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  1. Absatzwirtschaft
  2. Access control, authentication, and public key infrastructure, second edition
  3. Accrington observer
  4. ACM SIGLOG news
  5. ACM transactions on parallel computing
  6. Acrofan
  7. Adhesion in microelectronics
  8. Adipocyte fatty acid binding protein acts as a suppressor of autophagy contributing to foam cell formation
  9. Adobe Presenter 9 : the essentials : "skills and drills" learning
  10. Adobe RoboHelp HTML 10 : the essentials : "skills and drills" learning
  11. Adobe RoboHelp HTML 11 : the essentials
  12. Adolescence and behavior issues in a Chinese context
  13. Advanced API security : securing APIs with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWS, and JWE
  14. Advanced colonoscopy : principles and techniques beyond simple polypectomy
  15. Advanced control and analysis of energy conversion systems for electric vehicles
  16. Advanced materials for agriculture, food, and environmental safety
  17. Agile! : the good, the hype and the ugly
  18. Aging and money : reducing risk of financial exploitation and protecting
  19. AI matters
  20. Air power in UN operations : wings for peace
  21. Airway macrophages in health and disease
  22. AJU business daily
  23. AK state cases
  24. Al-Masry Al-Youm
  25. Aligning multiple sequences adaptively
  26. AlimentaciĆ³n
  27. All Supreme Court of Canada decisions
  28. Aller-Zeitung
  29. Almasdar.tn
  30. Alternative emerging investor
  31. American National Standard methods of measurement of compatibility between wireless communications devices and hearing aids - Redline
  32. Amorphous InGaZnO thin-film transistor with La-based high-k gate dielectric
  33. Analysis of experimental data, Excel or SPSS??! : sharing of experience Free database
  34. Android app inventor for the absolute beginner
  35. Android apps for absolute beginners, third edition
  36. Annals of the history of computing
  37. Annulment under the ICSID convention
  38. ANSI PC63.17 : draft American National Standard methods of measurement of the electromagnetic and operational compatibility of unlicensed personal communications services (UPCS) devices
  39. Antimicrobial resistant escherichia coli and sequence type 131 in urinary tract infections
  40. AP state & regional wires
  41. Application of an automated DNA-imager in cervical cancer screening
  42. Appropriations legislative history , Agriculture and related agencies
  43. Appropriations legislative history , Energy & water development
  44. Appropriations legislative history , Foreign operations
  45. Appropriations legislative history , Interior and related agencies
  46. Arab Finance
  47. The Arab Spring and Arab Thaw : unfinished revolutions and the quest for democracy
  48. Arizona tax court cases
  49. Artificial intelligence exchange and service tie to all test environments (AI-ESTATE)
  50. As
  51. Asian security and the rise of China : international relations in an age of volatility
  52. The ASMBS textbook of bariatric surgery . Volume 1, , Bariatric surgery
  53. ASMBS textbook of bariatric surgery . Volume 2, , Integrated health
  54. ASP.NET Web API 2 : building a REST service from start to finish
  55. ASP.NET Web API 2 recipes : a problem-solution approach
  56. AT & T Bell Laboratories technical journal : a journal of the AT & T companies
  57. Atlantico
  58. Auditing and GRC automation in SAP
  59. Aufsichtsrat
  60. Autodata weekly
  61. Automation of VPLEX replication using REST API
  62. Automation through Chef Opscode : a hands-on approach to Chef
  63. Avamar integration with Vmware
  64. Avatar and philosophy : learning to see
  65. Ayrshire post
  66. AZ state unpublished cases
  67. AZ Tax Court cases and Board of Tax Appeals decisions