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  1. An academic research study on the influential role of brand dependence in purchases and the associated significance of the age differential
  2. Accelerated New Product Development in Credit Card Industry
  3. Accessing the curriculum for learners with autism spectrumdisorders : using the TEACCH programme to help inclusion
  4. Accountable care organizations : Effects on health care organizations
  5. Accounting for the environment
  6. Acculturation effects on preference for English and Spanish-language TV commercials among Hispanic audiences of Mexican descent
  7. Action research for business, nonprofit, & public administration : a tool for complex times
  8. Addressing challenging behaviors and mental health issues in early childhood
  9. Adolescent identity and schooling : diverse perspectives
  10. Ads in Facebook
  11. Advances in electrical engineering Free database
  12. Advertising as Pedagogy? : using Media Literacy and Critical Pedagogy to Empower Youth
  13. Advertising following negative publicity : The effect of content arousal on positivity and attitude toward the brand after a corporate crisis
  14. The aging workforce in the U
  15. AIMS neuroscience Free database
  16. Aligning Financial Strategy with Customer Categorization based on Environmental Scanning
  17. Allocation of Resources to Elective Patients under Stochastic Emergency Patient Demand
  18. American labor unions' impact on the success or failure of Total Quality Management systems
  19. Analisis del Capital Intelectual de las Pequenas y Medianas Empresas Uruguayas y su Impacto en los Resultados
  20. Analyse des formes de travail atypique dans les equipes de projet en Chine le lien entre les formes de travailatypique, la motivation et la performance
  21. Analysis and geometry in metric spaces Free database
  22. Analysis and Results---An Action Research Collaborative Inquiry Study : Organizational Factors Influencing Hospital Service Excellence
  23. Analysis of a Manager's Leadership Style and Readiness for Change
  24. An analysis of how National Basketball Association (NBA) teams use social media
  25. Analysis of Industrial Construction activities using Knowledge Discovery Techniques
  26. An analysis of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football enforcement actions from 1990 to 2011
  27. Analysis of operational strategies driven by customer analytics : Models and empirics
  28. An analysis of the cross-border acquisition behavior of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises
  29. An analysis of the involvement and motives of Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view consumers
  30. Analysis of the recent economic and managerial reforms in China
  31. Analytical modeling of heterogeneous cellular networks : geometry, coverage, and capacity
  32. Analyzing revenue sharing and buyback contracts : An experimental study
  33. Analyzing the helpfulness of online customer reviews
  34. Annual of navigation Free database
  35. Antecedents and consequences of effective human resource practice implementation
  36. Antecedents and Consequences of Salesperson Perceptual Accuracy in Customer Relationships
  37. The antecedents and outcomes of McGregor's theory endorsement
  38. Antecedents of settlement on a new institutional practice : Negotiation of the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility (CSR)
  40. Applicant attitudes across the recruitment process : Time is of the essence
  41. Application and implementation of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model at the United States Department of Defense (DoD)
  42. Application of diffusion of innovations : A descriptive pilot study on the perceptions of home monitoring systems by adults 45 to 64 years of age
  43. Applying Deming's PDSA cycle model to improve quality performance for virtual team effectiveness
  44. Applying diffusion of innovation theory towards understanding institutional capacity for social marketing adoption in public health organizations
  45. An appreciative inquiry review of effective performance management within the Federal government environment
  46. Approach-avoidance motivation in children participating in the PACER in a small town in southern California
  47. Aqui Es : The rhetoric of identification in an act of local branding
  48. AS9110A quality management system upgrade : A roadmap for implementation
  49. Ascriptive inequalities of employment prior to and during the 2001 and 2007 recessions in Gwinnett County, Georgia
  50. Asian American media activism : Past,present, and digital futures
  51. Asian Americans on campus : racialized space and white power
  52. Assessing the gap : The MBA and information technology management knowledge
  53. Assessing the impact of business group diversification on the internationalization of their affiliates : The case of Latin American firms
  54. Assessing the impact of privatization policy on telecommunications sector effectiveness and economic activity in Sub-Saharan Africa
  55. Assessment for reading instruction
  56. Assessment of a Public-Private Partnership Addressing Childhood Obesity in Southern California
  57. An Assessment of the Impact of Undesirable Outputs on the Productivity of United States Motor Carriers
  58. Asymmetric changes in willingness-to-pay : Effects of new external reference price and demand information
  59. Attracting talent across cultures : the impact of cultural values on generating and maintaining applicants
  60. The auction market for Contemporary photography : A survey of empirical studies
  61. Audit avoidance by not-for-profit organizations
  62. Automated Market Making : Theory and Practice
  63. The automorphism groups of unitary block designs and the existence of O'Nan configurations