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  1. Abstract video : the moving image in contemporary art
  2. Abstractionist aesthetics : artistic form and social critique in African American culture
  3. Abuse of rights : should the investor-state tribunals extend the application of the doctrine?
  4. Academics in action! : a model for community- engaged research, teaching, and service
  5. Acoustics, aeroacoustics and vibrations
  6. Acta chiropterologica
  7. Acta ornithologica
  8. Aesthetic technologies of modernity, subjectivity, and nature : opera · orchestra · phonograph · film
  9. Affective publics : sentiment, technology, and politics
  10. Africa in Europe : studies in transnational practice in the long twentieth century
  11. African entomology
  12. African journal of wildlife research
  13. The African presence : representations of Africa in the construction of Britishness
  14. Afterschool : images, education and research
  15. Against immediate evil : American internationalists and the four freedoms on the eve of World War II
  16. Against the grain : the British far left from 1956
  17. The age of internationalism and Belgium, 1880-1930 : peace, progress and prestige
  18. The age of irreverence : a new history of laughter in China
  19. Aging and loss : mourning and maturity in contemporary Japan
  20. Alan Moore and the gothic tradition
  21. Albert Capellani
  22. The all-encompassing eye of Ukraine : Ivan Nechui-Levyts′kyi′s realist prose
  23. America's addiction to terrorism
  24. American justice in Taiwan : the 1957 riots and cold war foreign policy
  25. American literature and Irish culture, 1910-1955 : the politics of enchantment
  26. American malacological bulletin
  27. The animal trials of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" and "King Lear" : law and ethics
  28. Annales zoologici
  29. Annals of Carnegie Museum
  30. Annotated Chaucer bibliography, 1997-2010
  31. Antenna designs for NFC devices
  32. Anthropozoologica
  33. Anti-Apollinarian writings
  34. The anxiety of sameness in early modern Spain
  35. Apostasy and Jewish identity in High Middle Ages Northern Europe : 'are you still my brother?'
  36. Applying theory to generalist social work practice : a case study approach
  37. Appreciate Hong Kong
  38. Arachnology
  39. Archives of desire : the queer historical work of New England regionalism
  40. Ardeola
  41. Are the Irish different?
  42. Armed state building : confronting state failure, 1898-2012
  43. Art and human rights : contemporary Asian contexts
  44. The art and science of analyzing software data
  45. Arthroplasty today
  46. Artifacts and allegiances : how museums put the nation and the world on display
  47. The ascent of globalisation
  48. Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease
  49. Asian Indian college students : relationship between parent-child communication difficulties and internalization
  50. Asking the hard questions : reporting in ViPR SRM
  51. Assembling policy : Transantiago, human devices, and the dream of a world-class society
  52. Assessing awareness, interest, and knowledge of fractal geometry among secondary mathematics teachers in the United States and China
  53. Asteroids IV
  54. At the crossroads of fear and freedom : the fight for social and educational justice
  55. Atlas of AIDS co-infection
  56. Atlas of oral & maxillofacial surgery
  57. Attachment hierarchy of young adults : a cultural comparison between China and the United States
  58. Aulularia and other inversions of Plautus
  59. Avant-garde museology
  60. Awakening the eye : Robert Frank's American cinema