practices to integrative stem lessons : a design-based research study to develop an instrument for elementary practitioners
  213. Applying specialized heuristics to software configuration management audits
  214. Applying the Retarded Solution of Electromagnetic Fields to PCB Transmission Line RLGC Modeling
  215. An appraisal of Nox passive sampling
  216. Appreciating the Mandate of the Education Team in BC Government's Risk Management Branch
  217. An approach to inventory management in Mass Customized printing production environment
  218. Approaches for Developing a Model for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Implementation in the Higher Education Environment
  219. Aquaculture environment interactions : international and multidisciplinary journal
  220. Aquatox application of Clear Lake California model calibration on blue-green algae bloom and nutrients
  221. The architectonics of segregation a phenomenological analysis of bodies, borders and space
  222. Architecture of computing systems -- ARCS 2016 : 29th International Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, April 4-7, 2016, Proceedings
  223. Archiv für die gesammte Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere
  224. Archives of environmental protection
  225. Are American public high schools void of values? The teacher perspective on moral education in public school
  226. Are Humans the Only Theorizers? : a Philosophical Examination of the Theory-Theory of Human Uniqueness
  227. Are partnerships the solution? : Exploring the constraints of the U.S. environmental regulatory system
  228. Argument alternation and argument structure in symmetrical voice languages : a case study of transfer verbs in Amis, Puyuma, and Seediq
  229. Argument structure in Specific Language Impairment : From theory to therapy
  230. The arithmetic and geometry of genus four curves
  231. Arquivos brasileiros de ciências da saúde
  232. Arquivos do Instituto Biológico
  233. Arquivos médicos do ABC
  234. Arsenic toxicity and altered mitochondrial bioenergetics in response to oxidative stress
  235. Art as collateral : Seeking returns from lending vs. owning
  236. The art of allusion in Li Shangyin
  237. The art of conversation in management learning : Organization transformation in the United States and China
  238. Artificial magnetic conductor integrated textile monopole antenna
  239. Asian journal of neuroscience
  241. Aspects of articulatory and perceptual learning in novel phoneme acquisition
  242. Aspects of energy transitions : History and determinants
  243. Aspects of organizational culture that impact healthcare professionals trust in the organization : a quantitative study
  244. Aspects of Orientalism in Dante
  245. Aspergillosis in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model system
  246. Aspergillus fumigatus Secondary Metabolite Clusters : Conservation Across Fungi and Examination of the Interrelatedness of Two Clusters
  247. Aspirations and real options : a behavioral theory of strategic decision making
  248. Assembly Rules of the Microbiome
  249. Assessing Attributions for Poverty-Welfare Reliance Between TANF Service Recipients and Social Welfare Service Workers : Implications for Co-cultural Consensus Building and Advocacy
  250. Assessing climate change impacts on runoff from karstic watersheds : NASA/GISS land-surface model improvement
  251. Assessing English Environment Personality and its role in oral proficiency
  252. Assessing green infrastructure as an effective strategy to help cities to build resilience to climate change
  253. Assessing interactional competence in second language paired speaking tasks
  254. Assessing LGBTQ youth cultural competency in direct-care behavioral health workers:Development and validation of a measure
  255. Assessing self-efficacy of cultural competence with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients : a comparison of training methods with graduate social work students
  256. Assessing source credibility on social media--- An electronic word-of- mouth communication perspective
  257. Assessing Student Leadership Competencies and Adequacy of Preparation in Seminary Training
  258. Assessing the Correlation of Culture with Business Ethics of Company Managers in the United States and Mexico
  259. Assessing the Significance of Modularizing Contract Manufacturing Organizations
  260. Assessing Unique Core Values with the Competing Values Framework : The CCVI Technique for Guiding Organizational Culture Change
  261. Assessment of a novel neutron tomography instrument and other nondestructive technologies for the characterization of degradation in honeycomb composites
  262. Assessment of cognitive training in people with mild to moderate dementia
  263. Assessment of electromyographic activity during a TRX RTM split-squat and traditional split squat
  264. An assessment of environmental literacy and analysis of predictors of responsible environmental behavior held by secondary teachers in Hualien County of Taiwan
  265. Assessment of force coordination and neuromuscular quickness in healthy adults
  266. Assessment of mindful parenting among parents of early adolescents : Development and validation of the Interpersonal Mindfulness in Parenting scale
  267. The Assessment of Multimodal Compositions : a Study of the Methods Used to Assess Multimodal Work in Composition
  268. An assessment of the economic knowledge of ninth-grade junior high school students in Taiwan
  269. Assessment of the occurrence and potential risks of antibiotics and their metabolites in South Florida waters using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
  270. An assessment of training needs for Chinese companies operating in the United States
  271. Asset pricing and price differentials in China's A-share and B-share equity markets
  272. Asset pricing in mainland China : Three essays on China's emerging stock markets
  273. Associations among African American parent education, perceptions, behaviors, and child weight status : a cross-sectional data analysis
  274. Assumptions underlying behavioral linkage revisited : a multidimensional approach to ascertaining individual differentiation and consistency in serial rape
  275. Astrolabio (Córdoba, Argentina)
  276. Astronomies of the Mind
  277. At the Margins of Europe : Homeownership, Inclusion, and Protest in Contemporary Madrid
  278. At the threshold of sensibility : The past, present and future of writerly identity fragmentation
  279. Atalanta (Seville, Spain)
  280. ATF National Firearms Act handbook
  281. Atlas of American history : on a novel plan, presenting, at one view, the most important events in the history of the country, from its discovery by Columbus down to the present time, 1842: including the Spanish and English navigators of the fifteenth century; plantation of colonies; founding of cit ...
  282. Atomistic modeling and simulation of nanopolycrystalline solids
  283. Attachment and leadership : a qualitative exploration of how adult attachment style is expressed in leadership behavior
  284. Attachment style : Encoding and decoding of emotional states
  285. Attachment Style, Leadership Behavior, and Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness in Academic Management
  286. Attachment styles, sleep quality, and emotional regulation in severely emotionally disturbed youth : a psychobiological perspective
  287. Attack-resistant digital reputation and privacy assessment in social media
  288. Attitude Control and Estimation
  289. Attitude Determination and Control Hardware Acceptance Testing for Next Generation Microsatellites
  290. Attitude of Thai instructors and students toward a distance learning system for agricultural extension and development programs for participating in the ASEAN community
  291. Attitudes of Saudi EFL students toward American and British accents
  292. Attitudes toward impending social work educational reforms and the intention to make changes among British social work educators
  293. Attitudes toward microcomputer use of university business instructors in Taiwan, Republic of China
  294. Attitudes towards gender roles across cultures : a comparison of gender role attitudes among college students in Taipei, Taiwan and Florida, United States of America
  295. Attitudes towards intimate partner violence among Afghan women
  296. Attributions and achievement motivation : Cultural differences among American, Chinese-American, and Chinese (in Taiwan) college students
  297. Attrition in New Jersey Family Day Care Food Program
  298. The audience as fictitious capital : The making of the audience and the deregulation of commercial television in Taiwan
  299. Audit planning decisions and audit conflict : a cross-cultural empirical analysis of Hong Kong and United States auditors
  300. Authority flowing downwards? Local government entrepreneurship in the Chinese water sector
  301. Authorship Verification
  302. Autobalancing reduced gravity simulators
  303. Automated intention recognition of grouped bar charts in multimodal documents
  304. Automated segmentation, detection and fitting of piping elements from terrestrial LIDAR data
  305. Automatic assessment of disordered speech intelligibility
  306. Automatic language identification for metadata records : Measuring the effectiveness of various approaches
  307. Automating semantic metadata collection in the field
  308. Autonomic, Optimal, and Near-Optimal Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
  309. Autonomy, the critical journal of interdisciplinary autism studies
  310. Autophagy-Independent Senescence and Genome Instability Driven by Targeted Telomere Dysfunction
  311. Avoiding the Slater slide : Examining the relationship between emotional labor and counterproductive work behaviors
  312. Axis Mundi : An Analysis of Byzantine Imperial Geography