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  1. Abiding song : Evolutions of the life poem
  2. The ability of left- and right-hemisphere damaged individuals to produce prosodic cues to disambiguate korean idiomatic sentences
  3. Aboriginal children's and youths' experiences of bullying and peer victimization in a Canadian context
  4. Aboriginal engagement in Canada : Seeking reconciliation through electoral participation and land negotiations
  5. The Abramovic method : The performance art of Marina Abramovic, 2010 to present
  6. Abstract thinking and thought in ancient Chinese and early Greek
  7. The absurd in immanence : Expression and substantial immanence in Spinoza's "Ethics"
  8. Academic Achievement : A Comparison of the Educational Performance of Twelfth Grade Athletes and Non-Athletes
  9. Academic adaptation and cross-cultural learning experiences of Chinese students at American universities : A narrative inquiry
  10. Academic Coaching Practices for Students with Learning Disabilities and Differences
  11. Academic components that make successful entrepreneurs in the US : A grounded theory in entrepreneurship education
  12. Academic literacy and discourse socialization of seven multilinguals in a research seminar course in a Japanese university
  13. Academic performance in college online courses : The role of self- regulated learning, motivation and academic self-efficacy
  14. Academic stress, test anxiety, and performance in a Chinese high school sample : The moderating effects of coping strategies and perceived social support
  15. Accelerate knowledge : How knowledge is shared with and created by new ventures in early-stage accelerator networks
  16. Acceptability and Preferences for Empirically-Supported Psychological Treatments
  17. Acceptance of Technology Activities based on Assessing The Learning Strategies of AdultS (ATLAS) Intrinsic Motivation
  18. Accessible and affordable grocery store brand, format and location selection in food deserts of triple cities area of Broome County, New York
  19. Acclimation does not mean equality : Muted group identity management of women in the United States Navy
  20. Accountable Algorithms
  21. Accounting and accountability : The changing face of health care reimbursement
  22. The Accuracy Of Self-Reported Data Of An Aging Population Using A Telehealth System In A Retirement Community Setting Based On The User's Age, Gender, Employment Status And Computer Experience
  23. Acetaminophen hepatotoxicity in primary human hepatocytes and mice
  24. Achieving Alignment : System Design and Attitudinal Considerations to Increase the Persuasive Power of Technology
  25. Achieving optimal system-on-chip test schedules
  26. The acoustic guitar in American culture, 1880-1980
  27. The Acquisition of Adult Skills in OECD Countries : Individual and Societal Antecedent
  28. Acquisition of morphosyntax in the adult second language : The phonology factor
  29. The Acquisition of Negation in Najdi Arabic
  30. An action research study of the evolving team member roles in a team based model of health care at the Mayo Clinic
  31. Actionability of cyber threat intelligence
  32. Active cyber defense - proactive techniques for an evolving landscape
  33. Active Imagination and the Evocative Image as a Pathway Through Writer's Block
  34. Active reading on tablet textbooks
  35. Active target localization and tracking with application to robotic environmental monitoring
  36. Activist social work in small museums : a community-level exploration
  37. An Actor's Freedom
  38. An actor's process
  39. An Actor's Process in Performing the Role of Oberon in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  40. Actor-Network Music : A paradigm for distributed, networked music composition
  41. Adair instrumental genesis inventory : Measuring instrumental genesis for interactive whiteboard technology - an exploratory sequential mixed methods design
  42. Adaptation and validation of intelligibility in context scale as a screening tool for Hong Kong preschoolers
  43. Adaptation of Chinese graduate students to the academic integrity requirements of a U.S. university : A mixed methods research
  44. An Adapted Shared Storybook Reading Program Implemented in Inclusive Preschool Classrooms : An Investigation of its Use and Effectiveness
  45. Adaptive Reuse And Rehabilitation : Connecting Historic Preservation And Affordable Housing Developments In Seattle, Washington
  46. Adaptive, neural and robust control of wing-rock and aeroelastic system
  47. Adding Her Voice to the Narrative : Career Development Experiences of Women in Engineering
  48. Address to the Letter : Frankenstein, Pamela, and the Epistolary Novel
  49. Addresses To/Through/Within a Public Sphere : The Politics and Performativity of Contemporary Photo-Works
  50. Addressing engineering challenges in bioacoustic recording
  51. Addressing parent needs in the neonatal intensive care unit : A survey of music therapists
  52. Addressing the non-artist's approach to art : A study of pre-service teachers in an art methods course
  53. Addressing Voluntary Employee Turnover : Exploring the Relationship between Rock's SCARF Factors and Voluntary Employee Turnover
  54. ADHD and Its Role in Juvenile Sex Offending : Factors Associated with Deviant and Nondeviant Sexual Offenses
  55. Adherence to Accounting Best Practices in Small Community Not-For- Profit Organizations
  56. Adjudicating welfare reform in the United States : A study of the impact of the personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act (1996) on welfare rights litigation
  57. Adjustment and acceptance of chronic pain : The lived experience of adults 30 to 39 years of age
  58. Administrator perspectives of Meridian School District PTE magnet programs, instructors, and students
  59. ADMM Decoding of LDPC and Multipermutation Codes : From Geometries to Algorithms
  60. Adolescent ethnolinguistic stability and change : A longitudinal study
  61. Adoption and Emerging Adult-Mother Relationship Quality : Is There an Association?
  62. Adsorption thermodynamics and kinetics of nanomaterials at interfaces
  63. Adult children who are caregivers of parents diagnosed with dementia : The relationship between anticipatory grief, depression, and closeness to the parent prior to the diagnosis
  64. Adult higher education in Tianjin, People's Republic of China, from 1976 to 1988 as perceived by selected Chinese authorities in education and government. (Volumes I and II)
  65. Adult Learners and Academic Advising : The Experiences at One Massachusetts Community College
  66. Adult learners at community colleges : Influence of technology on feelings of marginality and mattering
  67. Advanced augmented reality telestration techniques with applications in laparoscopic and robotic surgery
  68. Advanced Functional Materials for Energy Related Applications
  69. Advanced Knitting Techniques
  70. Advanced medical statistics
  71. Advanced natural language processing and temporal mining for clinical discovery
  72. Advances in data envelopment analysis
  73. Advances in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
  74. Advances in Model Selection Techniques with Applications to Statistical Network Analysis and Recommender Systems
  75. Advances in NHC Cooperative Catalysis
  76. Advances in transportation geotechnics : proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics, Nottingham,UK, 25-27 August 2008
  77. Advancing Indonesian forest resource monitoring using multi-source remotely sensed imagery
  78. Advancing life cycle assessment : Perspectives from the building and healthcare industries
  79. Advancing Life Cycle Comparisons of Future Alternative Light-Duty Vehicles
  80. Advancing Sustainability Research Using Mathematical Programming Techniques
  81. Advancing the Biosensing Technologies of Two Optical Label-Free Sensing Platforms : Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry and Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Structures
  82. Advantage NY : New York City's attempt at providing permanent housing for families and individuals
  83. Advantages and Barriers to Transformational Leadership Implementation in a Scientific Laboratory
  84. The advantages of preserving document descriptive metadata directly in the document file
  85. Adverse childhood experiences and obesity in adulthood
  86. Advice for small cities in developing countries to help them grow sustainably learning from big cities
  87. An advocate of conciliation : Kuo Sung Tao's attitude towards Sino- Western relations
  88. Advocating for the Development of the Whole Child : How Public Urban Preschool Teachers Overcome the Pressure of More Academics in Their Classrooms
  89. Aereo, the public performance right, and the future of broadcasting
  90. Aerodynamic Response of a Pitching Airfoil with Pulsed Circulation Control for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Applications
  91. Aesop's Fables in China : The transmission and transformation of the genre
  92. The aesthetic potential of wonder
  93. The aesthetics and affects of cuteness
  94. The Aesthetics of Anxiety : Post-Mao Experimentalisms, 1976-1982
  95. The Aesthetics of the Modern : Art, Education, and Taste in Egypt 1903-1952
  96. The aesthetics of unease : Telepresence art and hyper-subjectivity
  97. The affect of an individual's work ethic on computer use ethics, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment of IT employees in business organizations in a multi-faith environment : A quantitative study
  98. Affect, perceptual bias, and public support for regulation of negative political advertising in the 1996 Taiwan presidential election
  99. Affecting Teen Attitudes Through Positive Media Portrayals of Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  100. Affective ecologies : The cultural public sphere in a digital world
  101. Affective Process in Multi-User Interaction and Trust in Shared Technology
  102. Affirmative Action in Procurement Auctions
  103. African American adults perspectives on child/adolescent bullying : Attitudes and knowledge
  104. African American female engineering students' persistence in stereotype-threatening environments : A critical race theory perspective
  105. African American women's experience advancing to clergy leadership positions in African American churches : A qualitative exploratory study
  106. After : A Poem
  107. After school musical theatre enrichment program : A grant proposal
  108. After the 'post-sixties' : A cultural history of Utopia in the United States
  109. Against the Grain of History : Radical Traditionalism in Twentieth Century German Painting
  110. Age and knowledge of morphosyntax in English as an additional language : Grammatical judgment and error correction
  111. Age of A.I
  112. Age, origin and evolution of Antarctic debris-covered glaciers : Implications for landscape evolution and long-term climate change
  113. Age-Dependent Mechanisms of Pathogenesis in HSV Encephalitis
  114. Agency leader perspectives on aftercare for youth departing group homes
  115. Agent-based network modeling for the 2008 financial Crisis and the sluggish recovery
  116. Agents of democratic accountability? Professional culture of political journalism in the US and Germany
  117. Agglomeration economies in Indian states : An asset to productivity?
  118. Aggressive Students and High School Dropout : An Event History Analysis
  119. Aging, Obesity, and Inflammation : Impact of Pre-existing Inflammatory Profiles on Cancer Immunotherapy Responses and T cell Exhaustion
  120. Agricultural transformations : Climate change adaptation and farmer decision-making
  121. Agro-pastoral landuse transformation : Implications and perspectives in the northwest region of Cameroon
  122. AICCM bulletin
  123. Airosonic Travels Private Limited : staying competitive through IT development
  124. Al-Ghazali and St. Thomas Aquinas on the knowability of God : An argument for interreligious dialogue
  125. Albania : which way forward?
  126. The alchemy of music
  127. Alcohol, Spirituality, and Individuation : Exploring the Ego-Self Axis Model in Augmenting Twelve-Step Recovery
  128. Algebraic LDPC Codes : Construction, Analysis and Reduced-Complexity Decoding
  129. Algorithmic aspects of the embedding problem
  130. Algorithms and Applications in Numerical Elimination Theory
  131. Algorithms and techniques for scalable, reliable edge-to-cloud industrial internet of things
  132. Algorithms Bridging Quantum Computation and Chemistry
  133. Algorithms for feature selection and pattern recognition on grassmann manifolds
  134. Algorithms in Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Applications
  135. Aligning visual art curriculum with common core state standards through the methodology of visual thinking strategies
  136. Alignment and Load Transfer in Carbon Nanotube and Dicyclopentadiene Composites
  137. Alignment of teaching styles with students' learning styles : An action research study
  138. The Alignment of Writing : Cold War Geopolitics and Literary Form in Francophone Caribbean Literature
  139. The All-China Women's Federation, Chinese women and the women's movement : 1949-1993
  140. All-hazards and active shooter web-based training : Beneficial to the transportation security administration workforce
  141. Allosteric Control of DNA in a Repressor to Activator Switch : The Crystal Structure of the Repressor CueR/DNA Complex
  142. Alternative Course Scheduling as an Institutional Strategy to Increase Student Engagement Program Opportunities
  143. Alternative success measures for the war on drugs
  144. The ambience of innovation : A material semiotic analysis of corporate and community innovation sites
  145. Ambitious interlude : The anti-opium campaign in China's Fujian province, 1906-1917
  146. Ambivalence : New motherhood, its conflicts and communication
  147. American Cinema as Cultural Diplomacy : Seeking International Understanding One Film at a Time
  149. American genre painters in Venice : 1877--1893
  150. An American Happening : Allan Kaprow and a theory of process art
  151. American Indian Entrepreneurs' Perceptions Regarding Their Success in Establishing Businesses on or near Wisconsin Indian Reservations
  152. American Indian graffiti muralism : Survivance and geosemiotic signposts in the American cityscape
  153. American intelligence : The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in China
  154. American Militarism in US Congress : Another Military Transformation from the 103rd to the 112th Congress
  155. American palimpsests : Trans/national imagination in Herman Melville's poetry
  156. American resonance : Soundscapes of the American Renaissance
  157. American voice types : Towards a vocal typology for American English
  158. Analisis y aplicaciones de los sistemas de medicion de la reputacion online de los hoteles
  159. Analysis and Design of Single-Point Fed Transmission Line Grid 2D Dirac Leaky-Wave Antennas
  160. Analysis and modeling of decadal and long-term variability of coastal California summer temperature changes
  161. Analysis and Optimization of Long-Haul Transportation Problems
  162. Analysis and Visualization of OpenFlow Rule Conflicts
  163. Analysis of a comprehensive wellness programs impact on job satisfaction in the workplace
  164. Analysis of adaptive capacity and governance surrounding an invasive pest, the Emerald Ash Borer, in Iowa
  165. Analysis of an Early Intervention Reading Program for First Grade Students
  166. An analysis of Bandura's theory of self-efficacy as it relates to university faculty members' intent to use synchronous technology in online classes by using the innovation diffusion process
  167. An analysis of characteristics and motivations related to Taiwanese manufacturing firms' decisions to invest in China
  168. An analysis of clause linkage in Mandarin Chinese
  169. Analysis of communication between Indiana superintendents and public school boards
  170. Analysis of existing sales roles across Mid-American conference athletic ticket offices
  171. An analysis of financial inclusion initiatives at Odisha Gramya Bank
  172. An analysis of fundraising strategies in local maritime history museums
  173. An Analysis of Game-Based Learning for the Design of Digital Science Games
  174. An analysis of graphic communication in annual reports : Does the use of graphics vary depending of the financial status of the company?
  175. Analysis of human computer interaction behavior for assessment of affect, cognitive load, and credibility
  176. Analysis of infant and child mortality and associated factors in Taiwan and Thailand : 1961-1990
  177. Analysis of large-scale asynchronous switched dynamical systems
  178. An analysis of NCAA Division I institution and conference senior woman administrators' self-perception and career intentions
  179. An Analysis of Pregnant Inmate Shackling Laws and Policies
  180. An analysis of preschool classroom supports on child language development
  181. An analysis of process vs. inspection capabilities in fabricated, engineered-to-order supply chains
  182. Analysis of required core courses of electronic engineering by graduates, teachers, and electronics industry at Sze Hai Junior College of Technology and Commerce in Taiwan
  183. An analysis of selected piano works of Wang Li-San
  184. An analysis of states' policies regarding social media use in education
  185. An analysis of technology transfer at land grant universities within the north central region of the United States
  186. Analysis of terms and expressions on emotions : A cognitive semantics study
  187. An analysis of the effects of proactive policing on drug offenses in a university campus environment
  188. An analysis of the environmental physical conditions during Karenia brevis blooms on the West Florida Shelf
  189. An analysis of the grounding relation
  190. An analysis of the interplay between goal orientation and ethical leadership and the theoretical processes through which ethical leadership influences work outcomes
  191. An Analysis of the Relation between Preschool Children's Attention to Peers and the Presence of the Behavioral Developmental Cusp for Learning by Observation
  192. An analysis on the correlation between commercial success and institutional success for contemporary artists
  193. An Analytical Packet Error Rate Prediction for Punctured Convolutional Codes and an Application to CRC Code Design
  194. Analytical study and numerical solution of the inverse source problem arising in thermoacoustic tomography
  195. An analytical study of consumer trust in cloud computing
  196. An Analytical Study of School Climate and Principal Leadership
  197. An analytical, historical and pedagogical overview of Samuel Barber's Cello Concerto, Dmitri Shostakovich's Cello Concerto #1, and William Walton's Cello Concerto
  198. An analytics based architecture and methodology for collaborative timetabling in higher education
  199. Analyzing a novel mobile-to-mobile social networking communication paradigm
  200. Analyzing and Defending Against Evolving Web Threats
  201. Analyzing and improving genre and style classification in music through experiments
  202. Analyzing and improving the performance of parallel graph algorithms
  203. Analyzing Relationships Among Principal Instructional Leadership, Teacher Empowerment, Teacher Creative Practices and Student Creative Problem Solving Skills in Public and Private Schools
  204. An anatomical and developmental analysis of neural lineages, the fundamental units of circuitry in the central brain of Drosophila melanogaster
  205. The Anatomy of Arabic Words : The Role of the Root in Representations and Processing
  206. And They Said I'd Never Sing and Dance : How I learned that I can do anything eight times a week in "Mr. Burns"
  207. Angels without borders : trends and policies shaping angel investment worldwide
  208. An annotated bibliography of saxophone works by Taiwanese composers
  209. An annotated translation of Yan Yu's "Canglang shihua" : An early thirteenth-century Chinese poetry manual
  210. Anomaly detection system using system calls for Android smartphone system
  211. Another Way of Being : The Performative Practices of Contemporary Female Colombian Artists
  212. Another way to understand gifted and dyslexic : Hypothetical transformation via an indigenous worldview
  213. Antecedents and outcomes of emotional labor
  214. Antecedents and Remnants of Apocalyptic Christianity An Iconology of Death
  215. Antecedents of advice taking in organizations : A goal-activation approach
  216. Antecedents of employee participation in internal control design and intent to comply with information system security policies
  217. Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Career Choice among Chinese College Students
  218. Anti-cancer gold phosphine, palladium N-heterocyclic carbene and platinum acetylide complexes : synthesis, cytotoxicity and biological studies
  219. Anti-malarial Antibody Responses and Applications for Assessing Malaria Exposure
  220. Antibiotic resistance among the AIDS-immunocompromised : A model of its influence on microbial evolution
  221. The anticommons problem in China's landownership system and its reform
  222. Antimicrobial efficacy of commercial produce sanitizers against artificially inoculated foodborne pathogens and natural fungal contaminants on the surface of whole melons
  223. Antonin Dvorak, the Piano Duet and Nationalism
  224. Anxiety in older adults with dementia residing in long-term care facilities
  225. Apparatus theory and heuretics of literary encounters
  226. Appeals under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act : Timing, legal assistance, and requester identities of administrative appeal cases at two agencies
  227. The Applicability of Sliding Block Analyses for the Prediction of Lateral Spreading Displacements
  228. Application of Carbon Nanomaterials in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
  229. The Application of Cognitive Diagnostic Approaches via Neural Network Analysis of Serious Educational Games
  230. An Application of Data Analytics to Outcomes of Missouri Motor Vehicle Crashes
  231. Application of lactic acid fermentation for enhancement of flavonoid bioavailability and functional properties of tea and soy phenolic extract
  232. Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  233. Application of Satellite Remote Sensing on Mountain Glacier and Coastal Zone Classification And Monitoring in South Asia
  234. Application of singular value decomposition and non-negative matrix factorization in image compression
  235. Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the assessment of agri-environmental measures of the Rural Development Programme
  236. Applications of Combinatorial Libraries To The Discovery of Chemically Reactive Peptide Tags
  237. Applications of Digital Microfluidics for the Extraction and Analysis of Small Molecules from Solid Samples
  238. Applications of High-Resolution Observations at Millimeter Wavelengths
  239. Applications of large-area nanopatterning to energy generation and storage devices
  240. Applications of Multi-Cycle Earthquake Simulations to Earthquake Hazard
  241. An Applied Credit Scoring Model and Christian Mutual Funds Performance
  242. Applied OpenStack design patterns : design solutions for production- ready infrastructure with OpenStack components
  243. Applied regression and modeling : a computer integrated approach
  244. Applying diversity to mitigate interference in underwater acoustic communication networks
  245. Applying metaphor on wearable device design
  246. Applying systems-thinking to reduce check-the-box decisions in the audit of complex estimates
  248. The Apprentices' Tower of Hanoi
  249. An Apprenticeship-Model Employment Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities : An Exploratory Study
  250. Approximate Neural Networks for Speech Applications in Resource- Constrained Environments
  251. Ar-Rahnu (Pawn-broking) in Al-Qamari Bank Berhad
  252. The Arabic (Jordan) version of the Tilburg frailty indicator
  253. Arabic Pro-Drop
  254. Aras Design and Multimedia Centre (ADMC) : it's pricing strategy for video internet market training
  255. An archaeological/genealogical historical analysis of The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Standards documents
  256. An Archimedean spiral antenna with dielectric loading providing directional radiation patterns using a novel shape 3D printed ground structure
  257. Architectural site intimacy Nurturing the relationship between architecture, humans and land
  258. Architecture and cultural identity in the traditional homes of Jeddah
  259. Architecture and place : A critical look at how they interact and influence each other through definition, creation, and representation
  260. Architecture and Segmentation of Strike-Slip Faults in Southern California
  261. An Architecture of Fire : Restoring the former Denny-Renton Clay and Coal Co. site in Renton
  262. Architecture of Memory
  263. The architecture of nineteenth-century Cuban sugar mills : Creole power and African resistance in late colonial Cuba
  264. The Architecture of Rural Healthcare : Supporting access to health in remote and rural areas
  265. An architecture story--engaging design through storytelling
  266. Architectures and Integrated Circuits for Efficient, High-power "Digital" Transmitters for Millimeter-wave Applications
  267. Architectures for a Future South : Posthumanism and Ruin in the Novels of Cormac McCarthy
  268. Archiving the city a guide to the art of urban interventions
  269. Are schools intervening? A longitudinal, descriptive study on RTI's effectiveness and impact on the number of students with an IEP
  270. Are We Ready to Web 2.0? Web 2.0 in Higher Education Classrooms
  271. Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) distribution along urban and riparian interfaces in southern California
  272. Arguments in Hindi
  273. Ariika : a successful implementation of information and communication technology by Egyptian entrepreneurs
  274. An Arranged Marriage : Special and General Educators' Preliminary Openness to Co-teaching
  275. Art and politics : The role of government in the development of the contemporary Russian art market
  276. Art as communication : Employing Gricean principles of communication as a model for art appreciation
  277. Art as Display
  278. Art in between empires : Visual culture & artistic knowledge in late Mughal Delhi 1748--1857
  279. Art Installations In The Desert : A Participant Observation Study Of The Art Of Real Life Burning Man And Second Life Burn2
  280. Art Instruction as a Behavioral Intervention to Address Out of Seat Behavior in Grade School Children with Severe Learning Disabilities
  281. Art Lending Incorporated : Revealing the Mutually Beneficial Relationship between Corporations and Museums
  282. Art museums and their connection to neighborhood change : A case study of the Portland Art Museum in Oregon
  283. Art Museums, School Visits and Critical Thinking : A Case Study of Programmatic Strategies
  284. The Art of Ambiguity : Mirrors, Mimesis, and Metamorphosis in Italian Renaissance Comedy
  285. The art of computer modeling for business analytics : paradigms and case studies
  286. The Art of Reconciling Contradictions : An Account of the Preparation and Performance of Charles Marlow
  288. The Art of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy : Experiential Training for Novice Therapists in Creative Collaborative Language
  289. The Art of War : Examining Museums' Art Therapy Programs for Military Veterans
  290. The art prize phenomenon : Impact and limits in the contemporary art world(s)
  291. Art therapy intervention to assess the presence of unresolved war trauma with Greek-Cypriot survivors of the 1974 war
  292. The Art Traveler : Building a user experience system to discover art
  293. Articulating Space : Geometric Algebra for Parametric Design - Symmetry, Kinematics, and Curvature
  294. An articulatory, acoustic, and auditory study of Burmese tone
  295. Artificial language rule learning in school children
  296. Artistic achievements of convent women in Renaissance Italy : With case studies in Venice and Prato
  297. Artists' Books---Both Map and Territory
  298. Arts integration curriculum : Building relational capacities
  299. Arts integration for Standard English learners : Implications for learning academic language
  300. Arts students in flow : An interpretative phenomenological analysis
  301. Arusha women entrepreneur : reducing poverty through job creation and sustainable income for smallholder farmers
  302. As You like It : Costume Shop Management
  303. Asia : Place or Hollywood stereotype?
  304. Asia Pulp & Paper : a balanced balance sheet?
  305. Asia-Pacific and the implementation of the law of the sea : regional legislative and policy approaches to the Law of the Sea Convention
  307. Aspects of Food Safety Education and Communication : Consumer Perception and Behavior Evaluation
  308. Assembly, characterization, and operation of large-scale TES detector arrays for ACTPol
  309. Assessing and improving the representation of hydrologic processes in atmospheric, ocean, and land modeling and dataset generation
  310. Assessing and modifying bone quality in chronic kidney disease
  311. Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Species in Northwestern North America
  312. Assessing Daylight Performance in Atrium Buildings by Using Climate- Based Daylight Modeling
  313. Assessing factors affecting implementation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library process measurements
  314. Assessing formative assessment : An examination of secondary English/ language arts teachers' practices
  315. Assessing Information Technology and Business Alignment in Local City Government Agencies
  316. Assessing mathematically the effectiveness of a data encryption model
  317. Assessing Metadata Quality and Terminology Coverage of a Federally Sponsored Health Data Repository
  318. Assessing moral development in the liberal arts
  319. Assessing Non-school and School Based Explanations of Student Achievement : A Case Study of Finland and Sweden
  320. Assessing self-efficacy beliefs of students enrolled in early childhood education practicum movement courses
  321. Assessing Spiritually Competent Practice Across Mental Health Graduate Students
  322. Assessing the association between International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and foreign direct investment (FDI) : A replication and extension study utilizing econometric analysis
  323. Assessing the effectiveness of five-year mechanical engineering technology programs of junior colleges in Taiwan, R.O.C : An application of the CIPP evaluation model
  324. Assessing the impact of credit derivative seller disclosure
  325. Assessing the impact on per capita income of Economic Development Administration grant programs by program type, county type, recipient type, and grant size
  326. Assessing the impacts of climate and land use changes on water quantity and quality in Mississippi
  327. Assessing the link between emotional intelligence and online student achievement
  328. Assessing the listener-oriented account of predictability-based phonetic reduction
  329. Assessing the perceptions of faculty advisors and green industry professionals on the value of student participation in a professional development competitive event
  330. Assessing the Relationship of Mood, Anxiety, and Alcohol Related Disorders on Hospital Utilization and Mortality in Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
  331. Assessing the user experience when using mobile augmented reality in advertising
  332. Assessing the verbal reasoning and cognitive skills of deaf and hard of hearing students in Texas public schools : Current practices of educational diagnosticians
  333. Assessing Victim Blame : Intersections of Rape Victim Race, Gender, and Ethnicity
  334. Assessing Vocabulary of Children : Investigating the Evaluation and Instruction of Basic Concepts
  335. Assessment and Solutions for Waste Handling of Compostable Biopolymers
  336. An assessment comparing community college students' computer self- efficacy and task based computer knowledge
  337. An assessment of antecedents of Taiwan Chinese consumers' purchase behavior towards foreign-made products : The case of United States- and Japan-made durables
  338. An Assessment of Barriers that Impact the Swimming Abilities of Young Adult African-Americans Attending a Southeastern Historically Black College and University (HBCU)
  339. Assessment of developmental education as a means to increase student retention : An action research study
  340. Assessment of Her2-neu in Breast Cancer Lines Upon Differential Exposures to Xenoestrogens
  341. An assessment of multiple intelligences theory applied to the delivery of online history courses : A case study
  342. Assessment of reading and dyslexia in Spanish speaking English language learners
  343. An Assessment of Recreational Use : The Wenaha Wild and Scenic River, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon
  344. An Assessment of the Neighborhood Retail Environment in Union Square, Somerville
  345. Assessment of the physical, socioeconomic and climatic constraints on Green Infrastructure
  346. Assessment of VLSI resources requirement for a sliced trusted platform module
  347. Assessments of traffic-related PM exposures and individual intervention efforts in Indonesia
  348. An Asset-Based Approach to Understanding and Modeling Vulnerability to and Resilience against Acquisition for the Purposes of Human Trafficking Victimization
  349. Assisted reproductive technology, bioethics and literature : Progenitors and others' relatedness to embryos, androids, and children
  350. Assisting small businesses in cyber security planning and implementation
  351. Assistive technology use among secondary special education teachers in a private school for students with specific learning disabilities : Types, levels of use and reported barriers
  352. Association between Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Depression Symptoms
  353. The association between physical activity, sitting time, and chronic disease in the Women's Health Initiative
  354. The Association of Urban Form and Design with Children's Physical Activity and Active Travel
  355. Associations between dairy cow bedding and milk quality
  356. Associations Between Provider Type, Setting of Practice, Experience with Co-occurring Populations, and Treatment Preferences for Co-occurring Disorders
  357. An associative model of code switching : Mandarin-Taiwanese code switching in spoken media discourse in Taiwan
  358. The Astrophysics of Strongly Interacting Systems
  359. The asymmetric orientation control matching problem : Analysis and algorithms
  360. Asymptotic Analysis of Service Systems with Congestion-Sensitive Customers
  361. Asymptotic and numerical analysis of fluid-structure interactions at different Reynolds numbers
  362. Asymptotic density and effective negligibility
  363. Asymptotic theory and applications of random functions
  364. Asynchronous Parallel Coordinate Update Methods for Large Scale Problems
  365. At the Bookstore : Literary and Cultural Experience in Antebellum New York City
  366. At The Intersection of Global & National : The Plight of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Turkey
  367. At the Vanguard of Vinyl : A Cultural History of the Long-Playing Record in Jazz
  368. ATG 12-A TG3 interacts with Alix to promote late endosome function and basal autophagic flux
  369. Athletic Training Students' Academic Preparation in Healthcare Documentation
  370. ATI v. Colorado : How the Commerce Clause Provides Guidance at the Confluence of Energy, Environmental, and Constitutional Law
  371. Atomic Bose-Hubbard Systems with Single-Particle Control
  372. Atossa 3D printed footwear design
  373. Attachment ambiguities in Hebrew complex nominals : Prosody and parsing
  374. The attachment bond : affectional ties across the lifespan
  375. Attentional Allocation in Language Processing in Adults Who Stutter : ERP Evidence
  376. The attitude of dysphonic individuals towards others with dysphonia and their self-perception
  377. Attitudes of secondary teachers towards Project Based Learning : A phenomenology
  378. Attuning body-person with Chinese medicine : An ethnography of emotion-related disorders in a clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  379. Auditing of sexual assault investigations by non-police agencies : An exploration of the Philadelphia Case Review Model
  380. Auditor conservatism & auditor changes : Evidence from corporate social responsibility (CSR) and short selling
  381. Auditor industry specialization and revenue manipulation
  382. Auger line shape analysis as a monitor of thin film reactions : Nickel/silicon(111)
  383. An augmented reality based patient positioning system with applications to breast radiotherapy
  384. An Augmented Reality Haptic Training Simulator for Spinal Needle Procedures
  385. An augmented reality interface for multi-robot tele-operation and control
  386. Augmented Reality Interfaces for Procedural Tasks
  387. Augmented reality methods and algorithms for hearing augmentation
  388. Augmented Reality Panoramas as User-Contributed Content
  389. An Augmented Reality Prototype for Investigating Tangible and Virtual Components in a Gaming Environment
  390. An Augmented Reality System For The BPM Based On The Museum Circle
  391. Auspicious omens and their consequences : Zhen -Ren (1006-1066) Literati's perception of astral anomalies
  392. Authenticity in children's musical creations : Dimensions of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. : Research into children's musical thinking and acting when composing at the piano
  393. Authenticity, authority and control : How rock artists are responding to the possibility of collaborative music publics online
  394. Authoritarian Regimes, Domestic Stability and International Conflict
  395. Authorized Access and the Challenges of Health Information Systems
  397. An auto-ethnographic study of a triplet concerning language acquisition in a conflicted environment
  398. Automatic activation of semantic representation during second language processing
  399. Automatic discovery of complex causality
  400. Automatic Prediction of Subjective Video Quality over LTE
  401. Automating oceanography : A robotic surface sensor platform combining flexibility and low-cost
  402. Automation of Serial Dilution using Microfluidic Digital Logic
  403. Autonomic cloud resource management
  404. Autonomic management and performance optimization for cloud computing services
  405. An Autonomous Road-Following Embedded System for Multiple Intelligent Vehicles
  406. Autonomy in practice of critical care nurses in teaching hospitals in Taiwan
  407. Autophagy and stress granules : The merging of two pathways in Parkinson's disease
  408. The availability and accessibility of award-winning multicultural children's and young adult literature in public libraries in Northeast Ohio
  409. Avatar Self-Identification, Self-Esteem, and Perceived Social Capital in the Real World : A Study of World of Warcraft Players and their Avatars
  410. Avtar I-WIN : creating flexi-careers
  411. Awareness through the capture of surrounding sounds
  412. Axonal interferon responses and alphaherpesvirus neuroinvasion