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1   "Squaring the circle" : a history of the problem
2   "內幕"大曝光
3   "杨子荣"與童祥苓
4   "邊城" : 牧歌與中國形象 = Biancheng : muge yu Zhongguo xingxiang
5   1001 math problems
6   101 things everyone should know about math
7   18 unconventional essays on the nature of mathematics
8   190 ready-to-use activities that make math fun!
9   1975 : 文壇風暴紀實
10   1978年上海市數學會論文選編
11   1981國內外數學競賽題解選集
12   1996年-1999年中考解题能力分析与指导 : 命题改革思路及探索
13   1999-2002电视电影纵览 : Dianshi dianying zonglan
14   1999年碩士硏究生入學考試應試敎程 , 數學分册.. , 理工類
15   2000年考研數學應試指導
16   2002年上半年高等数学
17   2003年MBA聯考同步輔導敎材 , 數學分册. , 綜合能力考試
18   2012通俗與武俠文學學術研討會論文集
19   20世紀中國報告文學理論批評史
20   20世紀中國電視劇史論
21   20世纪中国画 : "传统的延续与演进"国际学朮硏讨会论文集
22   20世纪戏曲文物的发现与曲学硏究
23   21世纪小学数学创新教学实验设计与探索全书
24   3-D shape estimation and image restoration : exploiting defocus and motion blur
25   3D math primer for graphics and game development
26   80年代中国通俗文学
27   The A to Z of mathematics : a basic guide
28   AASRI procedia
29   Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Hamburgischen Universität
30   Abstract harmonic analysis of continuous wavelet transforms
31   Abstraction, refinement and proof for probabilistic systems
32   Abstracts of the first sourcebook on Asian research in mathematics education : China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and India
33   Accident precursor analysis and management : reducing technological risk through diligence
34   Accompts of merchandise ready computed : As also tables for the speedy measuring of timber, boord, glasse andland, resolving any question in division or rules of fellowship, and for buying or selling by the hundred weight
35   ACM communications in computer algebra
36   ACM SIGMAP bulletin
37   ACM transactions on computational logic
38   ACM transactions on mathematical software
39   Acoustic and electromagnetic scattering analysis using discrete sources
40   Acoustic MIMO signal processing
41   Acta applicandae mathematicae
42   Acta mathematica
43   Acta mathematica academiae paedagogicae Nyíregyháziensis
44   Acta mathematica Sinica , English series
45   Acta mathematica Universitatis Comenianae
46   Acta mathematicae applicatae Sinica (English series : Online)
47   Acta scientiarum mathematicarum
48   Activity and sign : grounding mathematics education
49   Adaption of simulated annealing to chemical optimization problems
50   Adaptive filtering : fundamentals of least mean squares withMATLAB
51   Added masses of ship structures
52   Adjustment computations : spatial data analysis
53   Advance discrete mathematics
54   Advanced BDD optimization
55   Advanced calculations for defects in materials : electronic structure methods
56   Advanced control of industrial processes : structures and algorithms
57   Advanced digital signal processing and noise reduction
58   Advanced fuzzy logic technologies in industrial applications
59   Advanced mathematical thinking
60   Advanced mathematics for engineering and science
61   Advanced statistics demystified
62   Advanced topics in scattering and biomedical engineering : proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Scattering Theory and BiomedicalEngineering
63   Advances in applied mathematics
64   Advances in chemical physics . Volume 62, , Memory function approaches to stochastic problems in condensed matter
65   Advances in chemical physics . Volume 93, , New methods in computational quantum mechanics
66   Advances in chemical physics . Volume 94, , Polymeric systems
67   Advances in chemical physics : analytic and computational methods / . Volume 97, , Singular perturbation problems in chemical physics
68   Advances in computational vision and medical image processing : methods and applications
69   Advances in mathematical and computational methods
70   Advances in mathematical finance
71   Advances in mathematical fluid mechanics : dedicated to Giovanni Paolo Galdi on the occasion of his 60th birthday
72   Advances in mathematics
73   Advances in modeling agricultural systems
74   Advances in pure mathematics
75   Advances in research methods for information systems research : data mining, data envelopment analysis, value focused thinking
76   Aequationes mathematicae
77   Affine density in wavelet analysis
78   AFM '07 : Second Workshop on Automated Formal Methods : November 6, 2007, Atlanta, Georgia
79   The age of alternative logics : assessing philosophy of logic and mathematics today
80   Alan Turing : his work and impact
81   Algebra and coalgebra in computer science : 4th international conference, CALCO 2011, Winchester, UK, August30 - September 2, 2011 : proceedings
82   Algebra and coalgebra in computer science : first international conference, CALCO 2005, Swansea, UK, September3-6, 2005 : proceedings
83   Algebra and coalgebra in computer science : second international conference, CALCO 2007, Bergen, Norway, August 20-24, 2007 : proceedings
84   Algebra and coalgebra in computer science : third International Conference, CALCO 2009, Udine, Italy, September 7-10, 2009, Proceedings
85   The algebra of secondary cohomology operations
86   Algebra: or, The doctrine of composing, inferring, and resolving an equation : By which any resolvable question, requiring either a number, or a magnitude, may be fully satisfyed, and consequently new, usefull, & sometimes admirable inventions, may infinitely be added to the mathematicks
87   Algebraic codes for data transmission
88   Algebraic foundations in computer science : essays dedicated to Symeon Bozapalidis on the occasion of his retirement
89   Algebraic geodesy and geoinformatics
90   Algebraic identification and estimation methods in feedback control systems
91   Algebraic multiplicity of eigenvalues of linear operators
92   Algorithmic aspects of bioinformatics
93   Algorithmic aspects of wireless sensor networks : first international workshop, ALGOSENSORS 2004, Turku, Finland, July 16, 2004 : proceedings
94   Algorithmic composition : paradigms of automated music generation
95   Algorithmic information theory : mathematics of digital information processing
96   Algorithms and architectures for parallel processing : 12th international conference, ICA3PP 2012, Fukuoka, Japan, September 4-7, 2012 : proceedings
97   Algorithms for communications systems and their applications
98   Algorithms for worst-case design and applications to risk management
99   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 13th International Workshop, WABI2013, Sophia Antipolis, France, September 2-4, 2013 : proceedings
100   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 14th International Workshop, WABI2014, Wroclaw, Poland, September 8-10, 2014 : proceedings
101   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 4th international workshop, WABI 2004, Bergen, Norway, September 17-21, 2004 : proceedings
102   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 5th international workshop, WABI 2005, Mallorca, Spain, October 3-6,2005 : proceedings
103   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 7th international workshop, WABI 2007, Philadelphia, PA, USA, September 8-9, 2007 : proceedings
104   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 8th international workshop, WABI 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 15-19, 2008 : proceedings
105   Algorithms in bioinformatics : 9th international workshop, WABI 2009, Philadelphia, PA, USA, September12-13, 2009 : proceedings
106   Algorithms in bioinformatics : third International Workshop, WABI 2003, Budapest, Hungary, September 15-20,2003 : proceedings
107   Algorithms-- ESA 2012 : 20th annual European symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10-12, 2012 : proceedings
108   Algorithms-- ESA 2013 : 21st Annual European Symposium, Sophia Antipolis, France, September 2-4, 2013 : proceedings
109   All the math you'll ever need : a self-teaching guide
110   Alla ricerca della via più breve : Un'avventura matematica
111   Almost ring theory
112   Alternative Chinese opera in the age of globalization : performing zero
113   Alternative methods in neonatal hearing screening : tone-burst otoacoustic emissions and time-frequency filtering
114   The ambiguity of teaching to the test : standards, assessment, and educational reform
115   The American calculator, or Counting-house companion : containing a variety of useful coin tables, calculated for the convenience of the merchants in the United States
116   The American commercial arithmetic : for the use of the Grand Rapids business college, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and also for the use of universities, private students, schools and counting-houses, embracing an extensive course both in theory and practice. Together with the laws of the United States r ...
117   The American commercial arithmetic, : for the use of commercial colleges, private students, schools and counting-houses ... together with the laws of the United States relating to interest, damages on bills, and the collecting of debts,
118   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on busi ...
119   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on bus ...
120   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : containing, spelling, reading, writing and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on bu ...
121   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
122   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
123   The American instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
124   The American instructor; or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on bus ...
125   American journal of mathematics
126   The American magazine and monthly chronicle for the British colonies : ... By a society of gentlmen
127   American mathematical monthly
128   The American youth : being a new and complete course of introductory mathematics: designed for the use of private students
129   The American youth's instructor; or, A new and easy guide to practical arithmetic : Wherein the rudiments of common arithmetic, vulgar the decimal fractions [sic], the extraction and use of the square and cube roots, &c. are so easily treated of, and so plainly demonstrated, that any person may, of ...
130   Amongst mathematicians : teaching and learning mathematics at the university level
131   Analele stiintifice ale Universitatii Ovidius Constanta , Seria matematica
132   Analog and digital signals and systems
133   Analysis and design of turbo-like codes
134   Analysis and numerics for conservation laws
135   Analysis and probability : wavelets, signals, fractals
136   Analysis and simulation of fluid dynamics
137   An analysis of algebra content, content organization and presentation,and to-be-solved problems in eighth-grade mathematics textbooks from Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and the United States
138   Analysis of electromagnetic fields and waves : the method of lines
139   Analysis of structures : an introduction including numerical methods
140   Analysis, algebra, and computers in mathematical research : proceedings of the Twenty-first Nordic Congress of Mathematicians
141   Analysis, manifolds and physics . Part II
142   Analyst (Des Moines, Iowa : Online)
143   Analytical and numerical approaches to mathematical relativity
144   Analytical and stochastic modeling techniques and applications : 15th international conference, ASMTA 2008, Nicosia, Cyprus, June 4-6, 2008 ; proceedings
145   Analytical and stochastic modeling techniques and applications : 16th International Conference, ASMTA 2009, Madrid, Spain, June 9-12, 2009, Proceedings
146   Analytical methods for problems of molecular transport
147   Analytical molecular biology
148   Ancient mathematics
149   Annales Academiae Paedagogicae Cracoviensis , Studia Mathematica
150   Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae , Mathematica
151   Annales scientifiques de l'École normale supérieure
152   Annales Universitatis paedagogicae cracoviensis studia mathematica
153   Annali dell'Università di Ferrara . Sezione 7 : , Scienze matematiche
154   Annali di matematica pura ed applicata
155   Annals , Series on mathematics and its applications
156   Annals of actuarial science
157   Annals of global analysis and geometry
158   Annals of the University of Craiova , Mathematics and computer science series
159   Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing
160   The ANZIAM journal
161   Apollonii Conica : methodo nova illustrata, & succinctè demonstrata
162   Applicable analysis and discrete mathematics
163   Application of nature based algorithm in natural resource management
164   Application of wavelets in image compression
165   Applications of combinatorial optimization
166   Applications of discrete geometry and mathematical morphology : first International Workshop, WADGMM 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, August 22, 2010 : revised selected papers
167   Applications of Markov chains in chemical engineering
168   Applications of mathematics (Prague, Czechoslovakia : Online)
169   Applied categorical structures
170   Applied computational fluid dynamics techniques : an introduction based on finite element methods
171   Applied diffusion processes from engineering to finance
172   Applied functional analysis : numerical methods, wavelet methods, and image processing
173   Applied mathematical finance
174   Applied mathematical modelling
175   Applied mathematics
176   Applied mathematics : a journal of Chinese universities
177   Applied mathematics and computational intelligence
178   Applied mathematics E-notes
179   Applied mathematics for database professionals
180   Applied mathematics for restructured electric power systems : optimization, control, and computational intelligence
181   Applied mathematics for science and engineering
182   Applied mathematics in engineering, management and technology
183   Applied mathematics letters
184   Applied prismatic and reflective optics
185   Applied sciences
186   Applied wave mathematics : selected topics in solids, fluids, and mathematical methods
187   Applying fuzzy mathematics to formal models in comparative politics
188   Approximate and renormgroup symmetries
189   Approximation of additive convolution-like operators : real C*-algebra approach
190   Approximation-solvability of nonlinear functional and differential equations
191   Aquifer test modeling
192   Arabian journal of mathematics
193   Archimedis Opera ; Apollonii Pergæi Conicorum libri IIII ; Theodosii Sphærica
194   Archimidous tou Syrakousiou Phammites, kaì kuklou métreis eytokiou askalōeitou, eis auten o omnema : Archimedis syracusani Arenarius, et Dimensio circuli : Eutocii Ascalonitæ, in hanc commentarius, cum versione & notis Joh. Wallis, SS. Th.D. geometriæ professoris saviliani
195   The architecture of modern mathematics : essays in history and philosophy
196   Archiv der Mathematik
197   Archives of computational methods in engineering : state of the art reviews
198   Archivum mathematicum
199   Arifmetika i algebra v drevnem mire
200   Aristarchou Samiou Peri megethōn kai apostēmatōn hēliou kai selēnēs biblion : Aristarchi Samii De magnitudinibus &distantiis solis & lunae liber. Pappou Alexandreōs tou tēs synagōgēs bibliou 2 apospasma = Pappi Alexandrini secundi libri mathematicae collectionis fragmentum, hactenus deside ...
201   Arithmetic and algebra-- again
202   Arithmetic and geometry around quantization
203   Arithmetic for engineers, including simple algebra, mensuration, logarithms, graphs and the slide rule
204   Arithmetic of finite fields : 2nd international workshop, WAIFI 2008, Siena, Italy, July 6-9, 2008 : proceedings
205   Arithmetic of finite fields : First International Workshop, WAIFI 2007, Madrid, Spain, June 2007 : proceedings
206   Arithmetic, in the plainest and most concise methods hitherto extant : with new improvements for dispatch of business in all the several rules. As also fractions, vulgar and decimal, wrought together after a new method, that renders both easy to be understood in their nature and use. : The whole per ...
207   An arithmetical treatise of the combinations, elections, permutations,and composition of quantities : illustrated by several examples with a new speculation of the differences of the powers of numbers
208   Arithmeticall nauigation: or, an order thereof: compiled and published for the aduancement of navigation : more particularly, for the benefit of English mariners, or sea-faring men that delight therein. By Thomas Addison, practicioner in the art of nauigation
209   Arithmetick : a treatise designed for the use and benefit of trades-men : wherein the nature and use of fractions, both vulgar and decimal, are taught by a new and easie method, as also the mensuration of solids and superficies
210   Arithmetick : a treatise designed for the use and benefit of trades-men : wherein the nature and use of fractions, both vulgar and decimal, are taught by a new and easie method, as also the mensuration of solids and superficies
211   Arithmetick : a treatise fitted for the use and benefit of such trades-men as are ignorant in that art : teaching the nature and use of fractions, both vulgar & decimal, by a new and easie method made familiar to an ordinary capacity, also the mensuration of solids and superficies &c
212   Arithmetick, vulgar, decimal, instrumental, algebraical : in four parts ... whereunto is added, the construction and use of several tables of interest and annuities, weights, and measures both of our own and other countries
213   Arithmetick: vulgar, decimal, instrumental, algebraical : In four parts: conteining I Vulgar arithmetick, both in whole numbers and fractions, in a most plain and easie method. II Decimal arithmetick, with the ground and reason thereof, illustrated by divers examples. III Instrumental arithmetick, e ...
214   Arkiv för matematik
215   Arrangements, local systems, and singularities : CIMPA Summer School, Galatasaray University, Istanbul, 2007
216   The art of measuring, containing the description and explanation of the carpenters new rule : Fnrnished [sic] with variety of scales. Fitted for the more speedy mensuration of superficies and solids. Also certain geometrical problems, a table of logarithms to 10000, and some uses of the same exempli ...
217   The art of measuring, or, The carpenters new rule described and explained : furnished with variety of scales, fitted for the more speedy mensuration of divers superficies and solids, with all necessary requisits appertaining thereunto, as a plain and easie introduction to the principals of geometry, ...
218   The art of random walks
219   Artis analyticae praxis, ad æquationes algebraïcas nouâ, expeditâ, & generali methodo, resoluendas: tractatus e posthumis Thomæ Harrioti philosophi ac mathematici celeberrimi schediasmatis summâ fide & diligentiâ descriptus: et illustrissimo Domino Dom. Henrico Percio, Northumbriæ comiti, qu ...
220 e-Print archive
221   Asia Pacific mathematics newsletter
222   Asian Journal of Applied sciences
223   Asian journal of mathematics
224   Asian journal of mathematics & statistics
225   Asian of current engineering and maths
226   Asian-European journal of mathematics
227   Assessing mathematical proficiency
228   Asset prices and monetary policy
229   ASTIN bulletin
230   Astronomia Britannica : exhibiting the doctrine of the sphere, and theory of the planets decimally by trigonometry, and by tables : fitted for the meridian of London
231   Astronomia crystallina: or, A new and clear vvay to know and behold all the heavenly motions plainly, as through a crystal glass : Far more easie and perspicuous, than any before extant. Composed according to the best observations, and most rational grounds of art. By J.H. a lover of truth and mathe ...
232   Astronomiæ geometricæ : astronomia circularis : geometrice proposita. . Liber tertius
233   Astronomy and computing
234   Asymmetry : the foundation of information
235   Asymptotic cones and functions in optimization and variational inequalities
236   Atlas journal of science education
237   Atomic structure theory : lectures on atomic physics
238   The attitudes of secondary school mathematics teachers towards the teaching of mathematics by using computers
239   Audel industrial multi-craft mini-ref
240   Automated defect detection for textile fabrics using Gabor wavelet networks
241   Automatic program development : a tribute to Robert Paige
242   Automatic sequences : theory, applications, generalizations
243   Automatic source camera identification by lens aberration and JPEG compression statistics
244   Azerbaijan journal of mathematics
245   Basic bundle theory and K-cohomology invariants
246   Basic business math : a life-skillsapproach
247   Basic electronics math
248   Basic engineering mathematics
249   Basic engineering mathematics
250   Basic math and pre-algebra
251   Basic math for social scientists : concepts
252   Basic math for social scientists : problems and solutions
253   Basic mathematics for economists
254   Basic structured grid generation with an introduction to unstructured grid generation
255   Basics of the solar wind
256   Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in generalized linear models
257   Bayesian estimation and tracking : a practical guide
258   Bayesian methods for structural dynamics and civil engineering
259   Bayesian signal processing : classical,modern, and particle filtering methods
260   Becoming a reflective mathematics teacher : a guide for observations and self-assessment
261   Becoming an urban physics and math teacher : infinite potential
262   A beginners guide to Mathematica
263   Beginning a dialogue on the changing environment for the physical and mathematical Sciences : report of a conference
264   Behavioral mathematics for game AI
265   The best writing on mathematics, 2011
266   The beta Maxwell distribution
267   Beyond Born-Oppenheimer : conical intersections and electronic non-adiabatic coupling terms
268   Beyond the apparent banality of the mathematics classroom
269   Biased technical change and economic conservation laws
270   Bibliotheca mathematica & medica Scarburghiana, or, The mathematical and physical parts of the famous library of Sir Charles Scarburgh : containing a complete collection of mathematical books ... with a large collection of physick-books
271   Bifurcation analysis in geomechanics
272   Bifurcations in Hamiltonian systems : computing singularities by Gröbner bases
273   Big math activities for young children for preschool, kindergarten, and primary children
274   The Big Typescript, TS. 213
275   BigNum math : implementing cryptographic multiple precision arithmetic
276   Binary digital image processing : a discrete approach
277   Binding and dissociation kinetics for different biosensor applications using fractals
278   Biochemical thermodynamics : applications of Mathematica
279   Bioinformatics : problem solving paradigms
280   Biomathematics : mathematics of biostructures and biodynamics
281   Bistatic SAR/GISAR/FISAR geometry, signal models and imaging algorithms
282   Blind Deconvolution - Algorithms and Applications" : IEE Colloquium on [Wednesday, 27 September 1995 at Savoy Place
283   Blind signal estimation using second order statistics
284   Blueprints for reform
285   Blätter (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik: Online)
286   Bob Miller's basic math and prealgebra : basic math and prealgebra
287   Bob Miller's SAT math for the clueless : SAT math
288   Bob Miller's SAT math for the clueless : SAT math
289   Bohmian mechanics : the physics and mathematics of quantum theory
290   A boke named Tectonicon : briefelye shewynge the exacte measurynge, and speady reckenynge all maner lande, squared tymber, stone, steaples, pyllers, globes. [et]c. Further, declarynge the perfecte makynge and large vse of the carpenters ruler, conteynynge a quadrant geometricall: comprehendynge also ...
291   The boke of measurying of lande : as well of woodland as plowland, & pasture in the feelde: & to compt the true nombre of acres of the same. Newly corrected, & compiled by Sir Richarde de Benese
292   The boke of measuryng of lande : as well of woodland as plowland, [and] pasture in the feelde: [and] to compt the true nombre of acres of the same. Newly corrected, [and] compiled by Sir Richarde de Benese
293   Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática
294   The book of instruments on six specific mathematics topics
295   Bounding uncertainty in civil engineering : theoretical background
296   Bridging the gap to university mathematics
297   A brief (yet full) account of the doctrine of vulgar and decimal fractions, with a specimen on their demonstrations
298   Bringing the common core math standards to life : exemplary practices from middle schools
299   British journal of mathematics & computer science
300   Brouwer meets Husserl : on the phenomenology of choice sequences
301   Brushing history against the grain : constructing the Chinese new historical fiction as an oppositional discourse
302   Bryant and Stratton's commercial arithmetic
303   Building and solving mathematical programming models in engineering and science
304   Building bridges : between mathematics and computer science
305   Buletinul Academiei de ̦Stiin̦te a Republicii Moldova , Matematică
306   Bulletin (British Society for the History of Mathematics)
307   Bulletin (new series) of the American Mathematical Society
308   Bulletin , Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles. , Sciences mathématiques
309   Bulletin des sciences mathématiques
310   Bulletin of mathematical sciences
311   Bulletin of PG University of Ploiesti , Mathematics, informatics, physics series
312   Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
313   Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
314   Bulletin of the Korean Mathematical Society
315   Bulletin of the New York Mathematical Society
316   Bulletin of TICMI
317   Business calculus demystified
318   Business finance for the numerically challenged
319   Business math for the numerically challenged
320   C++ for mathematicians : an introduction for students and professionals
321   Cal Poly Pomona journal of interdisciplinary studies
322   Calculation of roundabouts : capacity, waiting phenomena and reliability
323   Calculations in molecular biology and biotechnology : a guide to mathematics in the laboratory
324   Calculatrices symboliques
325   The calculus of selfishness
326   Cambridge IGCSE mathematics
327   Canadian journal of mathematics
328   Canadian journal on computing in mathematics, natural sciences, engineering and medicine
329   Capacity and transport in contrast composite structures : asymptotic analysis and applications
330   Careers for number crunchers & other quantitative types
331   Careers in mathematics : teacher,statistician, actuary, operations research, computer programmer, systems analyst
332   Carpenter's and builder's math, plans, specifications
333   Carrier frequency offset estimation for multicarrier communications
334   Carrier synchronization techniques in MIMO systems
335   Catalan numbers with applications
336   A catalogue of the mathematical works of the learned Mr. Thomas Baker,Rector of Bishop Nympton in Devonshire : with a proposal about printing the same, and first one intituled The geometrical key, or, The gate of æquations unlockt
337   Categorical variables in developmental research : methods of analysis
338   Categories and sheaves
339   Categories and types in logic, language, and physics : essays dedicated to Jim Lambek on the occasion of his 90th birthday
340   Categories for software engineering
341   Category theory
342   Catering for differences in mathematical ability : the cases in Shanghai and Hong Kong
343   CDMA systems capacity engineering
344   Celestial dynamics : chaoticity and dynamics of celestial systems
345   Cellular automata and discrete complex systems : 19th International Workshop, AUTOMATA 2013, Gießen, Germany, September 17-19, 2013 : proceedings
346   Certified programs and proofs : first international conference, CPP 2011, Kenting, Taiwan, December 7-9, 2011. Proceedings
347   Certified programs and proofs : second international conference, CPP 2012, Kyoto, Japan, December 13-15, 2012 : proceedings
348   Certified programs and proofs : third international conference, CPP 2013, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, December 11-13, 2013 : proceedings
349   Chairing the mathematical sciences department of the 1990s : proceedings of a colloquium, October 27-28,1989, Arlington, Virginia
350   The Challenge in mathematics and science education : psychology's response
351   Challenging mathematics in and beyond the classroom : the 16th ICMI study
352   Chamberlain's Arithmetick : being a plain and easie explanation of the most useful and necessary art of arithmetick in whole numbers and fractions, that the meanest capacity may obtain the knowledge thereof in a very short time : whereunto are added many rules and tables of interest, rebate, purchas ...
353   Characteristic classes on complex manifolds and Chern-number inequalities on compact Kähler surfaces
354   Characteristic functions, scattering functions and transfer functions : the Moshe Livsic memorial volume
355   Characterizing pedagogical flow : an investigation of mathematics and science teaching in six countries
356   A chemist's guide to density functional theory
357   Chemistry in motion : reaction-diffusion systems for micro- and nanotechnology
358   Chemometrics : from basics to wavelet transform
359   Chemometrics in environmental analysis
360   Chen shizeng (1876-1923) and the reform of Chinese art
361   Chern numbers and Rozansky-Witten invariants of compact hyper-Kähler manifolds
362   The Chi-square test when the expected frequencies are less than 5
363   Chiamalo x! : ovvero cosa fanno imatematici?
364   Children's fractional knowledge
365   Children's mathematical development : research and practical applications
366   Chinese Buddhist apocrypha
367   Chinese ceramics : a history of elegance
368   Chinese encyclopaedias of new global knowledge (1870-1930) : changing ways of thought
369   Chinese journal of mathematics
370   Chinese mathematics into the 21st century
371   Chinese philosophy : Chinese political philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology and comparative philosophy
372   Chinese pictorial art : an essay on its interpretion, with illustrations from Wang's private collection
373   Chineses calligraphy : the art ofhandwriting
374   Choice and chance : with one thousand exercises
375   Church, culture, & curriculum : theology and mathematics in the Jesuit Ratio studiorum
376   Circle-valued Morse theory
377   Civil engineering formulas
378   Civil engineering formulas
379   Classical and computational solid mechanics
380   Classical and geometrical theory of chemical and phase thermodynamics
381   Classical circuit theory
382   Classification, parameter estimation, and state estimation : an engineering approach using MATLAB
383   Clavis astrologiæ, or, A key to the whole art of astrologie : in two parts: containing I. A brief, methodical, plain introduction thereunto enabling the meanest capacity fully to understand the fundamental grounds thereof and to give a rational judgment upon any astrological figure, nativity or que ...
384   Clavis mathematica denuò limata, sive potius fabricata : cui accedit tractatus de resolutione æquationum qualitercunque adfectarum in numeris : et declaratio tum decimi elementi Euclidis de lateribus incommensurabilibus : tum decimi tertii & decimi quarti elementi de quinque solidis regularibus, a ...
385   Clavis mathematicæ denuo limata, sive, Potius fabricata : cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem commentationibus, quæ in sequenti pagina recensentur
386   Clavis mathematicæ denvo limata, sive, Potius fabricata : cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem commentationibus, quæ in sequenti pagina recensentur
387   Clavis mathematicæ denyo limata, sive, Potius fabricata : cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem commentationibus, quae in sequenti pagina recensentur
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391   CODEE journal
392   Codici correttori : un'introduzione
393   Cognitive deficits in Chinese children with low mathematical performance : phonological loop visual-spatial sketchpad and central executive functioning
394   Collaborative learning on Internet : learning applied mathematics through newsgroup on the net
395   Collected works : Gesammelte werke
396   Collected works of Charles François Sturm
397   A collection of centers and useful proportions on the line of numbers
398   College algebra demystified
399   College mathematics journal
400   Colloquium on "Applications of wavelet transforms in imageprocessing"
401   Colloquium on "Morphological and non-linear image processing techniques"
402   Colloquium on "Non-linear filters"
403   Colloquium on "Polynomial methods in optimal control and filtering"
404   Colloquium on "Signal processing applications of finite field mathematics"
405   Colloquium on "Signal processing for ESM systems"
406   Colloquium on "Symbolic computation for control"
407   The Columbian accountant; or A complete system of practicalarithmetic : particularly adapted to the commerce of the United States of America. : To which is annexed, a short sketch of mensuration
408   Combinatorial algebraic topology
409   Combinatorial maps : efficient data structures for computer graphics and image processing
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411   Combinatorial optimization and applications : 7th International Conference, COCOA 2013, Chengdu, China, December 12-14, 2013 : proceedings
412   Combinatorial optimization and theoretical computer science : interfaces and perspectives : 30th anniversary of the LAMSADE
413   Combinatorics and reasoning : representing, justifying and building isomorphisms
414   Combinatorics on words : 9th international conference, WORDS 2013, Turku, Finland, September 16-20, 2013 : proceedings
415   Comes commercii: or, the trader's-companion : Containing I. An exact and useful table, shewing the value of any quantity of goods or wares ready cast up, ... II. A table calculated for universal use, which use is shewn in the solution ofquestions, ... III. The manner of casting up dimensions in gene ...
416   Commentationes mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae
417   Commercial arithmetic
418   Commercium epistolicum de quæstionibus quibusdam mathematicis nuper habitum
419   Commonsense reasoning
420   Communication in the mathematics classroom
421   Communications in applied mathematics and computational science
422   Communications in mathematical sciences
423   Communications in numerical analysis
424   Communications in numerical methods in engineering
425   Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society
426   Communications on pure and applied mathematics
427   A comparative study of Galerkin mesh-free and finite element methods
428   A comparative study of mastery learning in Hong Kong and the USA-grade 3 educationally disadvantaged students in mathematics
429   Comparison of estimates of autoregressive models with superimposed errors
430   A comparison of the mathematics curricula in Guangzhou and Hong Kong secondary schools
431   Compatible spatial discretizations
432   Compel
433   Complex computing-networks : brain-like and wave-oriented electrodynamic algorithms
434   Complex dynamics : advanced system dynamics in complex variables
435   Complex geometry : an introduction
436   Complex monge-ampère equations and geodesics in the space of kähler metrics
437   Complex networks : an algorithmic perspective
438   Complex valued nonlinear adaptive filters : noncircularity, widely linear and neural models
439   Complex, contact and symmetric manifolds : in honor of L. Vanhecke
440   Compositio mathematica
441   Comprehensive mathematics for computer scientists
442   Comprehensive mathematics for computer scientists
443   Computable economics : the Arne Ryde memorial lectures
444   Computation engineering : applied automata theory and logic
445   Computation of resonance energies and spectral densities in the complex energy plane : application of complex scaling techniques for atoms, molecules and surfaces
446   Computation, dynamics, and cognition
447   Computation, physics and beyond : International Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science, WTCS 2012, dedicated to Cristian S. Calude on the occasion of His 60th Birthday, Auckland, New Zealand, February 21-24, 2012 : revised selected and invited papers
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449   Computational chemistry : a practical guide for applying techniques to real world problems
450   Computational chemistry : reviews of current trends / . Volume 8
451   Computational chemistry using the PC
452   Computational Design of Lightweight Structures : Form Finding and Optimization
453   Computational electromagnetism : variational formulations, complementarity, edge elements
454   Computational engineering : introduction to numerical methods
455   Computational finite element methods in nanotechnology
456   Computational fluid dynamics : an introduction
457   Computational fluid dynamics in practice
458   Computational fourier optics : a MATLAB tutorial
459   Computational genome analysis : an introduction
460   Computational geomechanics with special reference to earthquake engineering
461   Computational geosciences
462   Computational intelligence for remote sensing
463   Computational intelligence in image processing
464   A computational introduction to number theory and algebra
465   Computational lithography
466   Computational mathematics and modeling
467   Computational Mechanics : Proceedings of "International Symposium on Computational Mechanics", July 30-August1, 2007, Beijing, China
468   Computational methods for SNPs and Haplotype inference : DIMACS/RECOMB satellite workshop, Piscataway, NJ, USA, November 21-22, 2002 : revised papers
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471   Computational modeling of multi-phase geomaterials
472   Computational modeling of objects presented in images : fundamentals,methods, and applications : 4th International Conference, CompIMAGE 2014, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, September 3-5, 2014 : proceedings
473   Computational nanotechnology modeling and applications with MATLAB
474   Computational organic chemistry
475   Computational photochemistry
476   Computational photonics
477   Computational studies of forced, nonlinear waves in shallow water
478   Computational theory of iterative methods
479   Computational topology in image context : 4th International Workshop, CTIC 2012, Bertinoro, Italy, May 28-30, 2012 :proceedings
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481   Computer algebra in scientific computing : 14th International Workshop, CASC 2012, Maribor, Slovenia, September 3-6, 2012 : proceedings
482   Computer algebra in scientific computing : 15th International Workshop, CASC 2013, Berlin, Germany, September 9-13, 2013 : proceedings
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490   Computers & mathematics with applications
491   Computers, Gödel's incompleteness theorems and mathematics education : a study of the implications of artificial intelligence for secondary school mathematics
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493   Computing brain activity maps from fMRI time-series images
494   Computing the continuous discretely : integer-point enumeration in polyhedra
495   Concentration inequalities and model selection : Ecole d'Eté de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXIII -2003
496   Concept data analysis : theory and applications
497   Concept mapping in mathematics : research into practice
498   The concept of model : an introduction to the materialist epistemology of mathematics
499   Concept-rich mathematics instruction : building a strong foundation for reasoning and problem solving
500   Conception and characteristics of expert mathematics teachers inChina
501   Concepts of combinatorial optimization
502   The conceptual roots of mathematics : an essay on the philosophy of mathematics
503   A concise handbook of mathematics, physics, and engineering sciences
504   The concise Oxford dictionary of mathematics
505   Conference papers in mathematics
506   Constructibility and mathematical existence
507   Construction of mappings for Hamiltonian systems and their applications
508   The construction of new mathematical knowledge in classroom interaction : an epistemologicalperspective
509   The construction, and vse of the line of proportion : By helpe whereof the hardest questions of arithmetique & geometry, as well in broken as whole numbers, are resolved by addition and subtraction. By Edm: Wingate, gent
510   The contemporary Chinese historical drama : four studies
511   Continuous optimization : current trends and modern applications
512   Continuous time dynamical systems : state estimation and optimal control with orthogonal functions
513   Continuous-time stochastic control and optimization with financial applications
514   Contributions to discrete mathematics
515   Control of continuous linear systems
516   Controlling chaos : suppression, synchronization and chaotification
517   Convergence and applications of Newton-type iterations
518   Convexity and well-posed problems
519   Convolutional codes : an algebraic approach
520   Cooperative path planning of unmanned aerial vehicles
521   A copie of the speache: made by the mathematicall lecturer : unto the worshipfull companye present. At the house of the worshipfull M. Thomas Smith, dwelling in Gracious Street: the 4. of Nouember, 1588. T. Hood
522   Corruption and realism in late socialist China : the return of the political novel
523   COSMOS
524   Cost optimization of structures : fuzzy logic,genetic algorithms, and parallel computing
525   Counting and measuring
526   Counting processes and survival analysis
527   The countrey-survey-book: or, Land-meters vade-mecum : Wherein the principles and practical rules for surveying of land, are so plainly (though briefly) delivered, that any one of ordinary parts (understanding how to add, substract, multiply and divide,) may by the help of this small treatise alone ...
528   The country-survey-book: or Land-meters vade-mecum : Wherein the principles and practical rules for surveying of land, are so plainly (though briefly) delivered, that any one of ordinary parts (understanding how to add, substract, multiply and divide,) may by the help of this small treatise alone an ...
529   A course in mathematics : for students of engineering and applied science
530   CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics
531   Creative teaching : mathematics in the primary classroom
532   Credibilistic programming : an introduction to models and applications
533   Critical issues in mathematics education
534   Critical issues in mathematics education : major contributions of Alan Bishop
535   Critical studies in some thermodynamic problems
536   A critical survey of Chinese translations from the English by Yen Fu, Lin Shu and Fu Tung-hua : 嚴復, 林紓, 傅東華翻譯檢討
537   The Crittenden commercial arithmetic and business manual
538   The Crittenden commercial arithmetic and business manual : designed for the use of merchants, business men, academies, and commercial colleges
539   Cubo (Temuco, Chile : Online)
540   Culturally responsive mathematics education
541   Current topics in computational molecular biology
542   Current trends in nonlinear systems and control : in honor of Petar Kokotović and Turi Nicosia
543   Cursus mathematicus, Mathematical sciences : in nine books ... : with the description, construction, and use of geometrical and nautical instruments, and the doctrine of triangles applied to practice in mensurations of all kinds,
544   The cycle structure of some binary non-linear shift registers
545   Cyclic menon difference sets, circulant hadamard matrices and barker sequences
546   Czechoslovak mathematical journal
547   Cálculo científico : com MATLAB e Octave
548   Dary's miscellanies : being, for the most part a brief collection of mathematical theorems, from divers authors upon these subjects following : I. Of the inscription and circumscription of a circle, II. Of plain triangles, III. Of spherical triangles, IV. Of the projection of the sphere in plano, V. ...
549   Dary's miscellanies examined : and some of his fundamental errors detected by authority of ancient and modern mathematicians ... : to which is added a task for Mr. Dary of his own setting
550   Das traditionelle chinesische Theater : vom Mongolendrama bis zur Pekinger Oper
551   Data analysis using the method of least squares : extracting the most information from experiments
552   Data mining in agriculture
553   Data reconciliation & gross error detection : an intelligent use of process data
554   Data streams : models and algorithms
555   Dazzling decimals and perfect percents : games and activities that make math easy and fun
556   De sectore & radio : The description and vse of the sector in three bookes. The description and vse of the cross-staffe in other three bookes. For such as are studious of mathematicall practise
557   Dealing with uncertainties : a guide to error analysis
558   Dealing with uncertainties : a guide to error analysis
559   Decimal arithmetick : wherein the whole art is made easy to any indifferent capacity. By notation, addition, substraction, multiplication, and division. With several variations. Also, reduction, with the golden rule, or rule of three, shewing several wayes of measuring circles, globes, balls or cyli ...
560   Decisions in economics and finance
561   Decomposition techniques in mathematical programming : engineering and science applications
562   Deconvolution problems in nonparametric statistics
563   Decoupling control
564   Deep structure, singularities, and computer vision : first international workshop, DSSCV 2005, Maastricht, the Netherlands, June 9-10, 2005 : revised selected papers
565   Defect sensitivity and resolvability limits in positron-lifetime spectroscopy
566   The definitive guide to how computers do math : featuring the virtual DIY calculator
567   Deflating existential consequence : a case for nominalism
568   Deformation and fracture analysis of piezoelectric materials using theoretical, experimental and numerical techniques
569   Delaunay mesh generation
570   Demystifying electromagnetic equations : a complete explanation of EM Unit Systems and equationtransformations
571   Der Begriff der Wahrscheinlichkeit für die mathematische Darstellung der Wirklichkeit
572   The description and use of an instrument, called the double scale of proportion : by which instrument, all questions in arithmetick, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy,geography, navigation, fortification, gunnery, gaging vessels,dialing, may be most accurately and speedily performed, without the ass ...
573   The description and vse of the sector, the crosse-staffe and other instruments : For such as are studious of mathematicall practise
574   Design and analysis of algorithms : first Mediterranean conference on algorithms, MedAlg 2012, Kibbutz Ein Gedi,Israel, December 3-5, 2012 : proceedings
575   The design and multiplier-less realization of a novel digital IF for software radio receivers
576   Design engineer's reference guide : mathematics, mechanics, and thermodynamics
577   Design engineering
578   Design of 1-D and 2-D perfect reconstruction filter banks
579   Designing and using mathematical tasks
580   Determining spectra in quantum theory
581   Developing mathematical thinking : a guide to rethinking the mathematics classroom
582   Developing science, mathematics, and ICT education in Sub-Saharan Africa : patterns and promising practices
583   Development of addition strategies in young children
584   The Development of multiplicative reasoning in the learning of mathematics
585   Diagrammatic reasoning in AI
586   Dialogic learning : experiences in a mathematics club
587   Diasporic histories : cultural archives of Chinese transnationalism
588   Dictionnaire de mathématiques
589   Didactical phenomenology of mathematical structures
590   Didactics of mathematics as a scientific discipline
591   Differentiable optimization and equation solving : a treatise on algorithmic science and the Karmarkar revolution
592   Differential equation analysis in biomedical science andengineering : ordinary differential equation applications with R
593   Differential evolution in electromagnetics
594   Differential forms in electromagnetics
595   Differential geometry of frame bundles
596   Digital color imaging
597   Digital communication over fading channels
598   Digital communication over fading channels : a unified approach to performance analysis
599   Digital filters : principles and applications with MATLAB
600   Digital geometry in image processing
601   Digital holography
602   Digital processing and reconstruction of complex AC signals
603   Digital signal processing using MATLAB for students and researchers
604   Digital spectral analysis : parametric, non-parametric and advanced methods
605   Discontinuities in the electromagnetic field
606   Discovering wavelets
607   Discrete applied mathematics
608   Discrete calculus : applied analysis on graphs for computational science
609   Discrete cosine and sine transforms : general properties, fast algorithms and integer approximations
610   Discrete distributions : applications in the health sciences
611   Discrete event systems in dioid algebra and conventional algebra
612   Discrete Fourier analysis and wavelets : applications to signal and image processing
613   Discrete geometry for computer imagery : 17th IAPR International Conference, DGCI 2013, Seville, Spain, March 20-22,2013 : proceedings
614   Discrete geometry for computer imagery : 18th IAPR International Conference, DGCI 2014, Siena, Italy, September 10-12, 2014 : proceedings
615   Discrete Hilbert-type inequalities
616   Discrete mathematics
617   Discrete mathematics : elementary andbeyond
618   Discrete mathematics demystified
619   Discrete mathematics in statistical physics : introductory lectures
620   Discrete mathematics using a computer
621   Discrete mathematics with applications
622   Discrete signals and inverse problems : an introduction for engineers and scientists
623   Discrete spectral synthesis and its applications
624   Discrete stochastic processes and optimal filtering
625   Discrete stochastic processes and optimal filtering
626   Discrete structures
627   Discrete structures, logic, and computability, second edition
628   Discrete thoughts : essays on mathematics, science, and philosophy
629   Discrete wavelet transformations : an elementary approach with applications
630   Discriminative fabric defect detection and classification using adaptive wavelet
631   Dispersal, individual movement and spatial ecology : a mathematical perspective
632   Dispersion decay and scattering theory
633   Dissertationes mathematicae
634   Dissipative systems analysis and control : theory and applications
635   Distributed consensus in multi-vehicle cooperative control : theory and applications
636   Divulgaciones matemáticas
637   Do primary students study differently in different subjects?
638   The doctrine of chances : probabilistic aspects of gambling
639   Documenta mathematica
640   Doklady , Mathematics
641   Dolomites research notes on approximation
642   Dose finding in drug development
643   DPSM for modeling engineering problems
644   Dr. euler's fabulous formula : cures many mathematical ills
645   Dualisability : unary algebras and beyond
646   Duality for nonconvex approximation and optimization
647   Duality in vector optimization
648   Dude, can you count?
649   Due correction for Mr Hobbes· Or Schoole discipline, for not saying his lessons right : In answer to his Six lessons, directed to the professors of mathematicks
650   Duke mathematical journal
651   Dynamic copula methods in finance
652   Dynamic programming : foundations and principles
653   Dynamic random walks : theory and applications
654   Dynamics and symmetry
655   Dynamics in infinite dimensions
656   Dynamics of flexible multibody systems : rigid finite element method
657   The dynamics of marine craft : maneuvering and seakeeping
658   Dyscalculia : action plans for successful learning in mathematics
659   Dyslexia and maths
660   Dyslexia, dyspraxia and mathematics
661   Earth sciences and mathematics
662   EC & M's electrical calculations handbook
663   The Economist numbers guide : the essentials of business numeracy
664   Edinburgh mathematical notes
665   Edma 0-6
666   Education for mathematics in the workplace
667   EEVL : the Internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing
668   The effect of "Winplot" a graphic geometry software on students' understanding of the relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions
669   The effect of heuristics on mathematical problem solving
670   Effect of implementation intentions on revision behavior in secondary school students
671   The effect of metacognitive training on the problem solving behaviour of primary 6 students
672   Effective ways of integrating ICT into mathematics lessons
673   The effectiveness of partition testing
674   The effectiveness of student discussion in primary 6 mathematics lessons
675   The effects of contextualized, collaboration-based instruction on students' beliefs of school mathematics, and problem-solving approaches and performance
676   Effects of cooperative learning on mathematics performance for students with learning difficulties
677   The effects of some selected teacher characteristics, and classroom practices on mathematics achievements of secondary school students in Hong Kong
678   Efficient algorithms for global optimization methods in computer vision : International Dagstuhl Seminar, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, November 20-25, 2011 : revised selected papers
679   Efficient finite-difference schemes in thermal analysis and inverse lithography for integrated circuit manufacturing
680   Eigenvalues, inequalities, and ergodic theory
681   Einstein's general theory of relativity : with modern applications in cosmology
682   Electrical installation calculations : for compliance with BS 7671 : 2008
683   Electrical installation calculations : for compliance with BS 7671: 2001 (the wiring regulations)
684   Electrical installation calculations : for technical certificate and NVQ level 3 / , Advanced
685   Electromagnetisme et elements finis
686   Electronic information and communication in mathematics : ICM 2002 international satellite conference, Beijing, China, August 29-31, 2002 : revised papers
687   The electronic journal of combinatorics
688   Electronic journal of graph theory and applications
689   Electronic research announcements of the American MathematicalSociety
690   An elementary introduction to mathematical finance
691   Elementary mensuration constructive plane geometry and numerical trigonometry
692   Elementary number Theory, cryptography and codes
693   Elementary practical mathematics
694   Elementary principles of arithmetic : with their application to the trade and commerce of the United States of America. : In eight sections
695   Elementi di fisica teorica
696   Elements of mathematics for economics and finance
697   Elements of numerical relativity : from Einstein's equations to Black Hole simulations
698   Elements of numerical relativity and relativistic hydrodynamics : from Einstein's equations to astrophysical simulations
699   Elements of random walk and diffusion processes
700   Elements of wavelets for engineers and scientists
701   The elephant in the classroom : helping children learn and love maths
702   The ellipse : a historical and mathematical journey
703   Elliptic curves
704   Embedding problems in symplectic geometry
705   Encyclopedia of the history of Arabic science . Volume 2, , Mathematics and the physical sciences
706   Ending spam : Bayesian content filtering and the art of statistical language classification
707   Engaging young children in mathematics : standards for early childhood mathematics education
708   An engineer's guide to Mathematica
709   Engineering and scientific computations using MATLAB
710   Engineering mathematics
711   Engineering mathematics . II
712   Engineering mathematics : a series of lectures delivered at Union college
713   Engineering optimization : an introduction with metaheuristic applications
714   Engineering quantum mechanics
715   English language learners and math : discourse, participation, and community in reform-oriented, middle school mathematics classes
716   The English school-master compleated : containing several tables of common English words, from one, to six,seven, and eight syllables, both whole and divided, according to the rules of true spelling; with prayers, and graces both before and after meat, and rules for childrens behaviour at all times ...
717   An English-Chinese glossary of terms commonly used in the teaching of mathematics in secondary schools
718   Enhancing communication with mathematics club activities
719   Enhancing students' mathematical problem solving abilities through metacognitive questions
720   Enneades arithmeticæ : The numbring nines, or,Pythagoras his table extended to all whole numbers under 10000 : and the numbring rods of the Right Honourable John, Lord Nepeer : enlarged with 9999 fixt columns, or rods ... with a new sort of double and moveable rods for the ... easie performance of ...
721   Enneades arithmeticæ, the numbring nines, or, Pythagoras his table extended to all whole numbers under 10000 : and the numbring rods of the Right Honourable John Lord Nepeer : enlarged with 9999 fixt columns or rods, of single, double, triple, and quadruple figures, and with a new sort of double an ...
722   Ennio De Giorgi : selected papers
723   Ensembles ordonnés finis : concepts, résultatset usages
724   Entropy theory and its application in environmental and water engineering
725   Environmental calculations : a multimedia approach
726   Epics and heroes in China's minority cultures
727   Epistemology and probability : Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger and the nature of quantum-theoretical thinking
728   An epitome of geometry : being a compendious collection of the first, third, fifth, sixth, eleventh and twelfth books of Euclid, with their application to several of the most useful parts of the Mathematicks : also, Euclid's second book and doctrine of proportion, algebraically demonstrated : to whi ...
729   Equations of mathematical diffraction theory
730   The equations of oceanic motions
731   Equilibrium models and variational inequalities
732   Equilibrium problems : nonsmooth optimization and variational inequality models
733   Error correction coding : mathematical methods and algorithms
734   Error terms in the summatory formulas for certain number-theoretic functions
735   Error-control block codes for communications engineers
736   Error-control block codes for communications engineers
737   ESAIM , Proceedings
738   Esercizi di finanza matematica
739   Essays in constructive mathematics
740   The essential guide to secondary mathematics : successful and enjoyable teaching and learning
741   Essential Maple 7 : an introduction for scientific programmers
742   Essential mathematical skills : for engineering, science and applied mathematics
743   Essential mathematics for economics and business
744   Essential mathematics for games and interactive applications : a programmer's guide, second edition
745   Essentials of Mathematica : with applications to mathematics and physics
746   Essentials of Mathematica : with applications to mathematics and physics
747   Essentials of mathematical methods in science and engineering
748   The essentials of mathematics K-6 : effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment
749   The essentials of mathematics, grades 7-12 : effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment
750   Essentials of stochastic finance : facts, models, theory
751   Establishing a virtual learning community for on-line collaborative learning on mathematics
752   Estimation and control of the discretization error in the hp finite element method (Spanish text)
753   Estimation and spectral analysis
754   Ethnomathematics : challenging eurocentrism in mathematics education
755   Euclid's elements of geometry : in XV books : with a supplement of divers propositions and corollaries. To which is added a treatise of regular solids
756   Euclid's elements of geometry : In xv. books: with a supplement of divers propositions and corollaries. To which is added, a treatise of regular solids, by Campane and Flussas. Likewise Euclid's data: and Marinus his preface thereunto annexed. Also a treatise of the divisions of superficies, ascribe ...
757   Euclide's elements : the whole fifteen books compendiously demonstrated
758   Euclides Elements of geometry : the first VI books, in a compendious form contracted and demonstrated
759   Euclidis elementa geometrica : novo ordine ac methodo fere demonstrata
760   Euclidis elementa geometrica : novo ordine ac methodo fere demonstrata : unà cum Nicolai Mercatoris in geometriam introductione brevi qua magnitudinum ortus ex genuinis principiis, & ortarum affectiones ex ipsa genesi derivantur
761   Euclidis sex primi Elementorum geometricorum libri, commodiùs demonstrati
762   European and Chinese cognitive styles and their impact on teaching mathematics
763   European journal of applied mathematics
764   An evaluation of a teaching approach to improve students' understanding of mathematical induction
765   Evaluation of students' achievement and attitudes in primary school mathematics
766   Everybody counts
767   Everyday math demystified
768   Everyday math for the numerically challenged
769   Everyday matters in science and mathematics : studies of complex classroom events
770   Evolution of the use of mathematics in cancer research
771   Evolutionary computation of geodesic paths in CAD/CAM
772   Evolutionary games and equilibrium selection
773   Exact analysis of discrete data
774   The exact dealer : being an useful companion for all traders : in two parts : I. Containing the growth,manufacture, and trade of all the counties of England and Wales ... a description of weights, measures and coins, with their value ... II. Containing directions for measuring carpenters, joiners, p ...
775   The exact dealer refined : being an useful companion for all traders : in three parts : containing (I.) a description of the commodities, coins, weights and measures of Great Britain and its neighboring countries ... and the keeping of books of accounts ... (II.) containing a plain institution of ar ...
776   Exact solutions and invariant subspaces of nonlinear partial differential equations in mechanics and physics
777   Examen astronomiæ Carolinæ: T.S. or, a short mathematicall discourse : containing, some animadversions upon Mr. Thomas Streetes astronomicall tables of the cœlestial motions wherein his errours and mistakes are clearly detected, and the author hereof justly vindicated from his unjust aspersions. ...
778   Examinatio & emendatio mathematicæ hodiernæ : Qualis explicatur in libris Johannis Wallisii geometriæ professoris Saviliani in Academia Oxoniensi. Distributa in sex dialogos. Authore Thoma Hobbes Malmesburiensi
779   An excellent table for the finding the periferies, or circumferences of all elleipses [sic] or ovals : so near the truth as any mechanical practice can require
780   Exemplary practices for secondary math teachers
781   An Exhibition of calligraphy by contemporary Chinese masters
782   Experiencing school mathematics : traditional and reform approaches to teaching and their impact on student learning
783   Experimental mathematics
784   Experiments in undergraduate mathematics : a Mathematica-based approach
785   Explanation and proof in mathematics : philosophical and educational perspectives
786   The explication of a model of mathematics learning : in the context of the IEA mathematics study (1980 Hong Kong)
787   Exploratory analysis and data modeling in functional neuroimaging
788   Exponentially dichotomous operators and applications
789   Expositiones mathematicae
790   Expounding the mathematical seed : a translation of Bhāskara I on the mathematical chapter of the Āryabhaṭīya
791   Expressive form : a conceptual approach to computational design
792   Extended Finite Element Method for Crack Propagation
793   Extenics and innovation methods : proceedings of the International Symposium on Extenics and Innovation Methods, Beijing, P.R. China, 16-18 August 2013
794   Extracting real market behavior in complex adaptive systems through minority game
795   Extremal combinatorial problems and their applications
796   Fabric defect detection by wavelet transform and neural network
797   Factorization method in quantum mechanics
798   Factorization of matrix and operator functions : the state space method
799   Factorizations of finite mappings on riemann surfaces
800   Factors affecting Hong Kong students' self-perception on their mathematics performance
801   Factors affecting mathematics teachers in the use of computers in the classroom : a case study
802   Factors affecting the perceived usefulness of information technology in mathematics learning and teaching
803   Factors and factorizations of graphs : proof techniques in factor theory
804   Factors in mathematical word problem solving : the role of inhibition
805   Families of polarized abelian varieties and a construction of Kähler metrics of negative holomorphic bisectional curvature on Kodaira surfaces
806   Famous problems and their mathematicians
807   Fascinating stage arts
808   Fast iterative methods for image restoration
809   Fast iterative methods for solving Toeplitz and Toeplitz-like systems
810   Fast tracking of evoked potentials variations by wavelet analysis
811   Fast transform algorithms and their applications
812   Fatou, Julia, Montel : le grand prix des sciences mathematiques de 1918, et apres -
813   Fatou, Julia, Montel : the great prize of mathematical sciences of 1918, and beyond
814   Fete of combinatorics and computer science
815   Fibonacci and Catalan numbers : an introduction
816   Fibonacci's De practica geometrie
817   Field computation for accelerator magnets : analytical and numerical methods for electromagnetic design and optimization
818   Field guide to special functions for engineers
819   Field mathematics for electromagnetics, photonics, and materials science : a guide for the scientist and engineer
820   Fields medallists' lectures
821   Fields medallists' lectures
822   Figuring it out : entertaining encounters with everyday math
823   Filomat
824   Filters and filterbanks for hexagonally sampled signals
825   Final report to the U.S. Department of Defense on the Defense Reinvestment Initiative
826   Finance for shopping center nonfinancial professionals
827   Financial engineering and arbitrage in the financial markets
828   Financial statistics and mathematical finance : methods, models and applications
829   Finite difference methods in financial engineering : a partial differential equation approach
830   Finite element analysis with error estimators : an introduction to the FEM and adaptive error analysis for engineering students
831   The finite element method in engineering
832   The finite element method in engineering
833   Finite element methods for engineering sciences : theoretical approach and problem solving techniques
834   Finite elements, electromagnetics, and design
835   Finite-dimensional variational inequalities and complementarity problems . Volume I
836   Finite-dimensional variational inequalities and complementarity problems . Volume II
837   A first course in nomography
838   Five more golden rules : knots, codes, chaos, and other great theories of 20th century mathematics
839   Five-dimensional physics : classical and quantum consequences of Kaluza-Klein cosmology
840   Five-year study of the first edition of the core-plus mathematics curriculum
841   Fixed effects regression methods for longitudinal data : using SAS
842   Fixed income mathematics
843   Fixed point theory and applications
844   Fixed point theory for decomposable sets
845   A flourishing Yin : gender in China's medical history, 960-1665
846   Flux-corrected transport : principles, algorithms, and applications
847   FM 2005 : formal methods : international symposium of formal methods Europe, Newcastle, UK, July 18-22, 2005 : proceedings
848   FM 2008 : formal methods : 15th International Symposium on Formal Methods, Turku, Finland, May 26-30, 2008 : proceedings
849   FM 2009 : formal methods : second world congress Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 2-6, 2009,proceedings
850   FM 2011 : formal methods : 17th International Symposium on Formal Methods, Limerick, Ireland, June 20-24, 2011 : proceedings
851   FME 2003 : formal methods : International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe, Pisa, Italy, September 8-14,2003 : proceedings
852   Foliations 2005 : proceedings of the International conference, Łódź, Poland, 13-24 June 2005
853   Foliations and geometric structures
854   For the learning of mathematics
855   Forecasting expected returns in the financial markets
856   A formal analysis of the regular scripts by the calligrapher Ouyang Xun (557-641) : 歐陽詢 (557-641) 楷書形體研究
857   Formal concept analysis : 10th International Conference, ICFCA 2012, Leuven, Belgium, May 7-10, 2012 :proceedings
858   Formal concept analysis : 11th International Conference, ICFCA 2013, Dresden, Germany, May 21-24, 2013 : proceedings
859   Formal concept analysis : 12th international conference, ICFCA 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, June 10-13, 2014 : proceedings
860   Formal concept analysis : 9th international conference, ICFCA 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus, May 2-6, 2011 :proceedings
861   Formal methods in computer-aided design : 5th international confrence [i.e. conference], FMCAD 2004, Austin, Texas, USA, November 15-17, 2004 ; proceedings
862   Formalized mathematics : a computer assisted approach
863   Formation of a digital image : the imaging chain simplified
864   Formulas and calculations for drilling operations
865   Formulas for mechanical and structural shock and impact
866   Formulation for observed and computed values of Deep Space Network data types for navigation
867   Forster's arithmetick. Or, That useful art made easie : Explaining the grounds and principles thereof, both in whole numbers and fractions. By such plain, easie, and familiar rules and precepts, that any person of a reasonable capacity, may (in a short time) attain to a competent proficiency therein ...
868   Forum of mathematics , Pi
869   Forum of mathematics , Sigma
870   Fostering mathematical understanding through collaborativeexplanation
871   Fostering the understanding of graphs and equations through the use of dynamic geometry software
872   Foundations and applications of the time value of money
873   Foundations of algorithms
874   Foundations of algorithms : using C++ pseudocode
875   Foundations of algorithms using C++ pseudocode, third edition
876   Foundations of applied electrodynamics
877   Foundations of bilevel programming
878   Foundations of cryptography--a primer
879   Foundations of Grothendieck duality for diagrams of schemes
880   Foundations of information and knowledge systems : 4th international symposium, FoIKS 2006, Budapest, Hungary, February 14-17, 2006 : proceedings
881   Fourier analysis on finite groups with applications in signal processing and system design
882   Fourier methods in imaging
883   Fourier modal method and its applications in computational nanophotonics
884   Fourier transforms in radar and signal processing
885   Fractal and wavelet image compression techniques
886   Fractal behaviour of the earth system
887   Fractal geography
888   Fractal symmetry of protein exterior
889   Fractals and chaos simplified for the life sciences
890   Fractals in biology and medicine . Volume IV
891   Fractional calculus with applications in mechanics : vibrations and diffusion processes
892   Fractional calculus with applications in mechanics : wavepropagation, impact, and variations principles
893   The fragile scholar : the construction of masculinity in traditional Chinese romances and its cultural constituents
894   Frames and bases : an introductory course
895   Francisci Vietæi opera mathematica : in quibustractatur canon mathematicus, seu ad triangula. Item Canonion triangulorum laterum rationalium: vnà cum vniuersalium inspectionum adCanonem mathematicum, libro singulari
896   Fredholm and local spectral theory, with applications to multipliers
897   From a geometrical point of view : a study of the history and philosophy of category theory
898   From combinatorics to philosophy : the legacy of G.-C. Rota
899   From Gestalt theory to image analysis : a probabilistic approach
900   From here to infinity
901   From martingales to ANOVA : Implied and realized volatility
902   From nano to space : applied mathematics inspired by Roland Bulirsch
903   From sets and types to topology and analysis : towards practicable foundations for constructive mathematics
904   From stochastic calculus to mathematical finance : the Shiryaev Festschrift
905   Frontiers of applied mathematics : proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium, Beijing, China, 8-9 June 2006
906   Frontiers of mathematics in China
907   Fuchsian reduction : applications to geometry,cosmology and mathematical physics
908   Full-field measurements and identification in solid mechanics
909   Functional equations and inequalities with applications
910   Functional inequalities, Markov semigroups and spectral theory
911   Functional magnetic resonance image registration using fourier phase and residue error detection
912   Functions, spaces, and expansions : mathematical tools in physics and engineering
913   Fundamenta mathematicae
914   Fundamental approach to discrete mathematics
915   Fundamental concepts of mathematics
916   Fundamental constructs in mathematics education
917   Fundamental numerical methods for electrical engineering
918   Fundamentals of actuarial mathematics
919   Fundamentals of algebraic graph transformation
920   Fundamentals of Mathematics
921   The fundamentals of signal transmission : in line, waveguide, fibre, and free space
922   Fundamentals of stochastic filtering
923   Fundamentals of wavelets : theory, algorithms and applications
924   Furman University electronic journal of undergraduate mathematics
925   Fuzzy and rough techniques in medical diagnosis and medication
926   Fuzzy control and filter design for uncertain fuzzy systems
927   Fuzzy information and engineering
928   Fuzzy information and engineering : proceedings of the Second International Conference of Fuzzy Information and Engineering (ICFIE)
929   Fuzzy logic applications in engineering science
930   Fuzzy logic in chemistry
931   Fuzzy logic in geology
932   Fuzzy logic with engineering applications
933   Fuzzy logic-based algorithms for video de-interlacing
934   Fuzzy mathematical programming and fuzzy matrix games
935   Fuzzy mathematics : approximation theory
936   Fuzzy multi-criteria decision making : theory and applications with recent developments
937   Fuzzy preference ordering of interval numbers in decision problems
938   Fuzzy probabilities : new approach and applications
939   Fuzzy probability and statistics
940   Fuzzy quantifiers : a computational theory
941   G.W. Stewart : selected works with commentaries
942   Gaging promoted : an appendix to stereometrical propositions
943   Game theory : a critical introduction
944   Game theory : a critical text
945   Game theory : anticipating reactions for winning actions
946   Gamm-Mitteilungen
947   GEM : international journal on geomathematics
948   General convexity, nonsmooth variational inequalities, and nonsmooth optimization
949   A general course of pure mathematics, from indices to solid analytical geometry
950   The general doctrine of equation reduced into brief precepts : In III chapters. derived from the works of the best modern analysts
951   Generalized Bessel functions of the first kind
952   Generating hardware assertion checkers : for hardware verification, emulation, post-fabrication debugging and on-line monitoring
953   Generation of surfaces : kinematic geometry of surface machining
954   Geodynamics of the lithosphere : an introduction
955   GeoGebra
956   Geomechanics of failures
957   Geometriae dedicata
958   Geometric algebra for computer graphics
959   Geometric algebra for computer science : an object-oriented approach to geometry
960   Geometric algebra for computer science : an object-oriented approach to geometry
961   Geometric optics : theory and design of astronomical optical systems using Mathematica®
962   Geometric properties for incomplete data
963   Geometric symmetry in patterns and tilings
964   A geometricall extraction, or A compendious collection of the chiefe and choyse problemes, collected out of the best, and latest writers : VVhereunto is added, about 30. problemes of the authors inuention, being for the most part, performed by a better and briefer way, then by any former writer
965   Geometry and integrability
966   Geometry and monadology : Leibniz's analysis situs and philosophy of space
967   Geometry epitomiz'd : being a compendious collection of the most useful propositions in the first, third,fourth, fifth and sixth books of Euclid : together with their uses, in several practical parts of the mathematicks : also, Euclid's second book and doctrine of proportion, alegebraically [sic] de ...
968   Geometry for computer graphics : formulae, examples and proofs
969   The geometry of filtering
970   Geometry of manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature
971   Geometry of quantum theory
972   Geometry of surfaces : a practical guide for mechanical engineers
973   The geometry of syzygies : a second course in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry
974   The geometry of the word problem for finitely generated groups
975   Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's physikalische und mathematische schriften
976   Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's Vermischte Schriften
977   Geotechnical earthquake engineering : simplified analyses with case studies and examples
978   Geotechnical engineering calculations and rules of thumb
979   Gerber-Shiu function in threshold insurance risk models
980   Get ready! for standardized tests , Math, grade 1
981   Get ready! for standardized tests , Math, grade four
982   Get ready! for standardized tests , Math, grade three
983   Get ready! for standardized tests . Grade 2 , Math
984   Get ready! for standardized tests . Grade 3 , Math
985   Gewina : [tijdschrift]
986   Glasgow mathematical journal
987   Global attractors of non-autonomous dissipative dynamical systems
988   Global journal of mathematical sciences
989   Global optimization using interval analysis
990   Global perspectives for local action : using TIMSS to improve U.S. mathematics and science education
991   Global perspectives for local action : using TIMSS to improve U.S. mathematics and science education : professional development guide
992   Global sensitivity analysis : the primer
993   Global smoothness and shape preserving interpolation by classical operators
994   GMAT600分应试能力训练 : Problem solving and data sufficiency / , 数学和资料充分性分册
995   GMAT机考数学
996   Go figure! : mathematics through sports
997   Godunov-type schemes : an introduction for engineers
998   Golden rule made plain and easie : by a short method, different from that which is commonly found in books of arithmetick
999   Google's PageRank and beyond : the science of search engine rankings
1000   Goss's roofing ready reckoner : metric cutting and sizing tables for timber roof members
1001   Granting the seasons : the Chinese astronomical reform of 1280, with a study of its many dimensions and a translation of its records : 授時暦叢考
1002   Graph partitioning
1003   Graphical methods in applied mathematics : a course of work in mensuration and statics for engineering and other students
1004   Graphs and homomorphisms
1005   Graphs, dioids and semirings : new models and algorithms
1006   The great curriculum debate : how should we teach reading and math?
1007   The great dealer refined : being a useful companion for all traders : in three parts
1008   Great jobs for math majors
1009   Green peony as new popular fiction : the birth of the martial romance in early nineteenth-century China
1010   Green's function and boundary elements of multifield materials
1011   Green's functions for solid state physicists
1012   GRE数学800分应试技巧及试题详解
1013   GRE数学800分目标强化训练
1014   GRE數學考試指南
1015   Group theoretical methods and applications to molecules and crystals
1016   Groups, representations, and physics
1017   Guide to math materials : resources to support the NCTM standards
1018   Guided explorations of the mechanics of solids and structures : strategies for solving unfamiliarproblems
1019   Guilelmi Oughtred Ætonensis ... Opuscula mathematica hactenus inedita
1020   Gulielmi Oughtred Ætonensis : quondam collegiiregalis in Cantabrigia socii, clavis mathematicæ denuo limata, sive potius fabricata. Cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem commentationibus, quæ insequenti pagina recensentur. Editio quinta auctior & emendatior. Ex recognitione D. Johannis Wallis, S.T.D. Geome ...
1021   The Hamilton-type principle in fluid dynamics : fundamentals and applications to magnetohydrodynamics, thermodynamics, and astrophysics
1022   Handbook of computational fluid mechanics
1023   Handbook of computer vision algorithms in image algebra
1024   Handbook of electric power calculations
1025   Handbook of electrical engineering calculations
1026   Handbook of elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography
1027   Handbook of global analysis
1028   Handbook of industrial engineering equations, formulas, and calculations
1029   Handbook of international research in mathematics education
1030   Handbook of international research in mathematics education
1031   Handbook of linear algebra
1032   Handbook of machining and metalworking calculations
1033   Handbook of mathematical cognition
1034   Handbook of mathematical formulas and integrals
1035   Handbook of mathematics for engineers and scientists
1036   Handbook of MRI pulse sequences
1037   Handbook of nonlinear partial differential equations
1038   Handbook of nonlinear partial differential equations
1039   Handbook of optimization in medicine
1040   Handbook of optimization in telecommunications
1041   Handbook of research design in mathematics and science education
1042   Handbook of research on computational science and engineering : theory and practice
1043   Handbook of research on fuzzy information processing in databases
1044   Handbook on material and energy balance calculations in materials processing
1045   Hands-on morphological image processing
1046   Harmony search algorithms for structural design optimization
1047   Health care provision and patient mobility : health integration in the European Union
1048   A help to calculation, or, Two tables : the one of decimal numbers and the other of their logarithmes for the ready converting of sexagenary tables into decimal and thecontrary ... : as also tables of declination, right and oblique ascensions, ascensional difference, and other tables of the primum m ...
1049   Helping an autistic student to use money in daily life : a case study
1050   Helping children learn mathematics
1051   Hemodynamical flows : modeling, analysis and simulation
1052   Hermann Cohens philosophie der mathematik
1053   Hermann Graßmann : biography
1054   Hidden Markov models in finance : further developments and applications. . Volume II
1055   The hidden treasure discovered : by the surveyors schoolmaster. Teaching and setting forth the most exact and readiest way that is practised in that art or science. With the true measuring of Woodland, hils, mountaines, or whatever: and the best and readiest way for dividing of all land; with the me ...
1056   Hierarchical methods . Vol. 1, , hierarchy and hierarchical asymptotic methods in electrodynamics
1057   Hierarchical methods : undulative electrodynamical systems / . Vol. 2
1058   High performance computing in science and engineering, Garching 2004 : transactions of the KONWIHR ResultWorkshop, October 14-15, 2004, Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany
1059   High performance networking, computing, communication systems, and mathematical foundations : International Conferences, ICHCC 2009-ICTMF 2009, Sanya, Hainan Island, China, December 13-14, 2009 : proceedings
1060   High school mathematics at work : essays and examples for the education of all students
1061   High-dimensional Markov chain models for categorical data sequences with applications
1062   Higher mathematics for physics and engineering
1063   Higher mathematics for students of chemistry and physics : with special reference to practical work
1064   Higher-order Markov chain models for categorical data sequences
1065   Hilbert's tenth problem : diophantine classes and extensions to global fields
1066   Hiroshima mathematical journal
1067   Historia mathematica
1068   Historical encyclopedia of natural and mathematical sciences
1069   Historical introduction to mathematical literature
1070   History in mathematics education
1071   The history of approximation theory : from Euler to Bernstein
1072   A history of chinese mathematics
1073   A history of elementary mathematics
1074   The history of mathematical tables : from Sumer to spreadsheets
1075   The history of mathematics : a brief course
1076   The history of mathematics : a brief course
1077   History of mathematics : a supplement
1078   History of modern mathematics
1079   Hobbius Heauton-timorumenos, or, A consideration of Mr. Hobbes his dialogves : in an epistolary discourse, addressed, to the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq
1080   Hodder's Arithmetick: or, That necessary art made most easie : Being explained in a way familiar to the capacity of any that desire to learn in a little time. By JamesHodder, writing master
1081   Hodder's arithmetick: or, That necessary art made most easie : Being explained in a way familiar to the capacity of any that desire to learn it in a little time. By James Hodder, schoolmaster near the Royal Exchange
1082   Hodder's arithmetick: or, that necessary art made most easie, : being explained in a way familiar to the capacity of any that desire to learn it in a little time
1083   The Hodge theory of projective manifolds
1084   Holomorphic maps from rational homogeneous spaces onto projective manifolds
1085   Holomorphic Morse inequalities and Bergman kernels
1086   Homological algebra for graded-commutative rings
1087   Hong Kong teachers' perceptions and implementation of a project approach in mathematics teaching
1088   Hoptons concordancy enlarged : Containing a briefe and more perfect account of the yeares of our Lord God, than any other heretofore published, agreeing with the yeares of all the reignes of the kings of England since the conquest. With the use of the English and Roman kalender and an exact and easi ...
1089   Horizons of the mind : a tribute to Prakash Panangaden : essays dedicated to Prakash Panangaden on the occasion of his 60thbirthday
1090   Houston journal of mathematics
1091   How Chinese learn mathematics : perspectives from insiders
1092   How Chinese teach mathematics and improve teaching
1093   How mathematicians think : using ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox to create mathematics
1094   How mathematicians think : using ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox to create mathematics
1095   How not to program in C++ : 111 broken programs and 3 working ones, or why does 2+2 = 5986?
1096   How social and emotional development add up : getting results in math and science education
1097   How students (mis- )understand science and mathematics : intuitive rules
1098   How the other half thinks : adventures in mathematical reasoning
1099   How the world computes : Turing Centenary Conference and 8th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2012, Cambridge, UK, June 18-23, 2012 : proceedings
1100   How to be a quantitative ecologist : the 'A to R' of green mathematics and statistics
1101   How to create an independent research program
1102   How to develop your child's gifts and talents in math
1103   How to help your child excel in math : an A to Z survival guide
1104   How to prove it : a structured approach
1105   How to solve word problems in algebra : a solved problem approach
1106   How to solve word problems in algebra : a solved problem approach
1107   How to solve word problems in calculus : a solved problem approach
1108   How well does your child do math? : a step-by-step assessment of your child's math skills and techniques to develop them
1109   HP鞅論
1110   Humans-with-media and the reorganization of mathematical thinking : information and communication technologies,modeling, visualization, and experimentation
1111   Hutchinson everyday numbers
1112   The Hutchinson pocket dictionary of Maths
1113   Hybrid algorithms for service, computing and manufacturing systems : routing and scheduling solutions
1114   Hydrodynamic interaction between two bodies with rotation
1115   Hydrodynamic limits of the Boltzmann equation
1116   Hydrodynamics and water quality : modeling rivers, lakes, and estuaries
1117   Hydrology for water management
1118   Hydrostaticks: or, Instructions concerning water-works. Collected out of the papers of Sir Samuel Morland : Containing the method which he made use of in this curious art
1119   Hyperbolic systems of balance laws : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy, July 14-21, 2003
1120   Hypersingular integral equations and their applications
1121   Hyperspherical harmonics and generalized Sturmians
1122   Hypoelliptic estimates and spectral theory for Fokker-Planck operators and Witten Laplacians
1123   Identification of physical systems : applications to condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, softsensor, and controller design
1124   IEEE standard for prefixes for binary multiples
1125   IEEE standard glossary of mathematics of computing terminology
1126   Illinois journal of mathematics
1127   IMA journal of applied mathematics
1128   IMA journal of management mathematics
1129   Image compression and classification using nonlinear filter banks
1130   Image compression by using mathematical transform
1131   Image processing : tensor transform and discrete tomography with MATLAB
1132   Image processing and analysis with graphs : theory and practice
1133   Image processing and mathematical morphology : fundamentals and applications
1134   Image reconstruction with multisensors
1135   Image-based monitoring and wavelet multi-rhythm analysis of long-term locomotor activity
1136   The IMO compendium : a collection of problems suggested for the International Mathematical Olympiads, 1959-2004
1137   The impact of graphing software on the learning of curve sketching in a form six classroom
1138   The impact of reform instruction on student mathematics achievement : an example of a summative evaluation of a standards-based curriculum
1139   The impact of teaching of analytical skills on the mathematics achievement of Form three students
1140   Imperfect bifurcation in structures and materials : engineering use of group-theoretic bifurcation theory
1141   Implementation of peer and self-assessment in secondary three mathematics lessons
1142   Implementing spectral methods for partial differential equations : algorithms for scientists and engineers
1143   Implicit curves and surfaces : mathematics, data structures, and algorithms
1144   Implicit functions and solution mappings : a view from variational analysis
1145   Improved Bonferroni inequalities via abstract tubes : inequalities and identities of inclusion-exclusiontype
1146   Improved performance measures for space-time coding with applications to code design
1147   Improving indicators of the quality of science and mathematics education in grades K-12
1148   Improving mathematics education : resources for decision making
1149   Improving student learning in mathematics and science : the role of national standards in state policy
1150   Improving undergraduate instruction in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics : report of a workshop
1151   In search of elegance in the theory and practice of computation : essays dedicated to Peter Buneman
1152   In Thomæ Hobbii philosophiam exercitatio epistolica : cui subjicitir appendicula Ad calumnias ab eodem Hobbio (in sex documentis nuperrimè editis) in authorem congestas responsoria
1153   An inaugural oration, on the progress and importance of the mathematical sciences : Delivered at Princeton on the evening preceding the annual commencement 1788,
1154   Indagationes mathematicae
1155   Index and stability in bimatrix games : a geometric-combinatorial approach
1156   Indian journal of pure and applied mathematics
1157   Indiana University mathematics journal
1158   Indiscrete thoughts
1159   The indispensability of mathematics
1160   Induction, algorithmic learning theory, and philosophy
1161   Inecuaciones
1162   Inequalities : a journey into linearanalysis
1163   Inequalities : a Mathematical Olympiad approach
1164   Inequalities : with applications to engineering
1165   Inequalities and applications : Conference on Inequalities and Applications, Noszvaj (Hungary), September 2007
1166   The infallible, most accurate, and most concise method of merchants accompts : exemplified and illustrated by many varieties of demonstrations ... by the memorial vulgarly called A waste-book. : Also a journal and leager, [sic] composed to make the accompt intricate or difficult ... : Also, after th ...
1167   The influence of DERIVE on adults' learning of mathematics in a distance education programme
1168   Innovations in fuzzy clustering : theory and applications
1169   Innovations in science and mathematics education : advanced designs for technologies of learning
1170   Innovative numerical modelling in geomechanics
1171   Institutio mathematica, or, A mathematical institution : shewing the construction and use of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents, and secants in decimal numbers, and also of the table of logarithms : in the general solution of any triangle, whether plain or spherical : with their more parti ...
1172   Institutio mathematica, or, A mathematical institution : shewing the construction and use of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents, and secants in decimal numbers, and also of the table of logarithms in the general solution of any triangle, whether plain or spherical, with their more particul ...
1173   The instructor: or, American young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
1174   The instructor: or, American young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
1175   The instructor: or, American young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters on b ...
1176   The instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person without the help of a master. : Instructions to write a variety of hands ... How to write letters on business or friendship. ...
1177   The instructor: or, Young man's best companion : Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetick, in an easier way than any yet published; and how to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master. : Instructions to write variety of hands ... How to write letters ... Forms of ...
1178   Integers : electronic journal of combinatorial number theory
1179   Integral methods in science and engineering
1180   Integral methods in science and engineering : techniques and applications
1181   Integral methods in science and engineering : theoretical and practical aspects
1182   Integrated methods for optimization
1183   Integrating research on teaching and learning mathematics
1184   Intellectual history of China
1185   Intelligent computer mathematics : 11th International Conference, AISC 2012, 19th Symposium, Calculemus 2012, 5th International Workshop, DML 2012, 11th International Conference, MKM 2012, Systems and Projects, held as part of CICM 2012, Bremen, Germany, July 8-13, 2012 : proceedings
1186   Intelligent computer mathematics : MKM, Calculemus, DML, and Systems and Projects 2013, held as part of CICM 2013, Bath, UK, July 8-12, 2013 : proceedings
1187   Interactions : mathematics, physics and philosophy, 1860-1930
1188   Interdisciplinarity, creativity, and learning : mathematics with literature, paradoxes, history, technology, and modeling
1189   Interfacial convection in multilayer systems
1190   Intermediate elementary mathematics
1191   Intermediate spectral theory and quantum dynamics
1192   Internal structure of black holes and spacetime singularities : an international research workshop, Haifa, June 29-July 3, 1997
1193   International benchmarking of US mathematics research
1194   International journal for mathematics teaching and learning
1195   International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics
1196   International journal for numerical methods in biomedical engineering
1197   International journal for numerical methods in engineering
1198   International journal for technology in mathematics education
1199   International journal of advanced mathematical sciences
1200   International journal of applied mathematical research
1201   International journal of applied mathematics and computation
1202   International journal of applied physics and mathematics
1203   International journal of computer algebra in mathematics education
1204   International journal of computers for mathematical learning
1205   International journal of engineering mathematics
1206   International journal of engineering, mathematics and computer sciences
1207   International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences
1208   International journal of mathematics and soft computing
1209   International journal of nonlinear analysis and applications
1210   International journal of numerical methods for heat & fluid flow
1211   International journal of science and mathematics education
1212   International journal of stochastic analysis
1213   International mathematical forum
1214   International mathematics research notices
1215   International mathematics research papers
1216   International mathematics research surveys
1217   Internationalisation and globalisation in mathematics and science education
1218   Interpolation, Schur functions, and moment problems
1219   Interval/probabilistic uncertainty and non-classical logics
1220   An introduction of the first grounds or rudiments of arithmetick : plainly explaining the five common parts of that most useful and necessary art, in whole numbers & fractions, with their use in reduction, and the rule of three direct. Reverse. Double.By way of question and answer; for the ease of t ...
1221   Introduction to applied mathematics for environmental science
1222   Introduction to chaos : physics and mathematics of chaotic phenomena
1223   An introduction to commutative algebra : from the viewpoint of normalization
1224   An introduction to computational biochemistry
1225   Introduction to cultural mathematics : with case studies in the Otomies and the Incas
1226   Introduction to distribution logistics
1227   An introduction to echo analysis : scattering theory and wave propagation
1228   Introduction to finite element analysis using MATLAB and Abaqus
1229   Introduction to fixed income analytics : relative value analysis, risk measures, and valuation
1230   Introduction to foliations and Lie groupoids
1231   An introduction to global spectral modeling
1232   Introduction to inverse problems in imaging
1233   An introduction to manifolds
1234   An introduction to mathematical cosmology
1235   An introduction to mathematical cryptography
1236   Introduction to mathematical methods in bioinformatics
1237   An introduction to mathematics for economics
1238   An introduction to mathematics of emerging biomedical imaging
1239   Introduction to mathematics with Maple
1240   An introduction to numerical analysis for electrical and computer engineers
1241   Introduction to pattern recognition : a MATLAB approach
1242   Introduction to plane algebraic curves
1243   An introduction to practical mathematics
1244   An introduction to Quasigroups and their representations
1245   Introduction to singularities and deformations
1246   Introduction to soliton theory : applications to mechanics
1247   Introduction to stochastic integration
1248   An Introduction to the counting house; or, A short specimen of mercantile precedents : adapted to the present situation of the trade and commerce of the United States of America. :For the use of schools and private education
1249   Introduction to the foundations of applied mathematics
1250   An introduction to the history of Chinese pictorial art
1251   An introduction to the mathematical theory of dynamic materials
1252   An introduction to the philosophy of mathematics
1253   An introduction to the theory of functional equations andinequalities : Cauchy's equation and Jensen's inequality
1254   An introduction to wavelet modulated inverters
1255   An introduction to wavelets
1256   An introduction to wavelets and other filtering methods in finance and economics
1257   An introduction to wavelets through linear algebra
1258   Introductory mathematics analysis
1259   Intuition and the axiomatic method
1260   Intuition in science and mathematics : an educational approach
1261   Invariantnye mnogoobrazii︠a︡ stat︠s︡ionarnykh dvizheniĭ i ikh ustoĭchivost′
1262   Inventing a tradition in Chinese medicine : from universal canon to local medical knowledge in south China, the seventeenth to the nineteenth century
1263   Inventive strategies for teaching mathematics : implementing standards for reform
1264   Inverse problems
1265   Inverse problems
1266   Inverse problems in electric circuits and electromagnetics
1267   Inverse spectra
1268   Investigating the influence of standards : a framework for research in mathematics, science, and technology education
1269   An investigation of the difficulties experienced by form one students in attempting to read and understand English mathematical vocabulary in continuous prose
1270   An investigation of the language difficulties experienced by Hong Kong primary school leavers in learning mathematics through the medium of English
1271   An investigation of young children's thinking processes on solving practical mathematics tasks
1272   Investment mathematics
1273   Invitation to discrete mathematics
1274   Invito alle equazioni a derivate parziali : metodi, modelli e simulazioni
1275   Involve (Berkeley, Calif. Online)
1276   Isaaci Barrow, mathematicæ professoris lucasiani, lectiones habitæ in scholis publicis Academiæ Cantabrigiensis : An. dom. MDCLXV
1277   Isomorphisms between H1 spaces
1278   Isospectral transformations between soliton-solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation
1279   Israel journal of mathematics
1280   Issaci Barrow, lectiones mathematicæ XXIII, in quibus principia matheseôs generalia exponuntur : habitæ Cantabrigiæ A.D. 1664, 1665, 1666, accesserunt ejusdem lectiones IV, in quibus theoremata & problemata Archimedis De sphærâ & cylindro, methodo analyticâ eruuntur
1281   Italian mathematics between the two world wars
1282   Iterated function systems for real-time image synthesis
1283   Iterated integrals and cycles on algebraic manifolds
1284   Iterated maps on the interval as dynamical systems
1285   Iterative approximation of fixed points
1286   Iterative Krylov methods for large linear systems
1287   Iterative learning control : robustness and monotonic convergence for interval systems
1288   Iterative methods for dynamic load balancing in multicomputers
1289   Iterative methods for fixed point problems in Hilbert spaces
1290   Iterative methods for non-hermitian positive semi-definite systems
1291   Iterative methods for the Robbins problem
1292   Iterative optimization in inverse problems
1293   Iterative Störungsrechnung bei mehrfachen und benachbartenEigenwerten
1294   Itogi nauki i tekhniki , Sovremennye problemy matematiki
1295   IUTAM Symposium on Asymptotics, Singularities and Homogenisation in Problems of Mechanics : proceedings of the IUTAM symposium held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, 8-11 July 2002
1296   IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials : status and perspectives
1297   Izvestiya , Mathematics
1298   The J-matrix method : developments and applications
1299   Jacobi Rohaulti Tractatus physicus Gallice emissus et recens Latinitate donatus, per Th. Bonetum D.M. Cum animadversionibus Antonii Le Grand. Cui accessit eiusdem Rohaulti De arte mechanica tractatus mathematicus e Gallico sermone Latinè factus
1300   Jacobi spectral methods and their applications to singular problems, unbounded domains and axisymmetric domains : Jacobi谱方法及其对奇异问题, 无界区域问题和轴对称区域问题的应用
1301   Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung
1302   Japan journal of industrial and applied mathematics
1303   Japanese journal of mathematics
1304   Japanese lesson study in mathematics : its impact, diversity and potential for educational improvement
1305   Jasper project
1306   The Jesuits, the Padroado and East Asian science (1552-1773)
1307   Job satisfaction among graduate teachers of Chinese Language, English Language and mathematics in aided secondary schools
1308   Johannis Wallis S.T.D. geometriæ professoris Saviliani, in celeberrimaAcademia Oxoniensi, Operum mathematicorum : volumen tertium. Quo continentur Claudii Ptolemæi Porphyrii ManuelisBryennii harmonica: Archimedis arenarius, & dimensio circuli; cum Eutocii commentario: Aristarchi Samii, de magnitud ...
1309   Johannis Wallis S.T.D., Geometriæ Professoris Saviliani, in celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi De algebra tractatus : historicus & practicus : anno 1685 Anglice editus, nunc auctus Latine : cum variis appendicibus, partim prius editis Anglice, partim nunc primum editis : operum mathematicorum volumen a ...
1310   Johannis Wallis S.T.D., geometriæ professoris Saviliani, in celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi Opera mathematica
1311   Johannis Wallisii, S.S. Th.D., geometriæ professoris Saviliani in celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi Operum mathematicorum pars prima
1312   Johannis Wallisii, SS. Th. D. geometriæ professoris Saviliani in celeberrimâ academia Oxoniensi, operum mathematicorum pars altera : qua continentur de angulo contactus & semicirculi, disquisitio geometrica. De sectionibus conicis tractatus.Arithmetica infinitorum: sive de curvilineorum quadratur�...
1313   The joint spectral radius : theory and applications / Raphaël Jungers
1314   Journal d'analyse mathématique
1315   Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées
1316   Journal for research in mathematics education
1317   Journal for research in mathematics education , Monograph
1318   Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik
1319   Journal of applied and industrial mathematics
1320   Journal of applied mathematics
1321   Journal of applied mathematics and computing
1322   Journal of applied mathematics and simulation
1323   Journal of applied mathematics and stochastic analysis
1324   Journal of approximation theory and applied mathematics
1325   Journal of combinatorial theory. Series B
1326   Journal of computational and applied mathematics
1327   Journal of computational biology
1328   Journal of computational electronics
1329   Journal of computational methods in applied mathematics
1330   Journal of computers in mathematics and science teaching
1331   Journal of discrete algorithms (Amsterdam, Netherlands : Online)
1332   Journal of discrete mathematics
1333   Journal of engineering mathematics
1334   Journal of financial and quantitative analysis
1335   Journal of global research in mathematical archives
1336   Journal of hyperstructures
1337   Journal of inequalities and applications
1338   Journal of inequalities in pure and applied mathematics
1339   Journal of integer sequences
1340   Journal of logic and analysis
1341   Journal of Mahani mathematical research center
1342   Journal of mathematical chemistry
1343   Journal of mathematical fluid mechanics
1344   Journal of mathematical neuroscience
1345   Journal of mathematics
1346   Journal of mathematics
1347   Journal of mathematics in industry
1348   Journal of mathematics research
1349   Journal of mathematics teacher education
1350   The journal of nonlinear sciences and its applications
1351   Journal of online mathematics and its applications : JOMA
1352   Journal of optimization theory and applications
1353   Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards (Washington,D.C. : 1977 : Online)
1354   Journal of statistics and mathematics
1355   Journal of symbolic computation
1356   Journal of systems science and complexity
1357   Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (2001 : Online)
1358   Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society
1359   Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
1360   The Journal of the learning sciences . Vol. 11. . [No. 2-3.]
1361   Journal of the London Mathematical Society
1362   Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
1363   Journal of universal computer science : J.UCS
1364   Journal on mathematics education
1365   Just-in-time math for engineers
1366   K-DV solutions as quantum potentials : isospectral transformations as symmetries and supersymmetries
1367   Karpats'kì matematičnì publìkacìï
1368   KBM journal of science education
1369   Keeping score
1370   Kepler's conjecture : how some of the greatest minds in history helped solve one of the oldest math problems in the world
1371   Key characteristics of teaching practices of an Indian mathematics teacher in Chennai, India
1372   Key ideas in teaching mathematics : research-based guidance for ages 9-19
1373   The key of the mathematicks new forged and filed : together with a treatise of the resolution of all kinde of affected æquations in numbers : vvith the rule of compound usury, and demonstration of the rule of false position : and a most easie art of delineating all manner of plaine sun-dyalls
1374   Key to test papers of math competitions of international high school students国际中学生数学竞赛题解
1375   Kinks and domain walls : an introduction to classical and quantum solitons
1376   Klassische chinesische Prosa
1377   Knowing and teaching elementary mathematics : teachers' understanding of fundamental mathematics in China and the United States
1378   Knowledge and text production in an age of print : China, 900-1400
1379   Knowledge processing with interval and soft computing
1380   Kolmogorov's heritage in mathematics
1381   Kyungpook mathematical journal
1382   L'isomorphisme entre les tours de Lubin-Tate et de Drinfeld
1383   L'optique de Kamal Al-Din Al-Farisi
1384   Lakatos : an introduction
1385   Landmark writings in Western mathematics 1640-1940
1386   Language development for maths , Activities for home
1387   Language development for maths , Circle time sessions to improve communication skills in maths
1388   The language of mathematics : making the invisible visible
1389   The language of mathematics : telling mathematical tales
1390   Language, culture and ESL : a comparative study of IB and A-level mathematics in Hong Kong
1391   Language, life, limits : 10th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2014, Budapest, Hungary, June 23-27, 2014 : proceedings
1392   Language, literacy, and learning in STEM education : research methods and perspectives from applied linguistics
1393   Large Coulomb systems : lecture notes on mathematical aspects of QED
1394   Large sieve inequalities and application to counting modular forms of weight one
1395   Laser beam propagation in nonlinear optical media
1396   Latent class analysis of survey error
1397   Le Matematiche
1398   Learning about assessment, learning through assessment
1399   Learning and instruction : a SERP research agenda
1400   Learning and understanding : improving advanced study of mathematics and science in U.S. high schools
1401   Learning and understanding : improving advanced study of mathematics and science in U.S. high schools : report of the Content Panel for Chemistry
1402   Learning and understanding : improving advanced study of mathematics and science in U.S. high schools : report of the Content Panel for Mathematics
1403   The learning difficulties faced by Hong Kong Secondary One Chinese students in English-medium mathematics lessons : a case study
1404   Learning discourse : discursive approaches to research in mathematics education
1405   Learning from TIMSS : results of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study : summary of asymposium
1406   Learning LATEX
1407   Learning mathematics for life : a perspective from PISA
1408   Learning through teaching mathematics : development of teachers' knowledge and expertise in practice
1409   Learning to learn, key learning area : consultation document / , Mathematics education
1410   Least-mean-square adaptive filters
1411   Lectiones habitæ in scholis publicis Academiæ Cantabrigiensis, An.Dom. M.DC.LXIV
1412   Lecture notes in mathematics (Springer-Verlag : Online)
1413   Lecture notes on Chern-Simons-Witten theory
1414   Lectures on applications-oriented mathematics
1415   Lectures on logic and computation : ESSLLI 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2010, ESSLLI 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 2011 : selected lecture notes
1416   Lectures on quantum theory : mathematical and structural foundations
1417   Lectures on resolution of singularities
1418   Lectures on topological fluid mechanics : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy,July 2-10, 2001
1419   The legacy of Mario Pieri in geometry and arithmetic
1420   Leonhard Euler : life, work and legacy
1421   Lesson Study : a case study of a Japanese approach to improving instruction through school-based teacher development
1422   Lesson study : a Japanese approach to improving mathematics teaching and learning
1423   Life by the numbers
1424   A life history of Ren Yingqiu : historical problems, mythology, continuity and difference in Chinese medical modernity
1425   Lifting schemes for wavelet filters of trigonometric vanishingmoments
1426   Light scattering by optically soft particles : theory and applications
1427   Lighting engineering : applied calculations
1428   The line of proportion or numbers, commonly called Gunter's line made easie : by the which may be measured all manner of superficies and solids as boards, glass, pavement, timber, stone, &c. : also, how to perform the same by a line of equal parts, drawn from the centre of a two-foot rule : whereunt ...
1429   The line of proportion, commonly called Gunter's line, made easie : a second part, with the addition of other lines, which may conveniently be put upon a two-foot rule and their uses exemplified
1430   Linear estimation and detection in Krylov subspaces
1431   Linear maps preserving the spectrum?
1432   Linear operators preserving generalized numerical ranges and radii on certain triangular matrices
1433   Linear optimization : the simplex workbook
1434   Linear ray and wave optics in phase space : bridging ray and wave optics via the Wigner phase-space picture
1435   Lithuanian mathematical journal
1436   LMS journal of computation and mathematics
1437   Lobachevskii journal of mathematics
1438   Local approximation techniques in signal and image processing
1439   Local value in Chinese arithmetical notation
1440   Logic and automata : history andperspectives
1441   Logic and games on automatic structures : playing with quantifiers and decompositions
1442   The logic and utility of mathematics : with the best methods of instruction explained and illustrated
1443   Logic-based nonlinear image processing
1444   Logicism, intuitionism, and formalism : what has become of them?
1445   Lois d'echelle, fractales et ondelettes
1446   Lois de conservations eulériennes, lagrangiennes et méthodes numériques
1447   Lower primary students' understanding of whole number addition and subtraction
1448   Ludus mathematicus, or, The mathematical game : explaining the description, construction, and use of the numericall table of proportion, by help whereof, and of certain chessmen (fitted for that purpose) any proportion, arithmetical or geometrical (without any calculation at all, or use of pen), may ...
1449   Ludus mathematicus: or, The mathematical game : explaining, the description, construction, and use of the numerical table of proportion. By help whereof, and of certain chessmen (fitted for that purpose) any proportion, arithmetical or geometrical (without any calculation at all, or use of pen) may ...
1450   M-solid varieties of algebras
1451   Macchine matematiche : dalla storia alla scuola
1452   Machine learning in image steganalysis
1453   Macro-micro theory on multifield coupling behavior of heterogeneous materials
1454   The making and vse of the geometricall instrument, called a sector : Whereby many necessarie geometricall conclusions concerning the proportionall description, and diuision of lines, and figures, the drawing of a plot of ground, the translating of it from one quantitie to another, and the casting of ...
1455   Making connections in primary mathematics : a practical guide
1456   Malaya journal of matematik
1457   Manager's pocket calculator : a quick guide to essential business formulas and ratios
1458   Managing mathematical projects --with success!
1459   Manuscripta mathematica
1460   Many visions, many aims . Vol. 2, , A cross-national investigation of curricular intentions in school science
1461   Map projections : cartographic information systems
1462   MapInfo 5.x使用指南
1463   Maple 6实例教程
1464   Maple 6实用教程
1465   MAPLE符号处理及应用
1466   Margins of error : a study of reliability in survey measurement
1467   The mariners new kalendar : Containing the principles of arithmetick and geometry; with the extraction of the square and cube root. : Also rules for finding the prime, epact,moons-age, times of high-water; with tables for the same. : Together with exact tables of the suns place, declination, and rig ...
1468   Markets with transaction costs
1469   Marks' calculations for machine design
1470   Mass transfer operations for the practicing engineer
1471   Master math : basic math and pre-algebra
1472   Master math : solving word problems : analyze any word problem, translate it into mathematical terms, and get the right answer!
1473   Mastering technical mathematics
1474   Mastering technical mathematics
1475   Matching patterns of line segments by affine-invariant area features
1476   Matching patterns of line segments using affine invariant features
1477   Matematica e cultura 2005
1478   Matematica e cultura 2006
1479   Matematica e cultura 2007
1480   Matematica e cultura 2008 : [congresso]
1481   Matematica e cultura in Europa
1482   Matematica generale con il calcolatore
1483   Matematica si parte! : nozioni di base ed esercizi per il primo anno di ingegneria
1484   Matematicheskie sobyti︠i︡a XX veka
1485   Matematika
1486   Matematika
1487   Matematika, ee soderzhanie, metody i znachenie
1488   Matematički vesnik
1489   Matematychni studiï
1490   Matemàticas : enseñanza universitaria
1491   Material inhomogeneities and their evolution : a geometric approach
1492   Matetrentino : percorsi matematici a Trento e dintorni
1493   The math behind Wall Street : how the market works and how to make it work for you
1494   Math everywhere : deterministic and stochastic modelling in biomedicine, economics and industry ; dedicated to the 60th birthday of Vincenzo Capasso
1495   The Math Forum@Drexel
1496   The math problems notebook
1497   Math refresher for scientists and engineers
1498   Math through children's literature : making the NCTM standards come alive
1499   Math wonders to inspire teachers and students
1500   Math word problems demystified
1501   Mathcad 2000实例教程
1502   The Mathcad 2001i handbook
1503   Mathcad 2001及概率统计应用
1504   MathCAD 2001数学运算完整解决方案
1505   Mathcad 7.0入门及其工程应用
1506   MathCAD使用详解
1507   Mathcad简明教程
1508   Mathe für Biologen
1509   Mathematica : a problem-centered approach
1510   Mathematica Aeterna
1511   Mathematica demystified
1512   The Mathematica guidebook for numerics
1513   The Mathematica guidebook for symbolics
1514   Mathematical analysis : linear and metric structures and continuity
1515   Mathematical and analogical reasoning of young learners
1516   Mathematical and computational methods in biomechanics of human skeletal systems : an introduction
1517   Mathematical and computer programming techniques for computergraphics
1518   Mathematical and engineering methods in computer science : 7th International Doctoral Workshop, MEMICS 2011,Lednice, Czech Republic, October 14-16, 2011 : revised selected papers
1519   Mathematical and engineering methods in computer science : 8th International Doctoral Workshop, MEMICS 2012, Znojmo,Czech Republic, October 25-28, 2012 : revised selected papers
1520   Mathematical and physical data, equations, and rules of thumb
1521   Mathematical and scientific development in early childhood : a workshop summary
1522   Mathematical and statistical estimation approaches in epidemiology
1523   Mathematical and statistical methods for multistatic imaging
1524   Mathematical and statistical methods in food science and technology
1525   Mathematical approaches to software quality
1526   Mathematical aspects of evolving interfaces : lectures given at the C.I.M.-C.I.M.E. joint Euro-summer school held in Madeira, Funchal, Portugal, July 3-9, 2000
1527   Mathematical aspects of quantum computing 2007
1528   Mathematical challenges from theoretical/computational chemistry
1529   Mathematical communications (Osijek, Croatia : Online)
1530   A mathematical compendium; or, Useful practices in arithmetick, geometry, and astronomy, geography and navigation, embattelling, and quartering of armies, fortification and gunnery, gauging and dyalling : Explaining the logarithms, with newindices; Nepair's rods or bones; making of movements, and th ...
1531   Mathematical computation
1532   Mathematical difficulties : psychology and intervention
1533   Mathematical engineering in industry
1534   Mathematical essays on growth and the emergence of form
1535   Mathematical finance
1536   Mathematical finance : core theory, problems, and statistical algorithms
1537   Mathematical finance : deterministic and stochastic models
1538   Mathematical formulas for economists
1539   Mathematical formulas for economists
1540   Mathematical foundation of computer science
1541   Mathematical foundation of geodesy : selected papers of Torben Krarup
1542   Mathematical foundations of computer networking
1543   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2004 : 29th international Symposium, MFCS 2004, Prague, Czech Republic, August 22-27, 2004 : proceedings
1544   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2005 : 30th international symposium, MFCS 2005, Gdansk, Poland, August 29-September 2, 2005 : proceedings
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1547   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2011 : 36th international symposium, MFCS 2011, Warsaw, Poland, August 22-26, 2011 : proceedings
1548   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2012 : 37th international symposium, MFCS 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia, August 27-31, 2012 : proceedings
1549   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2013 : 38th International Symposium, MFCS 2013, Klosterneuburg, Austria, August26-30, 2013 : proceedings
1550   Mathematical foundations of computer science 2014 : 39th International Symposium, MFCS 2014, Budapest, Hungary, August 25-29, 2014 : proceedings
1551   Mathematical foundations of image processing and analysis
1552   The mathematical foundations of mixing : the linked twist map as a paradigm in applications : micro to macro, fluids to solids
1553   Mathematical foundations of neuroscience
1554   Mathematical foundations of scientific visualization, computer graphics, and massive data exploration
1555   Mathematical geology
1556   Mathematical geophysics : an introduction to rotating fluids and the Navier-Stokes equations
1557   Mathematical geosciences
1558   Mathematical handbook of formulas and tables
1559   Mathematical handbook of formulas and tables
1560   The mathematical ievvel : shewing the making, and most excellent vse of a singuler instrument so called: in that it performeth with wonderfull dexteritie, whatsoeuer is to be done, either by quadrant, ship, circle, cylinder, ring, dyall, horoscope, astrolabe, sphere, globe, or any such like heretofo ...
1561   Mathematical journeys
1562   Mathematical knowledge
1563   Mathematical knowledge management : 4th international conference, MKM 2005, Bremen, Germany, July 15-17,2005 : revised selected papers
1564   Mathematical knowledge management : 5th international conference, MKM 2006, Wokingham, UK, August 11-12,2006 : proceedings
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1566   Mathematical knowledge management : third international conference, MKM 2004, Białowieża, Poland, September 19-21, 2004 : proceedings
1567   Mathematical literacy : developing identities of inclusion
1568   A mathematical manual : containing tables of logarithms for numbers, sines and tangents: with the manifold use thereof, briefly explained and applied, in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, geography, surveying, navigation, dyalling, gunnery and gauging. By Henry Phillippes
1569   A mathematical manual, containing tables of logarithmes for numbers, sines and tangents : with the manifold use thereof briefly explained and applied in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, geography, surveying, navigation, dialling, gunnery, and gauging
1570   Mathematical masterpieces : further chronicles by the explorers
1571   Mathematical medicine and biology
1572   Mathematical methods for accident reconstruction : a forensic engineering perspective
1573   Mathematical methods for engineers and geoscientists
1574   Mathematical methods for engineers and scientists
1575   Mathematical methods for mechanics : a handbook with MATLAB experiments
1576   Mathematical methods for physicists : a comprehensive guide
1577   Mathematical methods for physics and engineering
1578   Mathematical methods for robust and nonlinear control : EPSRC Summer School
1579   Mathematical methods for the magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals
1580   Mathematical methods in computer science : essays in memory of Thomas Beth
1581   Mathematical methods in engineering
1582   Mathematical methods in science and engineering
1583   Mathematical methods in signal processing and digital image analysis
1584   Mathematical methods in the applied sciences
1585   Mathematical models for speech technology
1586   Mathematical models for systems reliability
1587   Mathematical morphology : from theory to applications
1588   Mathematical morphology and its application to signal and image procesing : 9th international symposium, ISMM 2009, Groningen, The Netherlands, August 24-27, 2009 ; proceedings
1589   Mathematical morphology and its applications to image and signal processing
1590   Mathematical morphology and its applications to image and signal processing : 10th International Symposium, ISMM 2011, Verbania-Intra, Italy, July 6-8, 2011, Proceedings
1591   Mathematical morphology and its applications to signal and image processing : 11th International Symposium, ISMM 2013, Uppsala, Sweden, May 27-29, 2013 : proceedings
1592   Mathematical morphology: 40 years on : proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, April 18-20, 2005
1593   Mathematical notes (Edinburgh Mathematical Society)
1594   Mathematical Olympiad challenges
1595   Mathematical Olympiad in China : problems and solutions
1596   Mathematical optics : classical, quantum, and computational methods
1597   Mathematical physics, analysis, and geometry
1598   Mathematical physiology
1599   Mathematical physiology
1600   Mathematical problems and examples : arranged according to subjects, from the Senate-house examination papers, 1821 to 1836 inclusive, with an appendix containing the Senate-house questions for 1837 similarly arranged
1601   Mathematical problems in engineering
1602   Mathematical problems in image processing : partial differential equations and the calculus of variations
1603   Mathematical problems in image processing : partial differential equations and the calculus of variations
1604   Mathematical problems in semiconductor physics : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. summer school held in Cetraro, Italy, July 15-22, 1998
1605   Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
1606   Mathematical proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
1607   Mathematical proficiency for all students : toward a strategic research and development program in mathematics education
1608   Mathematical Programming : Theory And Methods
1609   Mathematical programming and game theory for decision making
1610   Mathematical programming computation
1611   Mathematical questions and solutions
1612   Mathematical recreations : containing solutions of many very difficult and important equations, and of several useful problems in geometry, surveying and astronomy, together with a method of finding the roots and equations by projection
1613   Mathematical research in materials science : opportunities and perspectives
1614   Mathematical research letters
1615   Mathematical sciences
1616   The mathematical sciences : a report
1617   The mathematical sciences' role in homeland security : proceedings of a workshop
1618   Mathematical software - ICMS 2006 : Second International Congress on Mathematical Software, Castro Urdiales, Spain, September 1-3, 2006 : proceedings
1619   Mathematical software -- ICMS 2014 : 4th International Congress, Seoul, South Korea, August 5-9, 2014 : proceedings
1620   Mathematical structures in computer science
1621   Mathematical studies standard level : course companion
1622   Mathematical subjects : children talk about their mathematics lives
1623   Mathematical summary for digital signal processing applications with Matlab
1624   Mathematical survey lectures 1943-2004
1625   Mathematical systems theory
1626   Mathematical tables : difference of latitude and departure: : logarithms, from 1 to 10,000. : Artificial sines, tangents, and secants
1627   Mathematical tables : difference of latitude and departure: : logarithms, from 1 to 10,000. : Artificial sines, tangents, and secants
1628   Mathematical tables : difference of latitude and departure: : logarithms, from 1 to 10,000. : Artificial sines, tangents, and secants
1629   Mathematical tables and other aids to computation
1630   Mathematical techniques in financial market trading
1631   The mathematical theory of cosmic strings : cosmic strings in the wire approximation
1632   The mathematical theory of finite element methods
1633   Mathematical thinking and learning . No. 2-3] . [Vol. 4
1634   Mathematical thought and its objects
1635   Mathematical tools for physicists
1636   A mathematicall manuel : wherein is handled arithmeticke, planimetry, stereometry, and the embattelling of armies.Whereby any man that can but add and subtract, may learne to multiply and divide in two houres by rabdologie, without any trouble at all to the memorie. Whereunto is annexed the measurin ...
1637   Mathematically speaking : a dictionary of quotations
1638   Mathematica基础及数学软件
1639   A mathematician's apology
1640   Mathematicks made easie, or, A mathematical dictionary : explaining the terms of art, and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences wherein the true meaning of the word is rendred, the nature of things signified discussed, and (where need ...
1641   Mathematicks made easie, or, A mathematical dictionary explaining the terms of art and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences : wherein the true meaning of the word is rendred, the nature of the thing discussed, and (where need requires ...
1642   Mathematicks made easy, or, A mathematical dictionary explaining the terms of art and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences : wherein the true meaning of the word is rendred, the nature of things signified discussed, and (where need re ...
1643   Mathematics
1644   Mathematics (Basel, Switzerland)
1645   Mathematics : a simple tool for geologists
1646   Mathematics : inaugural address ... on the nature, language and uses of mathematical science
1647   Mathematics and computation in music : 4th International Conference, MCM 2013, Montreal, QC, Canada, June 12-14, 2013 : proceedings
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1652   Mathematics and computer education
1653   Mathematics and culture II : visual perfection : mathematics and creativity
1654   Mathematics and financial economics
1655   Mathematics and its history
1656   Mathematics and mechanics of solids
1657   Mathematics and physics for programmers
1658   Mathematics and physics for programmers, second edition
1659   Mathematics and physics of emerging biomedical imaging
1660   Mathematics and science education around the world : what can we learn from the Survey of Mathematics and Science Opportunities (SMSO) and the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)?
1661   Mathematics and science for exercise and sport : the basics
1662   Mathematics and teaching
1663   Mathematics and technology
1664   Mathematics and the aesthetic : new approaches to an ancient affinity
1665   Mathematics and the divine : a historical study
1666   Mathematics and the historian's craft : the Kenneth O. May lectures
1667   Mathematics anxiety among high and low achievers in a Hong Kong secondary school
1668   Mathematics as a constructive activity : learners generating examples
1669   Mathematics as a science of patterns
1670   Mathematics assessment and evaluation : imperatives for mathematics educators
1671   Mathematics classrooms that promote understanding
1672   Mathematics content for elementary teachers
1673   Mathematics education : exploring the culture of learning
1674   Mathematics education and language : interpreting hermeneutics and post-structuralism
1675   Mathematics education and technology : rethinking the terrain : the 17th ICMI study
1676   Mathematics education in different cultural traditions : a comparative study of East Asia and the West
1677   Mathematics education research journal
1678   Mathematics education trends and research
1679   Mathematics education with digital technology
1680   Mathematics educator
1681   Mathematics for 3D game programming and computer graphics
1682   Mathematics for business, science, and technology : with MATLAB and spreadsheet applications
1683   Mathematics for chemistry and physics
1684   Mathematics for computer graphics
1685   Mathematics for computer graphics
1686   Mathematics for ecology and environmental sciences
1687   Mathematics for economics and business
1688   Mathematics for electrical engineering and computing
1689   Mathematics for engineers
1690   Mathematics for engineers and technologists
1691   Mathematics for finance : an introduction to financial engineering
1692   Mathematics for game developers
1693   Mathematics for informatics and computer science
1694   Mathematics for life science and medicine
1695   Mathematics for multimedia
1696   Mathematics for multimedia
1697   Mathematics for physical chemistry
1698   Mathematics for physicists and engineers : fundamentals and interactive study guide
1699   Mathematics for the accountant
1700   Mathematics for the curious
1701   Mathematics for the practical man
1702   Mathematics higher level : course companion
1703   Mathematics in computer science
1704   Mathematics in female education : abstracts from the archive of Rutgers Female Institute
1705   Mathematics in school
1706   Mathematics is not a spectator sport
1707   Mathematics magazine
1708   Mathematics mechanization and applications
1709   Mathematics news letter
1710   Mathematics of computation
1711   Mathematics of DNA structure, function and interactions
1712   Mathematics of economics and business
1713   Mathematics of financial markets
1714   Mathematics of financial markets
1715   Mathematics of fuzziness - basic issues
1716   The mathematics of geometrical and physical optics : the k-function and its ramifications
1717   The mathematics of juggling
1718   The mathematics of medical imaging : a beginner's guide
1719   The mathematics of novelty : Badiou's minimalist metaphysics
1720   The mathematics of preference, choice and order : essays in honor of Peter C. Fishburn
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1727   The mathematics of the Bose gas and its condensation
1728   Mathematics of the financial markets : financial instruments and derivatives modelling, valuation and risk issues
1729   Mathematics of the securities industry
1730   Mathematics of uncertainty : ideas, methods, application problems
1731   The mathematics program improvement review : a comprehensive evaluation process for K-12 schools
1732   Mathematics success and failure among African-American youth : the roles of sociohistorical context, community forces, school influence, and individual agency
1733   Mathematics teacher
1734   The mathematics teacher's handbook
1735   Mathematics teachers at work : connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction
1736   Mathematics teaching and learning strategies in PISA
1737   Mathematics teaching in Hong Kong and Shanghai : a classroom analysis from the perspective of variation
1738   Mathematics teaching in the middle school
1739   Mathematics without numbers : towards a modal-structural interpretation
1740   Mathematics, key technology for the future : joint projects between universities and industry 2004-2007
1741   Mathematika
1742   Mathematische Annalen
1743   Mathematische Nachrichten
1744   Mathematische Semesterberichte
1745   Mathematische Zeitschrift
1746   Mathesis enucleata, or, The elements of the mathematicks
1747   Mathknow : mathematics, applied sciences and real life
1748   Maths : a student's survival guide
1749   Mathématiques et technologie
1750   Matlab recipes for earth sciences
1751   MATLAB recipes for earth sciences
1752   MATLAB語言 : 演算紙式的科學工程計算語言
1753   Matrix convolution operators on groups
1754   Matrix iterative analysis
1755   Matrix methods for optical layout
1756   Matrix preconditioning techniques and applications
1757   Max-Plus linear stochastic systems and perturbation analysis
1758   The maximum principle
1759   MBA入学联考数学应试辅导
1760   MBA数学应试要点与解题指导
1761   MBA联考300分奇迹 , 数学分冊
1762   MBA联考300分奇迹 , 数学分册
1763   MBA联考300分奇迹 , 数学分册
1764   MBA联考常考知识点 , 数学分册
1765   McGraw-Hill dictionary of mathematics
1766   Mcgraw-Hill's conquering GMAT math
1767   McGraw-Hill's conquering SAT math
1768   McGraw-Hill's SAT subject test , Math level 2
1769   Meaning in mathematics education
1770   Measurement error : consequences, applications and solutions
1771   Measurement error models
1772   Measurement errors and uncertainties : theory and practice
1773   Measurement errors in surveys
1774   Measurement of mortality
1775   Measurement uncertainties in science and technology
1776   The measurer and gauger's guide : Containing first, the reasons of the five principal rules of arithmetick, demonstrated by lines; with examples of each rule. Secondly, measuring of surfaces and solids, such as plank, timber, stone, &c. Joiners, carpenters, bricklayers, glasiers, painters and paviou ...
1777   Measuring student knowledge and skills : the PISA 2000 assessment of reading, mathematical and scientific literacy
1778   Measuring up : prototypes for mathematics assessment
1779   Meccanica quantistica : problemi scelti : 100 problemi risolti di meccanica quantistica
1780   Mechanical and electromagnetic vibrations and waves
1781   Mechanics : from Newton's laws to deterministic chaos
1782   Mechanics : from Newton's laws to deterministic chaos
1783   Mechanics of solids and materials
1784   Mechanics of viscoelastic materials and wave dispersion
1785   Medical culture among the scholar-officials in seventeenth century China : 明末淸初(1601-1701)士大夫階層之醫學化
1786   Mediterranean journal of mathematics
1787   Meeting SEN in the curriculum : maths
1788   Memoranda mathematica : a synopsis of facts, formulae, and methods in elementary mathematics
1789   Meshless methods and their numerical properties
1790   Mesolabium architectonicum : that is, a most rare, and singular instrument, for the easie, speedy, and most certaine measuring of plaines and solids by the foote: necessary to be knowne of all men whatsoeuer, who would not in this case be notably defrauded: inuented long since by Mr. Thomas Bedwell ...
1791   Mesolabium architectonicum : that is, a most rare, and singular instrument, for the easie, speedy, and most certaine measuring of plaines and solids by the foote: necessary to be knowne of all men whatsoever, who would not in this case be notably defrauded: inuented long since by Mr. Thomas Bedwell ...
1792   Metacognitive strategy instruction : effects on mathematical problem solving in adolescents with moderate learning difficulty
1793   Metaheuristics : progress in complex systems optimization
1794   Metaphysics, mathematics, and meaning : philosophical papers
1795   The method of normal forms
1796   Methods and applications of singular perturbations : boundary layers and multiple timescale dynamics
1797   Methods of mathematical finance
1798   Methods of spectral analysis in mathematical physics : conference on Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics (OTAMP) 2006, Lund, Sweden
1799   Metric foliations and curvature
1800   MHD flows in compact astrophysical objects : accretion, winds and jets
1801   Michigan mathematical journal
1802   Microarray bioinformatics
1803   Microbiological assay for pharmaceutical analysis : a rational approach
1804   MIDAS technical analysis : a VWAP approach to trading and investing in today's markets
1805   Middle school mathematics curriculum implementation : the dynamics of change as teachers introduce and use standards-based curricula
1806   Milan journal of mathematics
1807   Millenium
1808   MIMO signals and systems
1809   Mind over math
1810   Miscellaneous correspondence : containing essays, dissertations, &c. on various subjects,
1811   Miscellanies, or Mathematical lucubrations of Mr. Samuel Foster
1812   Miskolc mathematical notes
1813   Missouri journal of mathematical sciences
1814   Mixed automorphic forms, torus bundles, and Jacobi forms
1815   MLQ : Mathematical logic quarterly
1816   Modal analysis and conditional sampling of a subsonic coaxial jet
1817   Modal interval analysis : new tools for numerical information
1818   Model building in mathematical programming
1819   Model calibration in mathematical finance
1820   Model order reduction : theory, research aspects and applications
1821   Model-based tracking control of nonlinear systems
1822   Model-based visual tracking : the OpenTL framework
1823   Model-based visual tracking : the OpenTL framework
1824   Modeling and analytical methods in tribology
1825   Modeling and computation in engineering II
1826   Modeling and computation in engineering III : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2014), Wuxi, China, 28-29 June 2014
1827   Modeling and computations in electromagnetics : a volume dedicated to Jean-Claude Nédélec
1828   Modeling and convexity
1829   Modeling and dimensioning of structures : a practical approach
1830   Modeling of complex systems : application to aeronautical dynamics
1831   Modeling the imaging chain of digital cameras
1832   Modelli matematici in biologia
1833   Modelling and applications in mathematics education : the 14th ICMI study
1834   Modelling and simulation : exploring dynamic system behaviour
1835   Modelling methods for energy in buildings
1836   Modelling multivariate interval-censored and left-truncated survival data using proportional hazards model
1837   Modelling, analysis and optimization of biosystems
1838   Models for discrete data
1839   Modern business arithmetic : completecourse
1840   Modern heuristic optimization techniques : theory and applications to power systems
1841   Modern morphometrics in physical anthropology
1842   The modern significance of Zhuangzi's fables : 莊子寓言的現代意義
1843   Modules in applied mathematics
1844   Modèles aléatoires : applications aux sciencesde l'ingénieur et du vivant
1845   Molecule-based materials : the structural network approach
1846   Moment analysis for subsurface hydrologic applications
1847   Moment theory and some inverse problems in potential theory and heat conduction
1848   Moments and moment invariants in pattern recognition
1849   Monatshefte für Mathematik
1850   The Monster group and Majorana involutions
1851   Monte Carlo methods for electromagnetics
1852   More math into LaTeX
1853   More mathematics than science
1854   Moving shape analysis and control : applications to fluid structure interactions
1855   MPA公共管理硕士专业学位全国联考应试指南 . B册, , 数学, 逻辑・英语
1856   Mr Hopkins' men : Cambridge reform and British mathematics in the 19th century
1857   Mr Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method, for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick
1858   Mr Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method, for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick. The eighth edition, very much enlarged. First composed by Edmund Wingate late of Grayes-Inne Esquire. Afterwards upon Mr. Wingate's request, enlarged in his life-time: a ...
1859   Mr. William Oughtred's Key of the mathematicks
1860   Mr. Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick
1861   Mr. Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick
1862   Mr. Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick
1863   Mr. Wingate's arithmetick : containing a plain and familiar method, for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetick
1864   Mr. Wingate's arithmetick, : containing a perfect method for the knowledge and practice of commonarithmetick
1865   MRI : the basics
1866   Multi-armed bandit allocation indices
1867   Multi-factor models and signal processing techniques : application to quantitative finance
1868   Multi-parametric programming : theory, algorithms, and applications
1869   Multi-rank wavelet filters
1870   Multi-scale modelling for structures and composites
1871   Multi-stage simulated annealing for standard cell placement
1872   Multi-user detection for frequency hopped networks and improved space-time codes for wireless communication
1873   Multidimensional nonlinear descriptive analysis
1874   Multiobjective optimization : interactive and evolutionary approaches
1875   Multiobjective programming and goal programming : theoretical results and practical applications
1876   Multiplier-less sinusoidal transformations and their applications to perfect reconstruction filter banks
1877   Multirate filtering for digital signal processing : MATLAB applications
1878   Multirate statistical signal processing
1879   Multiresolution polygonal approximation
1880   Multiscale modeling in epitaxial growth
1881   Multiscale transport of mass, momentum and energy
1882   Multivariable model-building : a pragmatic approach to regression analysis based on fractional polynomials for modelling continuous variables
1883   Myth in the Zhiguai tales of the Six Dynasties : 六朝志怪小說中的神話
1884   Münster journal of mathematics
1885   Nanotechnology : basic calculations for engineers and scientists
1886   Narrative approaches to the international mathematical problems
1887   Narratives of travel : the cultural discourses of displacement in Hong Kong
1888   National mathematics magazine
1889   Native sources for the history of Chinese pictorial art
1890   Natural resources research (New York, N.Y. : Online)
1891   Naturalism in mathematics
1892   Nature of computation : logic, algorithms, applications : 9th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2013, Milan, Italy, July 1-5, 2013 : proceedings
1893   The nature of mathematical knowledge
1894   The nature of mathematical knowledge : a phenomenological review and it's implications on mathematics education
1895   The nature of mathematics and the mathematics of nature
1896   Nets, puzzles, and postmen
1897   Network coding : an introduction
1898   Network modeling and simulation : a practical perspective
1899   Network performance analysis : using the J programming language
1900   Networked multisensor decision and estimation fusion : based on advanced mathematical methods
1901   Neural cell behavior and fuzzy logic
1902   New design and realization techniques for perfect reconstruction two-channel filterbanks and wavelets bases
1903   New developments in multiple objective and goal programming
1904   New directions for situated cognition in mathematics education
1905   New directions in logic, language and computation : ESSLLI 2010 and ESSLLI 2011 Student sessions : selected papers
1906   New logarithmes : The first inuention whereof,was, by the Honourable Lo: Iohn Nepair Baron of Marchiston, and printed at Edinburg in Scotland, anno: 1614. in whose vse was and is required the knowledge of albraicall [sic] addition and substraction, according to + and - these being extracted from and ...
1907   New logarithmes : The first inuention whereof,was, by the honourable Lo: Iohn Nepair Baron of Marchiston, and printed at Edinburg in Scotland, anno: 1614. in whose vse was and is required the knowledge of albraicall [sic] addition and substraction, according to + and - these being extracted from and ...
1908   New mathematics education research and practice
1909   A new systeme of the mathematicks
1910   New teacher identity and regulative government : the discursive formation of primary mathematics teacher education
1911   New trends in optimal filtering and control for polynomial and time-delay systems
1912   New trends in the theory of hyperbolic equations
1913   New York journal of mathematics
1914   New Zealand journal of mathematics
1915   Newnes engineering mathematics pocket book
1916   Nexus network journal
1917   Nexus network journal : mechanics in architecture : in memory of Mario Salvadori 1907-1997
1918   Nicolai Fatii Duillierii, R.S.S. Lineæ brevissimi descensus investigatio geometrica duplex : cui addita est investigation geometrica solidi rotundi in quod minima fiat resistentia
1919   Non-life insurance mathematics : an introduction with the Poisson process
1920   Non-linear optical properties of matter : from molecules to condensed phases
1921   Non-unique factorizations : algebraic, combinatorial and analytic theory
1922   Nonlinear dynamics of nanosystems
1923   Nonlinear image processing
1924   Nonlinear inverse problems in imaging
1925   Nonlinear optimization with engineering applications
1926   Nonlinear signal processing : a statistical approach
1927   Nonlinear smoothing and multiresolution analysis
1928   Nonlinear structural engineering : with unique theories and methods to solve effectively complex nonlinearproblems
1929   Nonlinear time series analysis in the geosciences : applications in climatology, geodynamics and solar-terrestrial physics
1930   A nonlinear transfer technique for renorming
1931   Nonlinear wave methods for charge transport
1932   Nonlinear waves and solitons on contours and closed surfaces
1933   Nonnegative and compartmental dynamical systems
1934   Nonparametric estimation of educational production and costs using data envelopment analysis
1935   Normal forms and unfoldings for local dynamical systems
1936   North-Holland mathematics studies
1937   Northeastern mathematical journal
1938   Norvvood's epitomy : being the application of the doctrine of triangles, in certain problems, concerning the use of the plain sea-charts, and mercator's-chart. Being the two most usual kinds of sailing. [Wi]th a table of artificial sines, tangents, and the complements arithmetical of sines supplying ...
1939   Not made in China : inventing local identities in contemporary Malaysian Chinese fiction
1940   Notices of the American Mathematical Society
1941   Nova's GMAT math bible
1942   Nova's GRE math bible
1943   Novæ motuum cælestium ephemerides Richelianæ annorum 15, ab anno 1637 incipientes, ubi sex anni priores e fontibus Lansbergianis, reliqui vero e numeris Tychoni-Keplerianis eruntur, quibus accesserunt. In priori parte. 1 Isagoge in Astrologiam. 2 De aeris mutatione. 3 Doctrina primi mobilis exqui ...
1944   Nuclear computational science : a century in review
1945   The number sense : how the mind creates mathematics
1946   Number theory and the periodicity of matter
1947   Numbers rule : the vexing mathematics of democracy from Plato to the present
1948   Numeracy : advancing education in quantitative literacy
1949   Numerical algorithms for personalized search in self-organizing information networks
1950   Numerical analysis and modelling in geomechanics
1951   Numerical Analysis in Electromagnetics : The TLM Method
1952   Numerical analysis using MATLAB and excel
1953   Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering
1954   Numerical generation of body-fitted coordinates by multigrid method
1955   Numerical methods for nonsmooth dynamical systems : applications in mechanics and electronics
1956   Numerical methods in biomedical engineering
1957   Numerical methods in electromagnetism
1958   Numerical methods in engineering with MATLAB
1959   Numerical methods in finance : Bordeaux, June 2010
1960   Numerical methods in multidimensional radiative transfer
1961   Numerical methods in photonics
1962   Numerical quantum dynamics
1963   Numerical simulation of optical wave propagation : with examples in MATLAB
1964   Numerical solution of partial differential equations in science and engineering
1965   Numerical solution of variational inequalities by adaptive finite elements
1966   Numerical solutions of partial differential equations
1967   Nursing calculations
1968   Observed brain dynamics
1969   Of the laws of chance, or, A method of calculation of the hazards of game : plainly demonstrated and applied to games at present most in use : which may be easily extended to the most intricate cases of chance imaginable
1970   The old numerals, the counting-rods and the swan-pan in China
1971   OMDoc -- an open markup format for mathematical documents : (version 1.2)
1972   On evaluating curricular effectiveness : judging the quality of K-12 mathematics evaluations
1973   On framelets and their applications : a discrete approach
1974   On holomorphic isometric embeddings from the unit disk into polydisks and their generalizations
1975   On m-arrays and M-arrays
1976   On the decomposition of derivations and skew-derivations on differential forms of degree k > 0 : a necessary and sufficient condition for a curve to lie on a circular cylinder
1977   On the dilemma of "similar" or "different" : the use of variation theory in designing multiple examples for mathematics learning
1978   On the shoulders of giants : a course in single variable calculus
1979   On the topology of isolated singularities in analytic spaces
1980   One hundred years of intuitionism (1907-2007) : the Cerisy conference
1981   Online calculator training in mathematics and technology
1982   Onomatopoeia and beyond : a study of the luogu jing of the Beijing Opera
1983   The open mathematics journal
1984   Opening the research text : critical insights and in(ter)ventions [sic] into mathematics education
1985   Operational quantum theory
1986   Operator functions and localization of spectra
1987   Operator theory, systems theory, and scattering theory : multidimensional generalizations
1988   Operum mathematicorvm
1989   Optical modeling and simulation of thin-film photovoltaic devices
1990   Optimisation multidisciplinaire en mécanique
1991   Optimization and engineering
1992   Optimization in medicine
1993   Optimization of logistics
1994   Optimization techniques for solving complex problems
1995   Option prices as probabilities : a new look at generalized Black-Scholes formulae
1996   Options math for traders : how to pick the best option strategies for your market outlook
1997   Opuscula mathematica
1998   Oracle inequalities in empirical risk minimization and sparse recovery problems : École d'été de probabilités de Saint-Flour XXXVIII-2008
1999   Orbifold euler characteristic of global quotients
2000   The origin and earlier history of the Chinese coinage
2001   Osječka matematička škola
2002   Osječki matematički list
2003   Oughtredus explicatus, sive, Commentarius in ejus clavem mathematicam : cui addita Sunt planetarum observationes & horologiorum constructio
2004   Outer billiards on kites
2005   The Oxford handbook of philosophy of mathematics and logic
2006   The Oxford handbook of philosophy of mathematics and logic
2007   P. Petri Galtruchii ... Mathematicæ totius : h.e. 1. arithmeticæ, 2. geometriæ, 3. astronomiæ, 4. chronologiæ, 5.gnomonicæ, 6. geographiæ, 7. opticæ, 8. musicæ, clara, brevis & accurata institutio : in gratiam studiosæ juventutis adornata
2008   P. Petri Galtruchii Aurelianensis Soc. Jesu. Mathematicæ totius : hoc est 1. Arithmeticæ, 2. Geometriæ, 3. Astronomiæ, 4. Chronologiæ, 5. Gnomonicæ, 6. Geographiæ, 7. Opticæ, 8.Musicæ : clara, brevis & accurata institutio : in gratiam studiosæ juventutis adornata
2009   Pacific journal of mathematics
2010   Palace Laments of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) : 唐代宮怨詩硏究
2011   Papers in elementary mathematics
2012   Paradigms of combinatorial optimization
2013   Parallaticae commentationis praxeosq[ue] nucleus quidam. Authore Ioanne Dee, Londinensi
2014   Parallel coordinates : visual multidimensional geometry and its applications
2015   Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 10th international conference, PPAM 2013, Warsaw, Poland, September 8-11, 2013 : revised selected papers
2016   Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 5th international conference, PPAM 2003, Częstochowa, Poland, September 7-10, 2003 : revised papers
2017   Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 6th international conference, PPAM 2005, Poznań, Poland, September 11-14, 2005 ; revised selected papers
2018   Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 7th international conference, PPAM 2007, Gdansk, Poland, September9-12, 2007, revised selected papers
2019   Parallel processing and applied mathematics : 9th International Conference, PPAM 2011, Torun, Poland, September11-14, 2011. Revised selected papers
2020   Parallel scientific computing and optimization : advances and applications
2021   Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2002
2022   Paris-Princeton lectures on mathematical finance 2003
2023   Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2004
2024   Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2010
2025   Paris-princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2013
2026   Partial differential equation based methods in medical image processing
2027   Partial differential equations : modelling and numerical simulation
2028   Partition spaces
2029   Passione per Trilli : alcune idee dalla matematica
2030   Pattern recognition for medical imaging
2031   Patterned Jacquard fabric defect detection
2032   Patterns of change : linguistic innovations in the development of classical mathematics
2033   Pedagogical content knowledge versus subject matter knowledge, an illustration in the primary school mathematics context of Hong Kong
2034   Peking opera : the performance behind the painted faces
2035   Penalising Brownian paths
2036   Pensamiento matemático
2037   Pension mathematics with numerical illustrations
2038   Performance across different areas of mathematical cognition in children with learning difficulties
2039   Performance and stability of aircraft
2040   Periodica mathematica hungarica
2041   The personal finance calculator : how to calculate the most important financial decisions in your life
2042   Perspectives on adults learning mathematics : research and practice
2043   Perspectives on mathematical practices : bringing together philosophy of mathematics, sociology of mathematics, and mathematics education
2044   Perturbation compensator based robust tracking control and state estimation of mechanical systems
2045   Perturbation methods
2046   Perturbation methods and semilinear elliptic problems on R[superscript n]
2047   Perturbation of matrices and computational algebraic geometry
2048   Perturbation of the boundary in boundary-value problems of partial differential equations
2049   Perturbation theories for the thermodynamic properties of fluids and solids
2050   Perturbations of positive semigroups with applications
2051   Phased array antennas : Floquet analysis, synthesis, BFNs, and active array systems
2052   Phenomenology and mathematics
2053   A philological study of the Chu bamboo text of the Warring States period as seen in volume two of the monograph series compiled on the basis of the collection housed in Shanghai Museum = : 《上海博物館藏戰國楚書(二)》叢考
2054   Philosophia Mathematica
2055   Philosophical dimensions in mathematics education
2056   Philosophical transactions . Series A, , Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
2057   Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London . Series A, , Containing papers of a mathematical or physical character
2058   Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London . Series A, , Mathematical and physical sciences
2059   Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. A
2060   Philosophy and the mathematics curriculum : dialectical materialism and pragmatism related to Chinese and American mathematics curriculums
2061   Philosophy of mathematics
2062   The philosophy of mathematics
2063   Philosophy of mathematics : structure and ontology
2064   Philosophy of science, logic, and mathematics in the twentiethcentury
2065   Photon transfer : DN --> [lambda]
2066   Physics of negative refraction and negative index materials : optical and electronic aspects and diversified approaches
2067   The pinch technique and its applications to non-Abelian gaugetheories
2068   Platonism and anti-Platonism in mathematics
2069   Plumber's and pipe fitter's calculations manual
2070   PME : 数学敎育心理
2071   A pocket book : containing severall choice collections in arithmetick, astronomy, geometry, surveying, dialling, navigation, astrology, geography, measuring, gageing
2072   Polarization and moment tensors : with applications to inverse problems and effective medium theory
2073   Polarization of light with applications in optical fibers
2074   Polnoe sobranie sochineniĭ Egora Ivanovicha Zolotareva
2075   Polynomial and rational matrices : applications in dynamical systems theory
2076   Polynomials and vanishing cycles
2077   Poor Robin's book of knowledge : Shewing the effects of the planets, and other astronomical constellations. Excellent receipts for curing of most distempers incident to man. Useful observations in chirurgery and husbandry. With directions for ordering cattle, and medicines for the many diseases they ...
2078   Popular culture, educational discourse, and mathematics
2079   The porous medium equation : mathematical theory
2080   A posteriori error analysis via duality theory : with applications in modeling and numerical approximations
2081   A posteriori error estimation in finite element analysis
2082   Potential analysis
2083   Potential analysis of stable processes and its extensions
2084   Potential theory
2085   Potential theory in applied geophysics
2086   Potential theory in gravity and magnetic applications
2087   Potentiel d'équilibre et capacité des ensembles avec quelques applications à la théorie des fonctions
2088   Power definitions and the physical mechanism of power flow
2089   A practical approach to robustness analysis with aeronautical applications
2090   Practical design of magnetostatic structure using numerical simulation
2091   Practical digital wireless signals
2092   Practical geometry : Practica geometriae
2093   Practical geometry, : in two parts: the first,shewing how to perform the four species of arithmetick, (viz.addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,) together with reduction, and the rule of proportion in figures. The second, containing a hundred geometricall questions, with their solutio ...
2094   Practical goal programming
2095   Practical guide to chemometrics
2096   A practical guide to teaching mathematics in the secondary school
2097   Practical image and video processing using MATLAB
2098   Practical math success in 20 minutes a day
2099   Practical mathematics
2100   Practical mathematics and geometry : a textbook for advanced students in technical and trade schools, evening classes, and for engineers draughtsmen, architects, surveyors
2101   Practical mathematics for technical students
2102   Practical methods of optimization
2103   The practize of cifering
2104   Pre-algebra demystified
2105   Pre-service teachers' attitudes towards mathematics and mathematics education
2106   Precalculus
2107   Predication theory : a case study for indexing theory
2108   PreMBA analytical primer : essential quantitative concepts for business math
2109   Preparing for the 21st century : the education imperative
2110   Preparing mathematics and science teachers for diverse classrooms : promising strategies for transformative pedagogy
2111   Primary mathematics teachers' pedagogical content knowledge of the teaching of quadrilaterals
2112   Primary school students' thinking processes when posing mathematical word problems
2113   Primes of the form x2 + ny2 : Fermat, class field theory, and complex multiplication
2114   PRIMUS (Terre Haute, Ind. : Online)
2115   Principia mathematica
2116   Principles of adaptive filters and self-learning systems
2117   Principles of digital image processing : fundamental techniques
2118   Principles of mathematics in operations research
2119   The principles of the solution of the Senate-house 'riders,' exemplified by the solution of those proposed in the earlier parts of the examinations of the years 1848-1851
2120   Pristine perspectives on logic, language, and computation : ESSLLI 2012 and ESSLLI 2013 : student sessions : selected papers
2121   Probabilistic and statistical methods in cryptology : an introduction by selected topics
2122   Probabilistic methods in geotechnical engineering
2123   Probabilistic search for tracking targets : theory and modern applications
2124   Probability and finance : it's only a game!
2125   Probability and random processes : with applications to signal processing and communications
2126   Probability and random processes : with applications to signal processing and communications
2127   Probability and statistical models : foundations for problems in reliability and financial mathematics
2128   Probability and statistics for computer science
2129   Probability concepts and theory for engineers
2130   Problem solving for process operators and specialists
2131   Problemes inverses en imagerie et en vision
2132   Problems and answers in wave optics
2133   Problems and solutions in mathematics
2134   Problems and theorems in classical set theory
2135   Problemy analiza
2136   Proceedings , Mathematical and physical sciences
2137   Proceedings , Mathematical sciences
2138   Proceedings . A, , Mathematical sciences
2139   Proceedings . Section A, , Mathematics
2140   Proceedings : ... Workshop on Network Coding, Theory, and Applications : NetCod
2141   Proceedings : 1994 IEEE-IMS Workshop on Information Theory and Statistics, October 27-29, 1994, Holiday Inn Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia
2142   Proceedings in applied mathematics and mechanics : PAMM
2143   Proceedings IWISP '96 : 4-7 November 1996, Manchester, United Kingdom : Third International Workshop on Image and Signal Processing on the Theme of Advances in Computational Intelligence
2144   Proceedings of Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design : FMCAD
2145   Proceedings of the ... ACM Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
2146   Proceedings of the ... ACM Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation
2147   Proceedings of the ... Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology : RECOMB
2148   Proceedings of the ... conference on Diversity in Computing
2149   Proceedings of the ... International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition
2150   Proceedings of the ... International Workshop on Symbolic-Numeric Computation
2151   Proceedings of the Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing
2152   Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
2153   Proceedings of the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation : ISSAC
2154   Proceedings of the Japan Academy . Series A, , mathematical sciences
2155   Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie vanWetenschappen. Indagationes mathematica
2156   Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
2157   Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress on Mathematical Education : 2000 Makuhari, Japan
2158   Proceedings of the Royal Society of London . Series A, , Containing papers of a mathematical and physical character
2159   Proceedings of the Royal Society of London . Series A, , Mathematical and physical sciences
2160   Proceedings,
2161   Process engineering problem solving : avoiding "the problem went away, but it came back" syndrome
2162   Processes in mathematics problem solving
2163   Processus décisionnels de Markov en intelligence artificielle
2164   The professional education and development of teachers of mathematics : the 15th ICMI study
2165   Profile of good computational estimators related mathematical variables and common strategies used
2166   Progress in geomathematics
2167   Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2004
2168   Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2006
2169   Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2008
2170   Progress in turbulence
2171   Progress in turbulence II : proceedings of the iTi Conference in Turbulence 2005
2172   Progress in turbulence III : proceedings of the iTi Conference in Turbulence 2008
2173   A progression in arithmetical progression : to the speedy suming up of any totals of roots, squares, or cubes as effectually as now is used only in numbers, with various uses thereof.With some things very remarkable in that mystical number, 666. Also affording ease in the extracting of cubick roots; ...
2174   Projection methods for systems of equations
2175   Projective duality and homogeneous spaces
2176   Projective embeddings of compact Kähler manifolds
2177   Proof and proving in mathematics education : the 19th ICMI study
2178   Proofs from the book
2179   Protective relaying of power systems using mathematical morphology
2180   Proyecciones (Antofagasta, Chile : Online)
2181   Pseudo-differential operators and related topics
2182   The psychology of mathematics education : a psychoanalytic displacement
2183   Public key cryptography : applications and attacks
2184   Publicationes mathematicae
2185   Publications de l'Institut mathématique
2186   Publications mathematiques de l'Institut des hautes etudes scientifiques
2187   Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2188   Pure mathematical sciences
2189   Putnam and beyond
2190   Pythagoras
2191   Pythagoras revived : mathematics and philosophy in late antiquity
2192   Pythagoras' revenge : a mathematicalmystery
2193   Quadratic programming and affine variational inequalities : a qualitative study
2194   Quadrature domains and their applications : the Harold S. Shapiro anniversary volume
2195   Qualitative methods in inverse scattering theory : an introduction
2196   Quantitative assessment of securitisation deals
2197   Quantitative development in infancy and early childhood
2198   Quantitative ecology : measurement, models, and scaling
2199   Quantitative methods in psychology
2200   Quantum (Washington, D.C. : Online)
2201   Quantum annealing and related optimization methods
2202   Quantum approach to informatics
2203   Quantum dynamics for classical systems : with applications of the number operator
2204   Quantum mechanics and quantum field theory : a mathematical primer
2205   Quantum philosophy : understanding and interpreting contemporary science
2206   Quantum potential theory
2207   Quantum quenching, annealing and computation
2208   Quantum theory : concepts and methods
2209   Quantum theory of conducting matter : Newtonian equations of motion for a Bloch electron
2210   Quarterly of applied mathematics
2211   Quenching in reaction-diffusion problems
2212   Queuing theory and telecommunications : networks and applications
2213   Rabdologia, or, The art of numbring by rods : whereby the tedious operations of multiplication, and division, and of extraction of roots, both square and cubick, are avoided, being for the most part performed by addition and subtraction : with many examples for the practice of the same : first inven ...
2214   Radical constructivism in mathematics education
2215   Radical equations : math literacy and civil rights
2216   Raising achievement in secondary mathematics
2217   Ramanujan journal
2218   Ramanujan's lost notebook
2219   Random perturbation methods with applications in science and engineering
2220   Random perturbation of PDEs and fluid dynamic models : École d'été de probabilités de Saint-Flour XL-2010
2221   Random tessellations : theories and models
2222   Random times and enlargements of filtrations in a Brownian setting
2223   A random walk down Wall Street : including a life-cycle guide to personal investing
2224   Random walks in biology
2225   Random walks on disordered media and their scaling limits : École d'Été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XL-2010
2226   Rapid modelling and quick response : intersection of theory and practice
2227   Rate Constant Calculation for Thermal Reactions : Methods and Applications
2228   Re-framing the conceptual change approach in learning and instruction
2229   Reachability problems : 6th International Workshop, RP 2012, Bordeaux, France, September 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
2230   Reachability problems : 7th International Workshop, RP 2013, Uppsala,Sweden, September 24-26, 2013 : proceedings
2231   Reading, writing, and proving : a closer look at mathematics
2232   Real and complex singularities : Sao Carlos Workshop 2004
2233   Real-time iterative learning control : design and applications
2234   Realism in mathematics
2235   The reason's proper study : essays towards a neo-Fregean philosophy of mathematics
2236   Recent advances in computational mechanics : proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM2013), Poznań, Poland, 27-31 August 2013
2237   Recent advances in harmony search algorithm
2238   Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 16th international workshop, WADT 2002, Frauenchiemsee, Germany, September 24-27, 2002 : revised selected papers
2239   Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 17th international workshop, WADT 2004, Barcelona, Spain,March 27-29, 2004 : revised selected papers
2240   Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 19th international workshop, WADT 2008, Pisa, Italy, June 13-16, 2008 : revised selected papers
2241   Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 20th International Workshop, WADT 2010, Etelsen, Germany,July 1-4, 2010 : revised selected papers
2242   Recent trends in algebraic development techniques : 21st international workshop, WADT 2012, Salamanca, Spain,June 7-10, 2012 : revised selected papers
2243   Records arithmetick: or, The ground of arts : teaching the perfect work and practice of arithmetick, both in whole numbers and fractions, after a more easie and exact forme then in former time hath been set forth: made by M. Robert Record, D. in Physick. Afterwards, augmented by M. John Dee. And sin ...
2244   Recursive identification and parameter estimation
2245   Rediconti del Seminario matematico
2246   REDIMAT
2247   Rediscovering phenomenology : phenomenological essays on mathematical beings, physical reality, perception and consciousness
2248   Reflections of the development and philosophy of Mathematics originating in a comparative study of Liu Hui's redaction of 'Jiu Zhang Suan Shu' and Euclid's 'Elements'
2249   Reform in school mathematics and authentic assessment
2250   Regional dialogues on the changing environment for the physical and mathematical sciences : report of two conferences: Burlingame, California, Boulder [Vail], Colorado
2251   Regularity and substructures of Hom
2252   Regularity estimates for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic problems : Cetraro, Italy 2009
2253   Relational and algebraic methods in computer science : 12th international conference, RAMICS 2011, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, May 30 - June 3, 2011 : proceedings
2254   Relational and algebraic methods in computer science : 13th International Conference, RAMiCS 2012, Cambridge,UK, September 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
2255   Relations and Kleene algebra in computer science : 10th International Conference on Relational Methods in Computer Science and 5th International Conference on Applications of Kleene Algebra, RelMiCS/AKA 2008, Frauenwörth, Germany, April 7-11, 2008 : proceedings
2256   Relations and kleene algebra in computer science : 11th International Conference on Relational Methods in Computer Science, Relmics 2009, and 6th International Conference on Applications of Kleene Algebra, AKA 2009 Doha, Qatar, november, 2009 :proceedings
2257   Relations and Kleene algebra in computer science : 9th International Conference on Relational Methods in Computer Science and 4th International Workshop on Applications of Kleene Algebra, RelMiCS/AKA 2006, Manchester, UK, August/September, 2006 : proceedings
2258   The relationship between a teacher's conceptions and her teaching practice : an example from the teaching of Pythagoras' theorem
2259   The relationship between Hong Kong students' perception of their mathematics classroom environment and their approaches to learning : a longitudinal study
2260   The relationship between motivational beliefs and mathematics achievement among Chinese students in Hong Kong
2261   The relationship between numerical estimation and number sense in students' learning of mathematics
2262   The relationship of family educational environment and mathematics achievement of Hong Kong students
2263   Reliability models for engineers and scientists
2264   Reliability, life testing and the prediction of service lives : for engineers and scientists
2265   Reliability-based structural design
2266   Reliable computing
2267   Reliable implementation of real number algorithms : theory and practice, international seminar, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, January 8-13, 2006 : Revised Papers
2268   A remarkable collection of Babylonian mathematical texts
2269   Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo
2270   Rendition techniques in the Chinese translation of three sanskrit buddhist scriptures
2271   Renewing U.S. mathematics
2272   Representation and reality
2273   Representations, wavelets and frames : a celebration of the mathematical work of Lawrence Baggett
2274   Research in Computational Molecular Biology : 12th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2008, Singapore, March 30 - April 2, 2008, proceedings
2275   Research in computational molecular biology : 13th annual international conference, RECOMB 2009, Tucson, AZ, USA, May 18-21, 2009 ; proceedings
2276   Research in computational molecular biology : 16th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2012, Barcelona, Spain,April 21-24, 2012 : proceedings
2277   Researching the socio-political dimensions of mathematics education : issues of power in theory andmethodology
2278   Residual Julia sets of Newton's maps and Smale's problems on the efficiency of Newton's method
2279   Resources for teaching mathematics : 14-16
2280   Resultate der Mathematik
2281   Return distributions in finance
2282   Reversible computation : 4th international workshop, RC 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2-3, 2012 : revised papers
2283   Reversible computation : 5th international conference, RC 2013, Victoria, BC, Canada, July 4-5, 2013 : proceedings
2284   Reversible computation : 6th International Conference, RC 2014,Kyoto, Japan, July 10-11, 2014 : proceedings
2285   Reversible computation : third International Workshop, RC 2011, Gent, Belgium, July 4-5, 2011 : revised Papers
2286   Review of science, mathematics and ICT education
2287   Reviews in computacional chemistry . Volume 4
2288   Reviews in computational chemistry . V
2289   Reviews in computational chemistry . Vol. 17
2290   Reviews in computational chemistry . Vol. 18
2291   Reviews in computational chemistry . Vol. 20
2292   Reviews in computational chemistry . Vol. 21
2293   Reviews in computational chemistry . Vol. 22
2294   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 1
2295   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 10
2296   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 12
2297   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 13
2298   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 14
2299   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 15
2300   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 16
2301   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 19
2302   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 2
2303   Reviews in Computational Chemistry . Volume 24
2304   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 26
2305   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 6
2306   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 7
2307   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 8
2308   Reviews in computational chemistry . Volume 9
2309   Revisiting mathematics education : China lectures
2310   Revista colombiana de matemáticas
2311   Revista de la Unión Matemática Argentina (Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
2312   Revista integración, temas de matematicas
2313   Revista Latinoamericana de etnomatemática
2314   Revista latinoamericana de investigación en matemática educativa
2315   Revista matemática complutense
2316   Rhetorical ways of thinking : Vygotskian theory and mathematical learning
2317   Ricerche di matematica
2318   A rich cabinet, with variety of inventions, unlock'd and open'd, for the recreation of ingenious spirits : Being receits and conceits of several natures, and fit for those who are lovers of natural and artificial conclusions. As also variety of recreative fire-works both for land, air, and water. An ...
2319   A rich cabinet, with variety of inventions: unlock'd and open'd, for the recreation of ingenious spirits at their vacant hours : Being receipts and conceits of several natures, and fit for those who are lovers of natural and artificial conclusions. As also variety of recreative fire-works both for l ...
2320   The rise and development of the theory of series up to the early1820s
2321   Robust control and filtering of singular systems
2322   Robust numerical methods for singularly perturbed differential equations : convection-diffusion-reaction and flow problems
2323   Robust optimization-directed design
2324   Robust signal processing for wireless communications
2325   Robustness of generalized estimating equations in credibility models
2326   The role of mathematics in physical sciences : interdisciplinary and philosophical aspects
2327   The roles of definition and examples in the learning of mathematical concepts
2328   ROMAI
2329   Roofing ready reckoner : metric and imperial dimensions for timber roofs of any span and pitch
2330   Rough set theory : a true landmark in data analysis
2331   Ruin analysis of correlated aggregate claims models
2332   Runs and scans with applications
2333   Russian mathematical surveys
2334   Récréation mathématique
2335   Récréation mathématique
2336   S.T.E.M. education : strategies for teaching learners with special needs
2337   SAS基礎敎程
2338   Sbornik. Mathematics
2339   Scale and geographic inquiry : nature,society, and method
2340   Scale issues in remote sensing
2341   The scale of interest, or, The use of decimal fractions, and the table of logarithmes in the most easie and exact resolving of all questions in anatocism, or compound interest : with tables of simple interest also at 6 per cent per annum : together with their use in the measuring of board, timber, s ...
2342   The scale of interest: or The use of decimal fractions : and the table of logarithmes, in the most easie and exact resolving all questions in anatocism, or compound interest; with tables of simple interest also at 6. per cent. per annum. Together with their use in the measuring of board, timber, sto ...
2343   The scale of interest: or The use of decimal fractions : with a table of logarithmes, demonstrating the most easie and exact resolving all questions in anatocism, or compound interest, and tables of simple interest also at 6. per cent. per annum. Together with their use in the measuring of board, ti ...
2344   Scale space and PDE methods in computer vision : 5th international conference, Scale-Space 2005, Hofgeismar, Germany, April 7-9, 2005 : proceedings
2345   Scale space and variational methods in computer vision : first International Conference, SSVM 2007, Ischia, Italy,May 30 - June 2, 2007 : proceedings
2346   Scale space and variational methods in computer vision : second international conference, SSVM 2009, Voss, Norway,June 1-5, 2009 : proceedings
2347   Scale space methods in computer vision : 4th international conference, Scale-Space 2003, Isle of Skye, UK, June 10-12, 2003 : proceedings
2348   Scale-isometric polytopal graphs in hypercubes and cubic lattices : polytopes in hypercubes and Z̳n
2349   Scaling analysis in modeling transport and reaction processes : a systematic approach to model building and the art of approximation
2350   Scattering : scattering and inverse scattering in pure and applied science
2351   Schaum's outline of review of elementary mathematics
2352   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of basic mathematics with applications to science and technology
2353   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of beginning finite mathematics
2354   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college mathematics : algebra, discrete mathematics, precalculus,introduction to calculus
2355   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college mathematics : algebra, discrete mathematics,trigonometry, geometry, introduction to calculus
2356   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electromagnetics
2357   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of mathematics for nurses
2358   Scholastic dynamath
2359   A school course of mathematics
2360   School science and mathematics
2361   Schooling effects on mathematics achievement at sixth form level in Hong Kong
2362   Science & education
2363   Science and mathematics achievements at the mid-primary level in Hong Kong : a summary report for Hong Kong in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)
2364   Science for all Americans
2365   Science in China . Series A, , Mathematics
2366   The science of soccer
2367   Scientific annals of computer science
2368   Sechsstellige gaussische und siebenstellige gemeine logarithmen
2369   Second generation wavelets and applications
2370   Second handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning : a project of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
2371   Second philosophy : a naturalistic method
2372   Secondary analysis of the TIMSS data
2373   Secondary three students' strategies in solving algebraic equations
2374   Seismic imaging and inversion : application of linear inverse theory
2375   Selc̦uk journal of applied mathematics
2376   Selecta mathematica. New series
2377   Selected papers
2378   Selected philosophical writings of Fung Yu-lan
2379   Selected works in applied mechanics and mathematics
2380   Selected works of Wen-tsun Wu
2381   Self-dual codes and invariant theory
2382   Self-regularity : a new paradigm for primal-dual interior-point algorithms
2383   Self-regulated learning strategies of mathematically gifted students
2384   Semi-Markov chains and hidden semi-Markov models toward applications : their use in reliability and DNAanalysis
2385   The semicircle on a sector : in two books. Containing the description of a general and portable instrument; whereby most problems (reducible to instrumental practice) in astronomy, trigonometry, arithmetick, geometry, geography, topography,navigation, dyalling, &c. are speedily and exactly resolved. ...
2386   Semiclassical dynamics and relaxation
2387   Semiotics in mathematics education : epistemology, history, classroom, and culture
2388   Sensitivity analysis in linear regression
2389   The separation of law and equity : considered with reference to an opinion attributed to Lord Eldon : the connection between mathematics and the moral sciences demonstrated, and the loci of jurisdiction in equity, and judgment at law, traced from their equations, shewing the jurisdiction of equity o ...
2390   Sequence comparison : theory and methods
2391   Sequences and their applications - SETA 2008 : 5th international conference, Lexington, KY, USA, September 14-18, 2008 : proceedings
2392   Sequences and their applications -- SETA 2012 : 7th International Conference, Waterloo, On, Canada, June 4-8 2012 : proceedings
2393   Sequences and their applications : SETA 2004 :third international conference, Seoul, Korea, October 24-28, 2004 : revised selected papers
2394   Sequences and their applications--SETA 2006 : 4th international conference, Beijing, China, September 24-28,2006 : proceedings
2395   Sequences, subsequences, and consequences : international workshop, SSC 2007, Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 31-June 2, 2007 : revised invited papers
2396   Serving two masters : a study of quantitative literacy at small colleges and universities
2397   Sets, logic and maths for computing
2398   Shadows of reality : the fourth dimension in relativity, cubism, and modern thought
2399   Shaping the future
2400   Shifted convolution sums and quantum unique ergodicity
2401   Shock wave dynamics : derivatives and related topics
2402   A shock-fitting primer
2403   Short arithmetick : or, The old and tedious way of numbering, reduced to a new and briefe method. Whereby a mean capacity may easily attain competent skill and facility. The particulars appear in the table
2404   Short circuits in power systems : a practical guide to IEC 60 909
2405   A short course on spectral theory
2406   A short introduction to intuitionistic logic
2407   A short treatise of the combinations, elections, permutations & composition of quantities : illustrated by several examples, with a new speculation of the differences of the powers of numbers
2408   SIAM journal on algebraic and discrete methods
2409   SIAM journal on financial mathematics
2410   SIAM journal on imaging sciences
2411   SIAM journals online
2412   Sigmae
2413   SIGMAP newsletter
2414   Signal analysis : wavelets, filter banks,time-frequency transforms, and applications
2415   Signal and image multiresolution analysis
2416   Signal processing and integrated circuits
2417   Signal processing in magnetic resonance spectroscopy with biomedical applications
2418   Signal treatment and signal analysis in NMR
2419   Signals and systems : with MATLAB applications
2420   Simulated annealing, theory with applications
2421   Simulation and Monte Carlo : with applications in finance and MCMC
2422   Singular perturbation theory : mathematical and analytical techniques with applications to engineering
2423   Singular sets of minimizers for the Mumford-Shah functional
2424   Singularities in geometry and topology : proceedings of the Trieste Singularity Summer School and Workshop, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 15 August - 3 September 2005
2425   Singularly perturbed boundary-value problems
2426   Smale's inequalities for polynomials and mean value conjecture
2427   Small group learning in mathematics
2428   Smooth manifolds and observables
2429   Smooth orthonormal wavelet libraries : design and application
2430   Social constructivism as a philosophy of mathematics
2431   Sociocultural research on mathematics education : an international perspective
2432   Software service and application engineering : essays dedicated to Bernd Krämer on the occasion of his 65th birthday
2433   Solstice (Ann Arbor, Mich. : Online)
2434   Solving algebraic computational problems in geodesy andgeoinformatics : the answer to modern challenges
2435   Solving mathematical problems : a verification of a spatial representation model
2436   Solving polynomial equation systems . [Vol. I]
2437   Some properties of [¯gamma*n] and error control with group network codes
2438   Some results in wavelet theory and their applications
2439   Some results on biorthogonal wavelet matrices and their applications
2440   Some sensitivity results for time-delay optimal control problems
2441   Some variations on Discrete-Cosine-Transform-based lossy image compression
2442   The soul of Beijing opera : theatrical creativity and continuity in the changing world
2443   Southwest journal of pure and applied mathematics
2444   Space, structure and randomness : contributions in honor of Georges Matheron in the fields of geostatistics, random sets, and mathematical morphology
2445   Space, time and number in the brain : searching for the foundations of mathematical thought
2446   Space-time coding
2447   Special functions for applied scientists
2448   Spectral analysis in engineering : concepts and cases
2449   The spectral analysis of time series
2450   Spectral element method in structural dynamics
2451   Spectral finite element method : wave propagation, diagnostics and control in anisotropic and inhomogenous structures
2452   Spectral interpretation of decision diagrams
2453   Spectral logic and its applications for design of digital devices
2454   Spectral method in multiaxial random fatigue
2455   Spectral methods : evolution to complex geometries and applications to fluid dynamics
2456   Spectral methods : fundamentals in single domains
2457   Spectral methods for time-dependent problems
2458   Spectral methods in quantum field theory
2459   Spectral methods in surface superconductivity
2460   Spectral methods in unbounded domains : 无界区域中的谱方法
2461   Spectral theory in inner product spaces and applications : 6th Workshop on Operator Theory in Krein Spaces and Operator Polynomials, Berlin, December 2006
2462   Spectral theory of infinite-area hyperbolic surfaces
2463   Spectral theory of non-commutative harmonic oscillators : an introduction
2464   Spectral/hp element methods for computational fluid dynamics
2465   Spherical functions of mathematical geosciences : a scalar, vectorial, and tensorial setup
2466   A splintered vision : an investigation of and mathematics education
2467   Sports leagues scheduling : models, combinatorial properties, and optimization algorithms
2468   Spravochnik po matematike
2469   The square and cube root compleated, and made easie. being a secret never yet manifested; but the contrary acknowledged by sundry artists.By Peter Halliman, of Stockton, in the county of Durham
2470   Stability and change in school mathematics : a socio-cultural case study of secondary mathematics in Macau
2471   Stability and optimization of structures : generalized sensitivity analysis
2472   Stability of nonautonomous differential equations
2473   STAD in form 1 mathematics : effects on achievement, on-task behaviour and intrinsic interest in thesubject
2474   Stamping through mathematics
2475   Statistical analysis of secondary school teachers' attitudes towards mathematics
2476   Statistical and inductive inference by minimum message length
2477   Statistical modeling by wavelets
2478   Statistical modelling of gambling probabilities
2479   Statistical procedures and their mathematical bases
2480   Statistical reasoning in medicine : the intuitive p-value primer
2481   Statistical size distributions in economics and actuarial sciences
2482   Statistics of linear polymers in disordered media
2483   STEAM journal
2484   STEM models of success : programs, policies, and practices in the community college
2485   Stigmai ageōmetrias, agroichias, antipoliteas, amatheias, or, Markes of the absurd geometry, rural language, Scottish church-politicks, and barbarismes of John Wallis professor of geometry and doctor of divinity
2486   Stochastic algorithms : foundations and applications : second international symposium, SAGA 2003, Hatfield,UK, September 22-23, 2003 : proceedings
2487   Stochastic algorithms : foundations and applications : third international symposium, SAGA 2005, Moscow, Russia, October 20-22, 2005 ; proceedings
2488   Stochastic algorithms : foundations and applications, 5th International Symposium, SAGA 2009 Sapporo, Japan, October 26-28, 2009 proceedings
2489   Stochastic algorithms: foundations and applications : 4th international symposium, SAGA 2007, Zurich, Switzerland, September 13-14, 2007 : proceedings
2490   Stochastic analysis in discrete and continuous settings : with normal martingales
2491   Stochastic control in insurance
2492   Stochastic dominance : investment decision making under uncertainty
2493   Stochastic dynamics of structures
2494   Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment
2495   Stochastic finance
2496   Stochastic global optimization : techniques and applications in chemical engineering
2497   Stochastic methods and their applications to communications : stochastic differential equationsapproach
2498   Stochastic methods for pension funds
2499   The stochastic perturbation method for computational mechanics
2500   Stochastic structural dynamics : application of finite element methods
2501   Stopped random walks : limit theorems and applications
2502   Strange writing : anomaly accounts in early medieval China
2503   The stranger's assistant and school-boy's instructor : Containing many useful and valuable rules in arithmetic, with explanations adapted to the most common capacities; : to which is added, a complete system of reduction of coins and currencies; with four large tables. : Also--the duties on imports ...
2504   Strategies in the teaching of problem solving skills in mathematics : a comparison between the experienced and the less-experienced teachers
2505   Stratified Lie groups and potential theory for their sub-Laplacians
2506   Strengthening the linkages between the sciences and the mathematical sciences
2507   A structural account of mathematics
2508   Structural inference of linear models for some families of error distributions
2509   Structural reliability
2510   The structure of compact groups : a primer for the student, a handbook for the expert
2511   The structure of models of Peano arithmetic
2512   A student's guide to Fourier transforms : with applications in physics and engineering
2513   A student's guide to geophysical equations
2514   A student's guide to the study, practice, and tools of modern mathematics
2515   Student's solution manual for mathematical methods for physics and engineering
2516   Students' responses to content specific open-ended mathematics tasks : describing activities and difficulties of classroom participants
2517   Studia mathematica
2518   Studies in complexity and cryptography : miscellanea on the interplay between randomness and computation
2519   Studies in mathematical sciences
2520   Studies in science education
2521   Study of conic sections and prime numbers in China : cultural influence on the development, application and transmission of mathematical ideas
2522   A study of Du Fu's (712-770) war poems : 杜甫(712-770)戰爭詩研究
2523   A study of early Buddhist scriptural calligraphy : based on Buddhist manuscripts found in Dunhuang and Turfan (3-5 century)
2524   A study of female characters in modern Chinese historical drama (1911-1949) : 現代歷史劇中之女性人物硏究
2525   A study of Lao She's (1899-1966) short stories : 老舍(1899-1966)短篇小說硏究
2526   A study of Tao Hongjing (456-536) and his Taoist literary works
2527   A study of the effect of criterion-referencing on teaching, learning and assessment in secondary schools
2528   A study of the literature of the Maoshan Toaist Sect in High Tang China : 盛唐茅山派道敎文學硏究
2529   Study of the places in "A dealy secret" : 《連城訣》場所研究
2530   Study of wavelet and the filter bank theory with application to image coding
2531   A study of Zhang Tianyi's children's literature : 張天翼兒童文學硏究
2532   Study on the cooperative phenomena of the hypothesis testing Minority Game
2533   Studying classroom teaching as a medium for professional development : proceedings of a U.S.-Japan workshop
2534   Studying virtual math teams
2535   A subject with no object : strategies for nominalistic interpretation of mathematics
2536   Subjects for mathematical essays
2537   The subscriber proposes to establish in Boston a school for teaching all the branches of the pure mathematics : The following is the course that will be adopted in this school
2538   Success with mathematics
2539   Such as are desirous, eyther themselues to learne, or to haue theyr children or seruants instructed in any of these artes and faculties heer vnder named, it may please them to repayre vnto the house of Humfry Baker
2540   Supermanifolds and supergroups : basictheory
2541   Supermodularity and complementarity
2542   Supplementum analyticum ad æquationes cartesianas
2543   Supporting mathematical thinking
2544   Surface fitting and multiresolution methods
2545   A survey of the representations of categories
2546   Surveys in modern mathematics
2547   Suspension geometry and computation
2548   SVD and signal processing III : algorithms, architectures, and applications
2549   Symbolizing and communicating in mathematics classrooms : perspectives on discourse, tools, and instructional design
2550   Symmetries and overdetermined systems of partial differential equations
2551   Symmetries in quantum physics
2552   Symmetry and the monster : one of the greatest quests of mathematics
2553   Symmetry through the eyes of a chemist
2554   Symmetry, representations, and invariants
2555   Symplectic 4-manifolds and algebraic surfaces : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Cetraro, Italy September 2-10, 2003
2556   Synchronization and triggering : from fracture to earthquake processes : laboratory, field analysis and theories
2557   System theory, the Schur algorithm and multidimensional analysis
2558   Systema compendiosum totius mathematices : hoc est geometriae, opticae, astronomiae, et geographiae publicis prælectionibus anno 1605 in celeberrimo Gymnasio Dantiscano propositum
2559   A systemic perspective on cognition and mathematics
2560   Systems engineering and architecting : creating formal requirements
2561   Systems of conservation laws . 1, , Hyperbolicity, entropies, shock waves
2562   Syzygies and Hilbert functions
2563   Séminaire de probabilités XXXVI
2564   Séminaire de probabilités XXXVII
2565   Séminaire de probabilités XXXVIII
2566   T'ang poetry in English : a survey and critical study of translations from 1884-1975
2567   Table of integrals, series, and products
2568   A Table shewing the true value of the hundred, and the halfe quartern of haperdepois [sic] weight at any price whatsoever
2569   Tabulæ Britannicæ : the British tables : wherein is contained logistical arithmetick, the doctrine of the sphere, astronomicall chronologie, the ecclesiastical accompt, the equation and reduction of time : together with the calculation of the motions of the fixed and wandering stars and the eclips ...
2570   Tabulæ mathematicæ, or, Tables of the naturall sines, tangents and secants : and the logarithms of the sines and tangents to every degree ... : with a table of logatithms [sic] of all absolute numbers ... : by help whereof, and the table of the proportional part thereunto annexed, the logarithms o ...
2571   Taiwanese journal of mathematics
2572   Tales of mathematicians and physicists
2573   Tamsui Oxford journal of information and mathematical sciences
2574   Tamsui Oxford journal of mathematical sciences
2575   Tasks in primary mathematics teacher education : purpose, use and exemplars
2576   Teach your child math : making math fun for the both of you
2577   Teach yourself algebra for electric circuits
2578   Teacher learning within the context of reform : a study of the curriculum Mathematics in context
2579   Teacher learning, curriculum change, and the culture of mathematics classrooms
2580   Teacher's and students' conceptions of mathematics : a case study of the classroom implementation of three-dimensional geometry in the new key stage 3 curriculum
2581   Teacher's linguistic features in mathematics classroom : an exploratory study
2582   Teacher's professional development and the elementary mathematics classroom : bringing understanding to light
2583   Teachers' and school heads' beliefs and feelings regarding calculator use in primary mathematics in Hong Kong
2584   Teachers' beliefs and mathematics curriculum reform : a comparative study of Hong Kong and Chongqing
2585   Teachers' usage of textbooks in primary six classes : an investigation on how primary six social studies and mathematics teachers use textbooks in their teaching
2586   The teaching and learning of mathematics at university level : an ICMI study
2587   Teaching children mathematics
2588   Teaching for learning mathematics
2589   Teaching K-6 mathematics
2590   Teaching mathematical reasoning in secondary school classrooms
2591   Teaching mathematics : a handbook for primary and secondary school teachers
2592   The teaching of mathematics
2593   Teaching of mathematics for engineering : colloquium on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 at Savoy Place
2594   Teaching secondary mathematics
2595   Technology, knowledge and learning
2596   Temps-fréquence
2597   Tensor product model transformation in polytopic model-basedcontrol
2598   Tensors and manifolds : with applications to mechanics and relativity
2599   Tensors and the Clifford algebra : application to the physics of bosons and fermions
2600   A text-book on practical mathematics for advanced technical students
2601   Theodosii Sphaerica : methodo nova illustrata,& succinctè demonstrata
2602   Theoretical computer science : 8th IFIP TC 1/WG 2.2 International Conference, TCS 2014, Rome, Italy, September 1-3, 2014 :proceedings
2603   Theoretical mathematics and applications
2604   Theory and applications of models of computation : 10th International Conference, TAMC 2013, Hong Kong, China, May 20-22, 2013 : proceedings
2605   Theory and applications of models of computation : 8th annual conference, TAMC 2011, Tokyo, Japan, May 23-25, 2011 : proceedings
2606   Theory and applications of models of computation : 9th annual conference, TAMC 2012, Beijing, China, May 16-21, 2012 : proceedings
2607   Theory and computation of electromagnetic fields
2608   Theory and design of M-channel cosine modulated filter banks and wavelets
2609   Theory and mathematical methods for bioinformatics
2610   Theory is forever : essays dedicated to Arto Salomaa on the occasion of his 70th birthday
2611   Theory of complex homogeneous bounded domains
2612   Theory of computation
2613   Theory of didactical situations in mathematics : didactique des mathématiques, 1970-1990
2614   The theory of gambling and statistical logic
2615   Theory of stochastic processes : with applications to financial mathematics and risk theory
2616   There's something about Gödel : the complete guide to the incompleteness theorem
2617   Theses logicæ, metaphysicæ, physicæ, mathematicæ : Quas adolescentes hac vice ex Collegio Glasguensi cum laurea emittendi
2618   Theses philosophicae : quas, Athenæi mareschallani magisterii candidati, quadriennale curriculú emensi, laureâ triumphali hac vice condecorandi IX. Calendum quintilbis A.P.D.O.M. publice propugnabunt horis & loco solitis. Præside Alexandro Quhyteo
2619   Theses philosophicæ : Quas A.P.N. die Julii [blank] propugnabunt adolescentes hac vice cum laurea emittendi ex Collegio Salvatoriano Academiæ Andreapolitanæ
2620   Thinking about equations : a practical guide for developing mathematical intuition in the physical sciences and engineering
2621   Thinking it through : linking language skills,thinking skills and drama
2622   Thinking styles and achievement in mathematics and language learning
2623   This boke newely imprynted sheweth the maner of measuryng of all maner of lande : as well of woodlande, as of plowelande, and pastore in the felde, [and] comptynge the true nombre of acres of the same. Newely inuented and compyled by Syr Rycharde Benese, Chanon of Marton Abbay besyde London
2624   This boke sheweth the maner of measurynge of all maner of lande : as well of woodlande, as of lande in the felde, and comptynge the true nombre of acres of the-same [sic]. Newlye inuented and compyled by Syr Rycharde Benese Chanon of Marton Abbay besyde Lond on [sic]
2625   This is only a test : teaching for mathematical understanding in an age of standardized testing
2626   Thomas Harriot's Artis analyticae praxis : an English translation with commentary
2627   Thomæ Hobbes quadratura circuli, cubatio sphære, duplicatio cubi, confutata
2628   Thomæ Hobbes quadratura circuli, cubatio sphæræ, duplicatio cubi; (Secundo edita,) denuo refutata. Authore Johanne Wallis S.T.D. Geometriæ professore Saviliano
2629   Thoughts and practice of a Hong Kong teacher in mathematics alternative assessment via concerns-based adoption model
2630   Three papers presented to the Royal Society against Dr. Wallis : together with considerations on Dr. Wallis his Answer to them
2631   Throughput optimization in robotic cells
2632   Théories spectrales . Chapitres 1 et 2
2633   Tijdschrift voor de geschiedenis der geneeskunde, natuurwetenschappen,wiskunde en techniek
2634   Time domain electromagnetics
2635   Time-frequency transforms for radar imaging and signal analysis
2636   Time-scale and time-frequency analysis and applications : seminar : Tuesday, 29 February 2000, IEE, Savoy Place, London
2637   Tochnye nauki v drevnosti
2638   Tool and object : a history and philosophy of category theory
2639   Topics in discrete mathematics : dedicated to Jarik Nešetřil on the occasion of his 60th birthday
2640   Topics in finite and discrete mathematics
2641   Topics in operator semigroups
2642   Topics in spatial stochastic processes : lectures given at the C.I.M.E. summer school held in Martina Franca,Italy, July 1-8, 2001
2643   Topics in the theory of algebraic function fields
2644   Topics on concentration phenomena and problems with multiple scales
2645   Topology of singular fibers of differentiable maps
2646   Topology-based methods in visualization II
2647   Toward equity in quality in mathematics education
2648   Toward excellence in K-8 mathematics
2649   Towards a philosophy of real mathematics
2650   Towards gender equity in mathematics education : an ICMI study
2651   Towards mathematical philosophy : papers from the Studia Logica Conference Trends in Logic IV
2652   Tracer kinetics in biomedical research : from data to model
2653   Tracking and Kalman filtering made easy
2654   Tractatus duo : prior, de cycloide et corporibus inde gentis : posterior, epistolaris in qua agitur de cissoide, et corporibus inde gentis, et de curvarum
2655   Tractatus mathematicus de figurarum curvilinearum quadraturis et locis geometricis
2656   The trades-man's help : an introduction to arithmetick, both vulgar, decimal, and instrumental, with the use of a new instrument, called the jointed sliding-rule : and also a perpetual almanack, ... : with directions for the making of bonds, bills, wills,and other things of note
2657   Tragic elements in Tang short stories : 唐朝傳奇中的悲劇元素
2658   Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society
2659   Transactions on combinatorics
2660   Transactions on computational science XX : special issue on Voronoi diagrams and their applications
2661   Transactions on petri nets and other models of concurrency VII
2662   Transactions on petri nets and other models of concurrency VIII
2663   Transformation of knowledge, information and data : theory and applications
2664   The transformations of Chinese medicine during the northern Song dynasty (a.d. 960--1127) : the integration of three past medical approaches into a comprehensive medical system following a wave of epidemics
2665   Transforming teaching in math and science : how schools and districts can support change
2666   Transforming undergraduate education in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology
2667   Transforms and applications primer for engineers with examples and MATLAB
2668   Translating Buddhist medicine in medieval China
2669   Transport equations and multi-d hyperbolic conservation laws
2670   Transport in multilayered nanostructures : the dynamical mean-field theory approach
2671   Transport phenomena : an introduction to advanced topics
2672   Travelling arithmetic mathematics : the fate of Diophantos
2673   A treatise of algebra, both historical and practical : shewing the original, progress, and advancement thereof, from time to time, and by what steps it hath attained to the heighth at which it now is : with some additional treatises
2674   A treatise on anlaytical statics
2675   A treatise on friendly societies : in which the doctrine of interest of money, and the doctrine of probability, are practically applied to the affairs of such societies : with numerous tables : and an appendix, containing the acts of Parliament relating to friendly societies
2676   A treatise on the circle and the sphere
2677   A treatise on the valuation of annuities and assurances on lives and survivorships : on the construction of tables of mortality and on the probabilities and expectations of life, wherein the laws of mortality that prevail in different parts of Europe are determined, and the comparative mortalities o ...
2678   Trefftz method and its application in engineering
2679   Trends and applications of mathematics to mechanics : STAMM 2002
2680   Tresaurarium mathematicae, or, The treasury of mathematicks : containing variety of usefull practices in arithmetick, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, geography, navigation and surveying ... to which is annexed a table of 10000 logarithms,log-sines, and log-tangents
2681   Triangulations and applications
2682   Trigonometria Britanica, or, The doctrine of triangles : in two books : the first of which sheweth the construction of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents and secants, and table of logarithms ... : the other, the use or application of the canon of artificiall sines, tangents and logarithms ...
2683   The trissotetras: or, a most exquisite table for resolving all manner of triangles, : whether plaine or sphericall, rectangular or obliquangular, with greater facility, then ever hitherto hath been practised: most necessary for all such as would attaine to the exact knowledge of fortification, dyali ...
2684   Trudy Matematicheskogo instituta imeni V.A. Steklova
2685   Trudy Petrozavodskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta , Seri︠i︡a Matematika
2686   Tsunamis and hurricanes : a mathematical approach
2687   Turbo coding for satellite and wireless communications
2688   Turbo coding, turbo equalisation and space-time coding : exit-chart aided near-capacity designs for wireless channels
2689   Turbo coding, turbo equalisation, and space-time coding
2690   Tutorials in mathematical biosciences . I, , Mathematical neuroscience
2691   TWMS journal of applied and engineering mathematics
2692   Two-person zero-sum games
2693   A two-step perturbation method in nonlinear analysis of beams, plates and shells
2694   Two-year college mathematics journal
2695   Typed lambda calculi and applications : 11th International Conference, TLCA 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 26-28, 2013 : proceedings
2696   Ultrafilters and topologies
2697   Uncertainty analysis with high dimensional dependence modelling
2698   Uncertainty forecasting in engineering
2699   Uncertainty modeling and analysis in engineering and the sciences
2700   Under the spell of the gauge principle
2701   Understanding cryptography : a textbook for students and practitioners
2702   Understanding engineering mathematics
2703   Understanding geometric algebra for electromagnetic theory
2704   Understanding information systems : what they do and why we need them
2705   Understanding mathematics and science matters
2706   Understanding primary mathematics
2707   Understanding the mathematics of personal finance : an introduction to financial literacy
2708   Understanding uncertainty
2709   Understanding uncertainty
2710   A unified approach to the finite element method and error analysis procedures
2711   A unified game theory approach to H-infinity control and filtering
2712   Unified mathematics
2713   Uniqueness theorems for variational problems by the method of transformation groups
2714   The unity of mathematics : in honor of the ninetieth birthday of I.M. Gelfand
2715   The universal modern cambist, and foreign and domestic commercial calculator
2716   University science and mathematics education in transition
2717   Unlocking mathematics teaching
2718   Unstable singularities and randomness : their importance in the complexity of physical, biological, and social sciences
2719   The upright brush : Yan Zhenqing's calligraphy and Song literati politics
2720   The use of artificial satellites for geodesy
2721   The use of computer software in geometry learning
2722   Use of the Richardson-Lucy algorithm in analyzing positron annihilation spectroscopy data
2723   The use of the rule of proportion in arithmetick and geometrie : First published at Paris in the French-tongue, and dedicated to Monsieur, the then Kings onely brother (now Duke of Orleance) by Edm. Wingate, an English gent. And now translated into English by the same author. Whereinto is now also i ...
2724   The use of variation theory to improve secondary three students' learning of the mathematical concept of slope
2725   Useless arithmetic : why environmental scientists can't predict the future
2726   USGS-WHOI-DPRI Coulomb stress-transfer model for the January 12, 2010,Mw=7.0 Haiti earthquake
2727   Using a cognitive approach to assess achievement in secondary school mathematics
2728   Using assessment to reshape mathematics teaching : a casebook for teachers and teacher educators, curriculum and staff development specialists
2729   Using diagrams to solve word problems involving percentage in primary six students
2730   Using ICT in learning and teaching mathematics
2731   Using ICT to foster higher order thinking in learning mathematics
2732   Using web-based assessment for learning and teaching primary mathematics
2733   The vade mecum for America: or A companion for traders and travellers : containing I. An exact and useful table, shewing the value of any quantity of any commodity, ready cast up, from one yard or pound to ten thousand. II. A table of simple and compound interest. III. The names of the towns, and co ...
2734   The vade mecum for America: or A companion for traders and travellers : containing I. An exact and useful table, shewing the value of any quantity of any commodity, ready cast up, from one yard or pound to ten thousand. II. A table of simple and compound interest. III. The names of the towns, and co ...
2735   Vagueness in communication : international workshop, ViC 2009, held as part of ESSLLI 2009, Bordeaux, France, July 20-24, 2009 : revised selected papers
2736   Value-based planning for teams of agents in stochastic partially observable environments
2737   Values teaching in Hong Kong junior secondary mathematics
2738   Variational analysis and applications
2739   Variational and extremum principles in macroscopic systems
2740   Variational and quasi-variational inequalities in mechanics
2741   Variational inequalities with applications : a study of antiplane frictional contact problems
2742   Variational principles and distributed circuits
2743   Variational problems in materials science
2744   Variational, geometric, and level set methods in computer vision : third international workshop, VLSM 2005, Beijing, China, October 16, 2005 : proceedings
2745   Variations on constants : flow analysis of sequential and parallel programs
2746   Vector analysis for computer graphics
2747   Vector fields on singular varieties
2748   Vector game math processors
2749   Vector optimization and monotone operators via convex duality : recent advances
2750   Verification by error modeling : using testing techniques in hardware verification
2751   Vertical density representation and its applications
2752   VI Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Geodesy : IAG symposium, Wuhan, China 29 May - 2June, 2006
2753   Viability, invariance and applications
2754   VII Hotine-Marussi Symposium on mathematical geodesy : Proceedings of the Symposium in Rome, 6-10 June, 2009
2755   Visual thinking in mathematics : an epistemological study
2756   Visualization of fields and applications in engineering
2757   Visualization, explanation and reasoning styles in mathematics
2758   Vite matematiche : protagonisti del '900 da Hilbert a Wiles
2759   Vladimir I. Arnold collected works
2760   Volume and surface integrals used in physics
2761   Vortex dominated flows : analysis and computation for multiple scale phenomena
2762   Vortex physics of unconventional superconductors : Ginzburg-Lindau theory
2763   Vortices in the magnetic Ginzburg-Landau model
2764   Water and wastewater calculations manual
2765   Wave propagation in fluids : models and numerical techniques
2766   Wave propagation in fluids : models and numerical techniques
2767   Wavelet analysis and applications
2768   Wavelet analysis and multiresolution methods : proceedings of the conference held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
2769   Wavelet analysis of precordial doppler ultrasound on venous air embolism
2770   Wavelet applications in economics and finance
2771   Wavelet image and video compression
2772   Wavelet methods for dynamical problems : with application to metallic, composite, and nanocomposite structures
2773   Wavelet methods in statistics with R
2774   Wavelet theory : an elementary approach with applications
2775   Wavelet theory and its application to pattern recognition
2776   A wavelet tour of signal processing
2777   A wavelet tour of signal processing : the Sparse way
2778   Wavelet, subband, and block transforms in communications and multimedia
2779   Wavelet-based head-related transfer function analysis for audiology
2780   Wavelets : from math to practice
2781   Wavelets : the key to intermittentinformation?
2782   Wavelets and signal processing : an application-based introduction
2783   Wavelets and their applications
2784   Wavelets and their applications
2785   Wavelets in electromagnetics and device modeling
2786   Wavelets, multiscale systems and hypercomplex analysis
2787   A wealth of numbers : an anthology of 500 years of popular mathematics writing
2788   Weeding and sowing : preface to a science of mathematical education
2789   Weight filtrations on log crystalline cohomologies of families of open smooth varieties
2790   The well-spring of sciences : teaching the perfect works and practise of arithmetick, both in numbers and fractions
2791   The western practical arithmetic : containing a great variety of exercises, particularly adapted to the currency of the United States: to which is added a short system of book-keeping, designed for the use of schools and private schools
2792   What does understanding mathematics mean for teachers? : relationship as a metaphor for knowing
2793   What is mathematics, really?
2794   Why do buses come in threes? : the hidden mathematics of everyday life
2795   The Wigner Monte Carlo method for nanoelectronic devices : a particle description of quantum transport and decoherence
2796   Windows on teaching math : cases of middle and secondary classrooms
2797   Windows on teaching math : cases of middle and secondary classrooms : facilitator's guide
2798   Windows on the past
2799   Wireless communications
2800   Wireless communications : algorithmic techniques
2801   Within the IEA second international mathematics study : a study of student achievement in specific mathematics topics in relation to teaching processes in Hong Kong
2802   Within the IEA Third international Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) : the relationship between family background and mathematics achievement of Hong Kong students
2803   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the I.E.A. second mathematics study : a comparison of the background of students drawn from the form I and form VI populations
2804   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the I.E.A. second mathematics study : an evaluation of the reliability and validity of some instruments for the assessment of classroom processes in form VI classes
2805   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the I.E.A. second mathematics study : an evaluation of the trial attitude scales
2806   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the IEA second mathematics study : a study of attitudes towards mathematics in the secondary schools
2807   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the IEA second mathematics study : an evaluation of the reliability and validity of some instruments for the assessment of classroom processes in form ONE classes
2808   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the IEA second mathematics study : the preparation, trial, and analysis of cognitive items for students in the sixth-form
2809   Within the pilot study in Hong Kong for the IEA Second Mathematics Study : validation of the IEA teacher topic-specific questionnaires
2810   Within the second IEA mathematics study : to determine the viability-relevance of the teacher topic-specific questionnaires and to explore the extent of teacher variability in mathematics teaching in Hong Kong
2811   Women in mathematics : the addition of difference
2812   Word problems : research and curriculum reform
2813   Working with numbers and statistics : a handbook for journalists
2814   Workshop on Higher-Order Spectral Analysis : The Lodge at Vail, Vail, Colorado, June 28-30, 1989
2815   Ying yong shu xue he li xue
2816   Zadachi Arnolda
2817   ZDM
2818   Zeitschrift für angewandte mathematik und mechanik
2819   Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik
2820   Zhurnal vychislitelńoĭ matematiki i matematicheskoĭ fiziki
2821   [Nobilisssimo] viro Georgio vice-comiti à Tarbat, regulo Macleod à Castlehaven, &c
2822   Éléments d'histoire des mathématiques
2823   Über das Wahrnehmen verschiedenartiger Lichtimpulse bei veränderlichenUmfeldleuchtdichten
2824   Über eine neue Interferenzerscheinung an planparallelen Glasplatten und eine methode die Planparallelität solcher Gläser zu prüfen
2825   ˘Siauliai mathematical seminar
2826   Алексей Андреевич Ляпунов, 1911-1973
2827   《九章算术》与刘徽
2828   《寿险精算导论》
2829   《左传》、《国语》方术研究
2830   《歷代名畫記》硏究
2831   《渴望》之謎
2832   《算术基础理论》习题解答
2833   《紅樓夢》子弟書研究
2834   《紅樓夢》子弟書賞讀
2835   《聊斋俚曲》语法研究
2836   《馬蘭花》的舞台藝術
2837   一位数学家的经历
2838   一得集
2839   一课3练 , 数学
2840   丁巨算法
2841   丁巨算法
2842   丁巨算法
2843   丁巨算法
2844   七世紀前中國的知識, 思想與信仰世界
2845   七世紀至十九年紀中國的知識, 思想與信仰
2846   三代吉金文存釋文
2847   三十年來的蘇聯數學, 1917-1947 , 數學基礎與數理邏輯
2848   三國碑述
2849   三年制技工学校数学教学大纲 : 试行
2850   三思齋論集
2851   三百年遺響 : 蒲松齡俚曲音樂硏究
2852   三秦古今名联
2853   三蘇文藝思想
2854   上博楚簡書法研究
2855   上博館藏戰國楚竹書硏究
2856   上博館藏戰國楚竹書硏究續編
2857   上古書法圖說
2858   上海中学数学
2859   上海市1956-57年中学生数学竞賽习題汇編
2860   上海市中等學校1957-1958學年度新生入學考試高中一年級數學試卷的分析研究
2861   上海市小学暂用课本 , 算术
2862   上海沪剧志
2863   上饶师院教师书法作品集
2864   下學葊算書三種
2865   不寻常的数学问题
2866   不知道的世界 : Buzhidao de shijie / , 数学篇
2867   不等式
2868   不等式
2869   不等式
2870   不等式
2871   不等式
2872   不等式
2873   不等式
2874   不等式啓蒙
2875   不等式图解、证明及演绎
2876   不等式的証明及應用
2877   不等式的证明
2878   不等式與一元二次方程
2879   不等式與綫性規劃初步
2880   不等式論
2881   不等式证法
2882   与新课程同行 : 数学学与教的心理学
2883   世界华文微型小说硏究
2884   世界华文微型小说精品赏析
2885   世界数学史
2886   世界数学名题选讲
2887   世界數學史略
2888   世界數學史簡編
2889   世界著名数学家传记
2890   丘成桐的数学人生
2891   东汉碑刻的隶书
2892   丝绸之路民族民间文学硏究
2893   两周青铜乐器铭辞研究
2894   两汉刻划金文
2895   中、美历届数学竞赛试题精解
2896   中医内科史略
2897   中医医家学说及学术思想史
2898   中医史话
2899   中医大辞典 , 医史文献分册
2900   中医文化谈
2901   中华人民共和国国歌歌词大楷字帖
2902   中华元典精神
2903   中华医学文化大观
2904   中华古数学巡礼
2905   中华古数学巡礼 : Zhonghua gushuxue xunli
2906   中华启智童诗宝鉴 , 古代神童卷
2907   中华启智童诗宝鉴 , 大地万物卷
2908   中华启智童诗宝鉴 , 天象时令卷
2909   中华启智童诗宝鉴 , 童心亲情卷
2910   中华对联写作 : Zhonghua duilian xiezuo
2911   中华对联研究与英译初探
2912   中华对联辞典
2913   中华数学之光
2914   中华楹联
2915   中华民间文学通论
2916   中华灯谜研究
2917   中华的智慧 : 中国古代哲学思想精粹
2918   中华罗庚学校数学课本 , 小学四年级
2919   中华美学史
2920   中华诗书画源远流长论文集
2921   中华谜海
2922   中华谜语大观
2923   中古文献語言論集
2924   中囯书法理论经典
2925   中囯古代数学思想方法
2926   中囯哲学史敎程
2927   中囯图像叙述传播
2928   中囯少数民族古代美学思想资料初编
2929   中囯当代国画家辞典
2930   中囯思维偏向
2931   中囯报告文学史
2932   中囯数学史论文集
2933   中囯现代书画目录
2934   中囯现代思想史论
2935   中囯现代报告文学史论
2936   中囯石窟图文志
2937   中囯艺朮通史
2938   中囯花鸟画发展史
2939   中囯货币文化史
2940   中国"现代书法"论文选 : Florilegium of theses on contemporary Chinese calligraphy
2941   中国与欧洲早期宗教和哲学交流史
2942   中国中医药发展五十年, 1949-1999
2943   中国中学教学百科全书 , 数学卷
2944   中国中等数学文摘
2945   中国书法史演义
2946   中国书法演义
2947   中国书法简史
2948   中国书法艺术
2949   中国书法这棵树 : The tree of Chinese calligraphy
2950   中国书法通论
2951   中国书画、美术与美学
2952   中国书画作品集粹
2953   中国书画鉴定
2954   中国人学思想史
2955   中国人新论 : 從民諺看民心
2956   中国人民大学硏究生入学考试数学试题汇编, 1978-1988
2957   中国人民文学史
2958   中国人物画学
2959   中国传播论壇, 2002 : 中国电视剧传播 = China communication forum, 2002 : the communicationof China's TV play
2960   中国传统绘画大师
2961   中国传统音乐引论
2962   中国佛教研究史
2963   中国侠文化 : 积淀与承传 = Zhongguo xiawenhua : jidian yu chengchuan
2964   中国俗文学发展史
2965   中国俗文学槪论
2966   中国儿童文化 : Zhong guo er tong wen hua
2967   中国儿童文学与现代化进程
2968   中国儿童文学与现代化进程
2969   中国儿童文学十年, 1976-1986
2970   中国儿童文学年鉴
2971   中国儿童文学理论年鉴
2972   中国儿童文学理论批评与构想
2973   中国儿童文学讲话
2974   中国儿童文学选讲
2975   中国元代思想史
2976   中国公案小说艺術发展史
2977   中国公案武侠小说鉴赏大观
2978   中国出土古文献十讲
2979   中国初等数学研究, 1978-1988
2980   中国北方俚曲俗情
2981   中国医学史
2982   中国医学史
2983   中国医学史
2984   中国医学史
2985   中国医学史
2986   中国医学史略
2987   中国医学史讲义
2988   中国医学源流论
2989   中国医学百科全书 , 医学史
2990   中国医药文化遗产考论
2991   中国历代医学史略
2992   中国历代民歌赏析
2993   中国历代皇帝书法珍品
2994   中国历史小说通史
2995   中国古今名联鉴赏
2996   中国古代伪币研究
2997   中国古代军事辞赋精选
2998   中国古代医学成就
2999   中国古代医药卫生
3000   中国古代天文历法
3001   中国古代天文历法基础知识
3002   中国古代天文学史略
3003   中国古代学习思想史
3004   中国古代宮廷绘画管窺
3005   中国古代思想史论
3006   中国古代数学思想 : Thought in Chinese ancient mathematics
3007   中国古代数学的世界冠军
3008   中国古代田园诗赏析
3009   中国古代短篇小说欣赏辞典
3010   中国古代童谣析赏
3011   中国古代绘画
3012   中国古代美学史研究
3013   中国古代美学概观
3014   中国古代艳情小说史
3015   中国古代货币
3016   中国古代货币
3017   中国古瓷汇考
3018   中国古瓷汇考
3019   中国古算家的成就与治学思想
3020   中国古陶瓷
3021   中国哲学发展史 , 先秦
3022   中国哲学史
3023   中国哲学史
3024   中国哲学史
3025   中国哲学史
3026   中国哲学史
3027   中国哲学史 : Philosophy
3028   中国哲学史便览
3029   中国哲学史参考資料
3030   中国哲学史参考資料
3031   中国哲学史史料学初稿
3032   中国哲学史史料学槪要
3033   中国哲学史大纲
3034   中国哲学史教程
3035   中国哲学史新编
3036   中国哲学史方法论讨论集 : 中国哲学史讨论会特刊
3037   中国哲学史略
3038   中国哲学史稿
3039   中国哲学史纲
3040   中国哲学史纲
3041   中国哲学史纲要
3042   中国哲学史讲话
3043   中国哲学史论
3044   中国哲学史论丛
3045   中国哲学史资料辑要
3046   中国哲学史选讲
3047   中国哲学史通论
3048   中国哲学简史
3049   中国哲学简史
3050   中国哲学论集
3051   中国在数学上的贡献
3052   中国基督教文学的历史存在 : Historical existence of Chinese Christian literature
3053   中国大百科全书 , 数学
3054   中国天文学源流
3055   中国天文学简史
3056   中国姓氏 : 群体遗传和人口分布
3057   中国学朮通史
3058   中国学生必读文库 , 艺术卷
3059   中国宋辽金夏艺术史
3060   中国审美文化研究
3061   中国小学数学敎学史
3062   中国少数民族俗文学
3063   中国少数民族文学比较研究
3064   中国少数民族音乐
3065   中国山水画景物构成 : Zhongguo shanshuihua jingwu goucheng
3066   中国工艺美朮史
3067   中国市民文学史
3068   中国当代书法家辞典
3069   中国当代小说情爱叙事研究
3070   中国当代散文报告文学发展史
3071   中国当代文学翻译研究 (1966-1976)
3072   中国当代民间文艺学家
3073   中国当代硬笔书法作品集
3074   中国思想与文化 : Culture and thought in China
3075   中国思想史
3076   中国思想史论集
3077   中国思想通史
3078   中国戏剧的早期形态
3079   中国戏剧论辩
3080   中国戏曲剧种手册
3081   中国戏曲发展史
3082   中国戏曲精华史 : Zhongguo xiqu jinghuashi
3083   中国戏曲脸谱
3084   中国戏曲艺术国际学术讨论会论文汇编
3085   中国戏曲音乐概论
3086   中国才子佳人小说演变史 : The evolution history of Chinese caizi-jiaren novel
3087   中国报告文学史稿
3088   中国报告文学的萌生与形成
3089   中国数学发展的若干主攻方向 : Somemain aspects on development of Mathematics in China
3090   中国数学史简编
3091   中国数学史話
3092   中国数学地质进展
3093   中国数学教育
3094   中国数学的兴起与先秦数学
3095   中国数学的智慧之光
3096   中国数学的西化历程 : The westernization of mathematics in China
3097   中国数学简史
3098   中国数学课堂教学模式及其发展研究
3099   中国新文艺大系, 1976-1982 , 书法集
3100   中国早期姓氏制度研究
3101   中国明代思想史
3102   中国曲艺概论
3103   中国曲艺艺朮论
3104   中国曲艺通史
3105   中国書札賞玩
3106   中国歌剧艺术文集
3107   中国歌谣心理学
3108   中国民俗通志 . [7], , 民间文学志
3109   中国民族音乐概述
3110   中国民间小戏
3111   中国民间文化的学术史观照
3112   中国民间文学古典文献辑论
3113   中国民间文学概要
3114   中国民间文学研究的现代轨辙
3115   中国民间文艺学年鉴
3116   中国民间文艺学的新时代 : 中囯间文艺学四十年
3117   中国民间歌曲
3118   中国油画史 : History of Chinese oil painting
3119   中国灯谜知识
3120   中国现代书法界人名辞典
3121   中国现代女性创作及其社会性别
3122   中国现代性的影像书写 : 新时期改革题材电视剧研究
3123   中国现代报告文学史
3124   中国现代数学史话
3125   中国现代民间文学史论 : 中国现代作家的民间文学观
3126   中国现代经典短篇小说文本分析 : Zhongguo xiandai jingdian duanpian xiaoshuo wenben fenxi
3127   中国现代著名作家的婚恋与创作
3128   中国现代讽刺诗研究
3129   中国现代青年书法篆刻家作品集
3130   中国現代音乐家論民族音乐
3131   中国电影电视剧理论纵览
3132   中国电视剧 : China television drama
3133   中国电视剧发展史纲
3134   中国电视剧叙事文化研究
3135   中国电视剧导论
3136   中国电视散文精品选
3137   中国画的批评與思考
3138   中国画的艺术与技巧
3139   中国画视觉空间
3140   中国画论史
3141   中国画论选读
3142   中国硬笔书法家辞典
3143   中国碑刻的故事
3144   中国神怪小说通史
3145   中国神童妙联选
3146   中国神童诗歌选
3147   中国神话史 : The history of Chinese myths
3148   中国科学 , A辑, 数学
3149   中国科学 , A辑, 数学, 物理学, 天文学, 技术科学
3150   中国科学技术大学建校五周年纪念科学论文集
3151   中国科学院第3次学部委员会会议学术报告论文集 , 数理化部分
3152   中国绘画 : 无声诗里诵千秋
3153   中国绘画史
3154   中国绘画史 : Zhongguo huihua shi
3155   中国绘画的历史与审美鉴赏
3156   中国绘画赏析
3157   中国绘画这棵树 : The tree of Chinese painting
3158   中国美学主干思想
3159   中国美学史
3160   中国美学史 : Zhongguo meixueshi / , 魏晋南北朝编
3161   中国美学史 : Zhongguomeixueshi
3162   中国美学史大纲
3163   中国美学史资料选编 : Zhongguo miexueshi ziliao xuanbian
3164   中国美学简史 : Zhongguo meixue jianshi
3165   中国美术史
3166   中国美术史
3167   中国美术史
3168   中国美术史 : Zhongguomeishushi
3169   中国美术简史
3170   中国美食与营养 : Zhongguo meishi yu yingyang
3171   中国艺朮在世界的传播与影响
3172   中国艺朮地图 : The map of China art
3173   中国艺术
3174   中国艺术史
3175   中国艺术形象发展史纲 : 论中国审美意识的发展与艺术形象的关系 = Zhongguo yishu xingxiang fazhan shigang : lun Zhongguo shenmei yishu de fazhan yu yishu xingxiang de guanxi
3176   中国艺术生态论纲 : Zhongguo yishushengtailungang
3177   中国英雄侠义小说通史
3178   中国辞书学论文索引, 1911-1989
3179   中国近世白话短篇小说叙事发展研究
3180   中国近代书画目录
3181   中国近代人学思想史 : The modern Chinese ideological history of human study
3182   中国近代启蒙哲学
3183   中国近代哲学簡史
3184   中国近代数学教育史稿 : A concise history of mathematical education in the late Qing danysty
3185   中国速记百年史
3186   中国逻辑史资料选 , 汉至明卷
3187   中国醫学簡史
3188   中国钱币史话
3189   中国钱币学资料索引
3190   中国陶瓷
3191   中国陶瓷发展简史
3192   中国陶瓷这棵树 : The tree of Chinese pottery and porcelain
3193   中国雕塑艺术纲要 : Zhongguo diaosu yishu gangyao
3194   中国青春潮 , 报告文学卷
3195   中国食品科技史稿
3196   中国高考揭秘 , 数学
3197   中國上古書法史 : 魏晉以前書法文化哲學硏究
3198   中國上古社會新論 : 《金文新考》外編
3199   中國中学数学敎育史
3200   中國京劇史
3201   中國京劇史
3202   中國京劇史圖錄
3203   中國京劇述要
3204   中國人文思想槪觀
3205   中國人物畫史
3206   中國佛敎史學史論集
3207   中國佛教文學與美術
3208   中國俗文學史
3209   中國俗文學史
3210   中國俗文學史
3211   中國俗语选释
3212   中國倫理學史
3213   中國傳統學術史
3214   中國傳統戲曲音樂
3215   中國傳統醫學史
3216   中國傳統陶瓷藝術硏究
3217   中國傳統雕塑
3218   中國傳統食俗
3219   中國儒法鬥争史話
3220   中國医学史
3221   中國古今巧對妙联大觀
3222   中國古代十大志怪小說賞析
3223   中國古代哲學史
3224   中國古代哲學史論
3225   中國古代天文文物論集
3226   中國古代天文曆法
3227   中國古代寓言史
3228   中國古代寓言選譯
3229   中國古代少數民族美術
3230   中國古代山水畫史的研究
3231   中國古代建築技術史
3232   中國古代敎育詩選註
3233   中國古代數學
3234   中國古代數學
3235   中國古代數學史料
3236   中國古代數學史料
3237   中國古代數學史略
3238   中國古代數學的成就
3239   中國古代數學簡史
3240   中國古代書法史
3241   中國古代書畫目錄
3242   中國古代書畫目錄
3243   中國古代書畫硏究十論
3244   中國古代服飾史
3245   中國古代歌謡散論
3246   中國古代民歌鑑賞辭典
3247   中國古代的天文與曆法
3248   中國古代的書法藝術
3249   中國古代科學技術史綱 , 天文卷
3250   中國古代科學技術史綱 , 醫學卷
3251   中國古代童謡
3252   中國古代繪畫
3253   中國古代繪畫簡史
3254   中國古代美育思想史綱
3255   中國古代美術批評史綱
3256   中國古代醫史圖錄
3257   中國古代醫學史略
3258   中國古代陶瓷
3259   中國古代陶瓷
3260   中國古代陶瓷藝術小品
3261   中國古典園林史
3262   中國古典美學史
3263   中國古典藝術
3264   中國古外銷陶瓷硏究資料
3265   中國古瓷集珍
3266   中國古算题选解
3267   中國古錢鑑賞與收藏
3268   中國名人打油詩三百首趣談
3269   中國名勝名聯鑑賞
3270   中國哲學史
3271   中國哲學史
3272   中國哲學史
3273   中國哲學史
3274   中國哲學史
3275   中國哲學史
3276   中國哲學史
3277   中國哲學史
3278   中國哲學史
3279   中國哲學史
3280   中國哲學史
3281   中國哲學史
3282   中國哲學史之唯物的硏究
3283   中國哲學史史料學
3284   中國哲學史史料學 : Science of historical sources of Chinese philosophy
3285   中國哲學史史料源流舉要
3286   中國哲學史大綱
3287   中國哲學史大綱
3288   中國哲學史新編
3289   中國哲學史新編
3290   中國哲學史方法論發凡
3291   中國哲學史略
3292   中國哲學史稿
3293   中國哲學史簡明敎程
3294   中國哲學史簡編
3295   中國哲學史簡編
3296   中國哲學史簡編
3297   中國哲學史綱要
3298   中國哲學史綱要
3299   中國哲學史綱要
3300   中國哲學史論
3301   中國哲學史论文集
3302   中國哲學史資料選輯
3303   中國哲學大綱 , 中國哲學問題史
3304   中國哲學小史
3305   中國哲學思想探硏
3306   中國哲學流行曲
3307   中國哲學範疇史
3308   中國哲學範疇發展史 , 人道篇
3309   中國哲學通史
3310   中國哲學通史簡編
3311   中國園林史
3312   中國園林史話
3313   中國圖學史
3314   中國圖書文獻學論集
3315   中國在数学上的贡献
3316   中國城鄉小學數學課程實施的個案硏究
3317   中國報告文學發展史 : Zhongguobaogaowenxuefazhishi
3318   中國報告文學的世紀景觀 : Zhongguobaogaowenxue deshijijingguan
3319   中國天文
3320   中國天文学史
3321   中國天文考古學
3322   中國妇产科发展史
3323   中國婚姻戀愛趣聯佳話
3324   中國學術思想之變遷
3325   中國宮廷繪畫史
3326   中國寓言大辭典
3327   中國審美文化史 , 先秦卷
3328   中國審美文化史 , 唐宋卷
3329   中國對聯大辭典
3330   中國少數民族文學史
3331   中國少數民族美術史
3332   中國少數民族英雄史詩
3333   中國少數民族詩歌史
3334   中國山水文學硏究
3335   中國山水畫 : Chinese brush painting of landscape
3336   中國建築簡史
3337   中國思想史
3338   中國思想史
3339   中國思想史方法論文選集
3340   中國思想史綱
3341   中國思想硏究法
3342   中國思想硏究法
3343   中國思想硏究法
3344   中國思想通史
3345   中國思想通史
3346   中國恒星观测史
3347   中國戲劇史論考
3348   中國戲曲及其音樂
3349   中國戲曲史略
3350   中國戲曲文學史
3351   中國戲曲現代戲史
3352   中國戲曲音樂
3353   中國數學史
3354   中國數學地質
3355   中國數學大綱
3356   中國數學大綱
3357   中國數學源流
3358   中國數學通史
3359   中國數文化
3360   中國文字源流史 : 歷代書法大系
3361   中國方術全書
3362   中國日本當代書法作品選萃
3363   中國早期藝術與宗敎
3364   中國明清扇面賞玩
3365   中國曲藝, 雜技, 木偶戲, 皮影戲
3366   中國曲藝史
3367   中國書法
3368   中國書法全集 . 12, , 三國兩晉南北朝編.. , 北朝摩崖刻經卷
3369   中國書法全集 . 13, , 三國兩晉南北朝墓志卷. , 三國兩晉南北朝編
3370   中國書法全集 . 20, , 三國兩晉南北朝編.. , 魏晉南朝名家
3371   中國書法全集 . 22, , 褚遂良卷(附初唐名家). , 隋唐五代編
3372   中國書法全集 . 23, , 李邕卷(附盛中唐名家). , 隋唐五代編
3373   中國書法全集 . 27, , 柳公權卷(附柳公綽). , 隋唐五代編
3374   中國書法全集 . 3, , 商周編.. , 春秋戰國金文卷
3375   中國書法全集 . 32, , 宋遼金編.. , 蔡襄卷
3376   中國書法全集 . 33-34, , 宋遼金編.. , 蘇軾卷(附蘇氏一門)
3377   中國書法全集 . 35-36, , 宋遼金編.. , 黃庭堅卷1-2
3378   中國書法全集 . 4, , 商周編.. , 春秋戰國刻石簡牘帛書卷
3379   中國書法全集 . 40, , 宋辽金.. , 趙構、陸游、朱熹、范成大、張卽之卷
3380   中國書法全集 . 47, , 元代名家卷. , 元代編
3381   中國書法全集 . 49, , 明代編.. , 祝允明卷
3382   中國書法全集 . 5-6. , 秦漢簡牘帛書卷(附漢代名家). , 秦漢編
3383   中國書法全集 . 50, , 文徵明卷(附文氏一門). , 明代編
3384   中國書法全集 . 54. , 明代編.. , 董其昌卷
3385   中國書法全集 . 57, , 倪元璐卷. , 明代編
3386   中國書法全集 . 63, , 傅山卷. , 清代編
3387   中國書法全集 . 64, , 朱耷, 石濤, 龔賢, 龔晴皋. , 清代編
3388   中國書法全集 . 65, , 清代編.. , 金農鄭燮卷(附揚州八怪)
3389   中國書法全集 . 66, , 劉墉卷. , 清代編
3390   中國書法全集 . 67, , 淸代編.. , 鄧石如卷(附鄧傳密)
3391   中國書法全集 . 70, , 何紹基卷(附何氏). , 淸代編
3392   中國書法全集 . 71, , 清代編.. , 趙之謙卷
3393   中國書法全集 . 76, , 清代名家卷三. , 清代編
3394   中國書法全集 . 78, , 康有為梁啟超羅振玉鄭孝胥卷. , 近現代編
3395   中國書法全集 . 82, , 于右任卷. , 近現代編
3396   中國書法全集 . 92, , 先秦璽印卷. , 篆刻
3397   中國書法全集 : 附蔡玉卿 / . 56, , 明代編.. , 黃道周卷
3398   中國書法全集, . 43-44, , 元代編.. , 趙孟頫卷(附趙氏一門)
3399   中國書法史 , 元明卷
3400   中國書法史 , 先秦, 秦代卷
3401   中國書法史 , 兩漢卷
3402   中國書法史 , 宋遼金卷
3403   中國書法史 , 清代卷
3404   中國書法史 , 隋唐五代卷
3405   中國書法史新論
3406   中國書法史簡編
3407   中國書法史話
3408   中國書法史鑑
3409   中國書法思想史
3410   中國書法現代史 : 傳統的延續與現代的開拓
3411   中國書法理論史
3412   中國書法的藝術與技巧
3413   中國書法簡史
3414   中國書法與傳統文化
3415   中國書法藝術
3416   中國書畫
3417   中國書畫研究
3418   中國書畫篆刻簡史
3419   中國書畫鑑定
3420   中國服飾美學史 : History of the aesthetics of Chinese dress
3421   中國楹聯墨蹟薈萃
3422   中國楹聯學
3423   中國歌謡
3424   中國武俠小說史
3425   中國武俠小說史略
3426   中國歷代哲學文選
3427   中國歷代書法
3428   中國歷代書法家名人墨跡 , 淸代部分
3429   中國歷代書畫題跋精粹 , 明
3430   中國歷代童謡輯注
3431   中國歷代醫史
3432   中國歷代醫學史略 : 附藥物學史略
3433   中國歷代醫藥學家薈萃
3434   中國歷代錢幣通鑑
3435   中國歷史上的人性論
3436   中國歷史小說的藝術流變
3437   中國民族民間文學
3438   中國民族音樂大系 , 古代音樂卷
3439   中國民族音樂大系 , 戲曲音樂卷
3440   中國民歌
3441   中國民歌旋律形態
3442   中國民歌硏究
3443   中國民歌硏究
3444   中國民歌與鄉土社會
3445   中國民間妙聯趣事
3446   中國民間小戲
3447   中國民間年畫史論集
3448   中國民間文學
3449   中國民間文學概要
3450   中國民間文學槪要
3451   中國民間文學槪要
3452   中國民間文學槪說
3453   中國民間文學論文選 : 1949-1979
3454   中國民間音樂槪論
3455   中國法幣史之發展
3456   中國清代藝術史
3457   中國烹飪史略
3458   中國烹飪史簡編
3459   中國烹飪文化
3460   中國烹飪槪論
3461   中國無產階級革命家詩詞鑑賞
3462   中國现代纪游文学史 : The brife [i.e. brief] history of modern Chinese travel notes literature
3463   中國現代書法
3464   中國現代書法史
3465   中國現代木刻史
3466   中國現代美學思想史 : Zhongguo xiandai meixue sixiang shi
3467   中國瓷器史論叢
3468   中國甲骨學史
3469   中國甲骨學史
3470   中國畫史研究論集
3471   中國畫史評傳
3472   中國畫發展史綱要
3473   中國畫藝術欣賞
3474   中國畫語言與表達
3475   中國畫論硏究 : 世襄未定稿
3476   中國當代名家書畫扇集
3477   中國當代名家書畫扇集 , 续集
3478   中國當代名聯墨蹟薈萃
3479   中國當代已故著名書畫家作品選集
3480   中國當代書法名家集萃
3481   中國當代書法思潮 : 從現代書法到書法主義
3482   中國當代書法賞析
3483   中國當代美術史, 1985-1986
3484   中國的思想
3485   中國的戲曲音樂 , 總述編
3486   中國的曲藝
3487   中國神話史
3488   中國禪宗與詩歌
3489   中國禪詩鑑賞辭典
3490   中國科學 . A輯, , 數學, 物理學, 天文學
3491   中國科學思想史
3492   中國科學思想史
3493   中國算學之特色
3494   中國算學史
3495   中國算學小史
3496   中國算學小史
3497   中國算術故事
3498   中國繪畫
3499   中國繪畫史
3500   中國繪畫史
3501   中國繪畫史話
3502   中國繪畫美學史
3503   中國繪畫美學史稿
3504   中國美學主潮
3505   中國美學史
3506   中國美學史敎程
3507   中國美學史論集
3508   中國美學史话
3509   中國美學史資料選編
3510   中國美學思想史
3511   中國美學的文脈歷程
3512   中國美育史導論
3513   中國美術七千年圖鑑
3514   中國美術五千年
3515   中國美術史
3516   中國美術史
3517   中國美術史
3518   中國美術史
3519   中國美術史
3520   中國美術史
3521   中國美術史
3522   中國美術史及作品鑑賞
3523   中國美術史略
3524   中國美術史略
3525   中國美術史綱
3526   中國美術史綱
3527   中國美術史綱要
3528   中國美術史論集
3529   中國美術史講義
3530   中國美術圖典
3531   中國美術字史圖說 : An illustratedhistory of artistic calligraphy in China
3532   中國美術小史
3533   中國美術簡史
3534   中國美術簡史
3535   中國美術簡史 : Zhongguo meishu jianshi
3536   中國藝術思維史
3537   中國藝術硏究院首屆硏究生碩士學位論文集 , 美術卷
3538   中國藝術神韻
3539   中國評書(評話)研究
3540   中國話語 : 當代審美文化史論
3541   中國諷刺小說史
3542   中國辯證法史稿
3543   中國近代哲学史
3544   中國近代啓蒙思想史
3545   中國近代思想史參考資料簡編
3546   中國近代思想發展簡史
3547   中國近代戲曲音樂硏究
3548   中國近代美學思想史
3549   中國近代翻譯文學槪論 : The moderntranslated literature of China : an introduction
3550   中國近現代數學的發展
3551   中國近現代書畫價值匯考 , 名家卷
3552   中國道情藝術槪論
3553   中國邏輯史資料選 , 先秦卷
3554   中國邏輯史資料選 , 因明卷
3555   中國邏輯史資料選 , 現代卷
3556   中國邏輯思想史
3557   中國邏輯思想史料分析
3558   中國醫史三字经
3559   中國醫學史
3560   中國醫學史
3561   中國醫學史
3562   中國醫學史
3563   中國醫學史
3564   中國醫學史
3565   中國醫學史
3566   中國醫學史上的世界記錄
3567   中國醫學史略
3568   中國醫學史略
3569   中國醫學史綱
3570   中國醫學史話
3571   中國醫學源流槪要
3572   中國醫經醫史硏究論集
3573   中國醫藥史話
3574   中國醫藥簡史
3575   中國醫藥變遷史話
3576   中國釉陶藝術
3577   中國金石學
3578   中國陶瓷史
3579   中國陶瓷史
3580   中國陶瓷史
3581   中國陶瓷史
3582   中國陶瓷簡史
3583   中國陶藝鑑賞 : 三彩, 靑磁, 白磁, 藍釉磁器, 五彩珍品介紹
3584   中國雕塑史話
3585   中國雕塑史話
3586   中國電視戲曲硏究
3587   中國靑年硬筆書法家優秀作品精萃
3588   中國靑銅器發展史
3589   中國風格旋律寫作 : 域性旋律和族性旋律
3590   中國餐飲業祖師爺
3591   中國魏碑名帖精華
3592   中外作家論報告文學
3593   中外医学交流史 : A Chinese-foreign exchange history of medicine
3594   中外名歌名曲欣赏
3595   中外哲學交流史 : A Chinese-foreign exchange history of philosophy
3596   中外微型小说精品鉴赏辞典
3597   中外数学名题荟萃 , 初中小学册
3598   中外数学拾零
3599   中外民歌赏析
3600   中外繪畫卷
3601   中外美术简史
3602   中外美术简史 : Zhong wai mei shu jian shi
3603   中外美术简史 : Zhongwai meishu jianshi
3604   中外艺术史要略
3605   中外著名散文诗欣赏
3606   中外著名演说鉴赏
3607   中外醫學文化交流史 : 中外醫學跨文化傳通
3608   中央美术学院首届艺术硕士水墨人物写生课堂实录 : Central Academy of Fine Arts the first master of fine arts class record of figure life drawing with Chinese traditionalink
3609   中子输运理论数值计算方法
3610   中学复习资料 , 数学
3611   中学教研 , 数学
3612   中学数学习题
3613   中学数学习题与例题选讲
3614   中学数学习题解答
3615   中学数学习题选及解答 : Zhongxue shuxue xiti xuan ji jie da
3616   中学数学习题集
3617   中学数学习题集
3618   中学数学习题集
3619   中学数学习题集
3620   中学数学习题集
3621   中学数学优秀试题选解
3622   中学数学公式的记忆与应用
3623   中学数学创新教法 , 45分钟优化设计
3624   中学数学创新教法 , 思维训练方案
3625   中学数学创新教法 , 课堂组织艺术
3626   中学数学基础训练300例
3627   中学数学复习题解
3628   中学数学实用解题方法与技巧
3629   中学数学实用题解
3630   中学数学归纳法证题100例
3631   中学数学思想方法槪论
3632   中学数学思维方法
3633   中学数学拾趣
3634   中学数学敎学硏究
3635   中学数学教学
3636   中学数学教学
3637   中学数学教学一得集
3638   中学数学教学参考资料选辑
3639   中学数学教学法通论
3640   中学数学教学浅談
3641   中学数学教学理论与实践
3642   中学数学教学论
3643   中学数学教学论
3644   中学数学教学论
3645   中学数学教学论
3646   中学数学教学通论
3647   中学数学教育学概论 : Zhongxue shuxue jiaoyuxue gailun
3648   中学数学教育论文汇编 : 1984年第二届(中学)年会特辑
3649   中学数学教育论文选编 : 1982年首届年會特辑
3650   中学数学教育论文选编 : 纪念数学教学研究会成立十周年并第六届年会特辑
3651   中学数学方法与单元、综合测试训练 , 初中数学: 范例与试题分册
3652   中学数学方法论
3653   中学数学方法论
3654   中学数学杂志
3655   中学数学极值问题求解的方法
3656   中学数学极值问题解法
3657   中学数学用表
3658   中学数学用表
3659   中学数学疑难习题解
3660   中学数学研究
3661   中学数学竞赛习题
3662   中学数学竞赛培训题解
3663   中学数学竞赛培训题解
3664   中学数学竞赛基本训练题
3665   中学数学竞赛试题汇编
3666   中学数学系列练习
3667   中学数学系列讲座
3668   中学数学综合习题选
3669   中学数学综合练习题
3670   中学数学综合题选编
3671   中学数学解题方法
3672   中学数学解题方法
3673   中学数学论证方法剖析
3674   中学数学课件制作四合一 : FlashMX/Authorware 7.0/PowerPoint XP/几何画板
3675   中学数学课堂教学技能
3676   中学数学课程重点提示与分析
3677   中学数学课题研究与论文写作
3678   中学数学选择题
3679   中学数学选择题
3680   中学数学选择题
3681   中学数学问题的微电脑BASIC程序
3682   中学数学问题解决
3683   中学生学习之友 , 数学
3684   中学生学好数学课必知的500个数学奥秘
3685   中学生数学
3686   中学生数学手册
3687   中学生数学竞赛试题解答汇编
3688   中学生数学辞典
3689   中学生数理化 , 七年级数学.. , 人教版
3690   中学生数理化 , 七年级数学.. , 北师大版
3691   中学生数理化 , 人教版. , 八年级数学
3692   中学生数理化 , 八年级数学.. , 北师大版
3693   中学生数理化 , 初一版
3694   中学生数理化 , 初中版中考版
3695   中学生数理化 , 初二版
3696   中学生数理化 , 学研版
3697   中学生数理化 , 教与学教研版
3698   中学生数理化 , 高一版
3699   中学生数理化 , 高三版
3700   中学生数理化 , 高二版
3701   中学生获奖作文评改
3702   中学金牌奧赛精典题一题多解 , 初中数学
3703   中学金牌奧赛精典题一题多解 , 高中数学
3704   中學數學
3705   中學數學例題習題選
3706   中學數學建模敎學的實踐與探索
3707   中學數學思想方法
3708   中學數學思維訓練
3709   中學數學敎學導論
3710   中學數學敎學心理學
3711   中學數學教學方法和經驗
3712   中學數學教學法
3713   中學數學教師的學科知識
3714   中學數學月刊
3715   中學數學現代基礎
3716   中學數學習題
3717   中學數學習題選解
3718   中學數學習題選解
3719   中學數學自學輔導敎學實驗文選
3720   中學數學解題分析
3721   中學數學題巧解妙法
3722   中小学(全日制)数学向九年一贯制过渡参考资料
3723   中小学数学
3724   中小学数学 , 初中版
3725   中小学数学 , 小学版
3726   中小学数学 , 高中版
3727   中小学数学情境与提出问题教学研究
3728   中小学数学衔接辅导
3729   中小学生数学课业学习的综合能力与素质训练指导
3730   中小学课程网络资源索引 , 数学分册
3731   中岳嵩高靈廟碑
3732   中嶽嵩高靈廟碑
3733   中日實學史硏究
3734   中日書法百家墨迹精華
3735   中等专业学校工科专业试用教材数学 : 教学参考书
3736   中等专业学校工科专业试用教材数学第一册教学参考书
3737   中等专业学校工科专业试用教材数学第三册教学参考书
3738   中等专业学校工科专业试用教材数学第四册教学参考书
3739   中等专业学校教材工科专业通用数学第一册教学参考书
3740   中等专业学校数学教学大纲
3741   中等学校数学教学經驗选輯
3742   中等專業學校數學敎學大綱
3743   中等專業學校數學教学大綱
3744   中等專業學校數學教学大綱
3745   中等师范学校数学教学大纲
3746   中等数学标准化题选
3747   中等数学習題解答集
3748   中等数学解题研究
3749   中等数学解题研究
3750   中等數學
3751   中等數學習題集
3752   中等职业学校数学学习指导与练习
3753   中算史論叢
3754   中算家的代數學硏究
3755   中算家的內插法研究
3756   中算家的幾何學研究
3757   中算導論
3758   中考12周夺优 , 数学
3759   中考命题大透析 , 数学
3760   中考备考专家 , 数学
3761   中考夺标 , 数学仿真模拟试题
3762   中考常用题型解题经典1000例 , 数学
3763   中考必考题 : Zongkao bi kao ti / , 数学
3764   中考数学专题训练
3765   中考数学中档题攻略
3766   中考数学压轴题解析
3767   中考数学命题热点与考点透视
3768   中考数学填空题巧解
3769   中考数学失误诊治
3770   中考数学展望与对策
3771   中考数学应用问题分析与训练
3772   中考数学应试解难指导
3773   中考数学探究题分析与训练
3774   中考数学新颖题解读
3775   中考数学新题型 , 三年级
3776   中考数学最后几题考什么
3777   中考数学模拟试题汇编与评析
3778   中考数学热点问题分析与训练
3779   中考数学热门题
3780   中考数学综合题精品归类解析
3781   中考数学综合题透析
3782   中考数学考什么
3783   中考数学解题指导与训练 : Zhongkaoshuxue jieti zhidao yu xunlian
3784   中考数学解题法揭密
3785   中考数学试题分类题解
3786   中考数学选择题突破
3787   中考标准化考试题型与训练 , 数学分册
3788   中考模拟测试与自评 , 加速卷.. , 数学
3789   中考模拟试题 , 数学
3790   中考综合创新题典 : Zhongkao zonghe chuangxin tidian / , 数学
3791   中考金四导 , 初中数学总复习
3792   中考集锦全程复习训练 : Zhongkaojjin / , 数学
3793   中華傳統美學體系探源
3794   中華元典精神
3795   中華書史槪述
3796   中華書法史
3797   中華珍泉追蹤錄
3798   中華諺謡硏究
3799   中華醫史雜誌
3800   中華醫藥文明史集論
3801   中華銀行史
3802   中西医结合发展历程
3803   中西名曲欣赏
3804   中西哲学小史
3805   中西哲学简史
3806   中西算學合訂 : 三卷, 補遺一卷
3807   中醫各家學說
3808   中醫各家學說
3809   中醫學術發展史
3810   中醫數學病理學
3811   中醫發展史 : Zhongyi fazhanshi
3812   中醫舌診史話
3813   中醫近代史
3814   中青年书法家 : 硬笔书法作品选
3815   丹青妙笔的意蕴
3816   丹青妙笔绘神州 : 中国画艺术
3817   乙瑛碑
3818   乙瑛碑
3819   乙酉范曾新作
3820   九十初度说数学
3821   九年义务教育全日制小学数学教学大纲 : 试用
3822   九成宮醴泉銘
3823   九章算术
3824   九章算經 : [9卷]
3825   九章算術
3826   九章算術
3827   九章算術 : 9卷
3828   九章算術 : [9卷, 音義
3829   九章算術細草圖說 : 9卷
3830   九章算術細草圖說 : [9 卷]
3831   九章詳註比類算法大全 : [10 卷] ; 乘除開方起例
3832   九章錄要 : 12卷
3833   九章錄要 : [12卷
3834   书斋与书坊之间 : 清代子弟书研究
3835   书法与其他艺术
3836   书法作品选
3837   书法环境 : 类型学 : 书法史的理论與方法
3838   书法精品
3839   书法艺朮赏析
3840   书法通论
3841   书法鉴赏
3842   书法鑒识
3843   书法门诊室 : 二十世纪书法名家作品批评
3844   书画家格言薈萃
3845   书论选读
3846   书谱
3847   乾隆皇帝御批眞迹
3848   二十世紀中國書畫藝術
3849   二十世紀數學史話
3850   二十世纪中国文学翻译之争
3851   二十世纪中国翻译文学史 : A history of 20th century literature translated into Chinese / , 三四十年代.. , 俄苏卷
3852   二十世纪中国翻译文学史 : A history of 20th century literature translated into Chinese / , 三四十年代.. , 英法美卷
3853   二十世纪中国翻译文学史 : A history of 20th century literature translated into Chinese / , 十七年及"文革"卷
3854   二层规划的理论与应用
3855   二王書法精选
3856   二进制与逻辑代数
3857   于右任书法选
3858   于右任書法集
3859   云峰刻石调查与研究
3860   互动新概念小学数学应用题 , 六年制
3861   五四以来我国英美文学作品译介史, 1919-1949 : The translation of British and American literary works in Chinese, 1919-1949
3862   五年制小学数学一课一练
3863   五年制小学数学教学参考书
3864   五年制小学数学第...册教材教法研究
3865   五年制小学数学练习册
3866   五年制小学数学练习册
3867   五年制小学数学练习册
3868   五年制小学数学辅导学习
3869   五年高考试题透视 : Wuniangaokao shititoushi shuxue / , 全国卷. , 数学
3870   五彩舞台 : 我的京剧舞台生涯
3871   五曹算經 : 5卷
3872   五曹算經 : [5 卷]
3873   五曹算經 : [5卷]
3874   五校名题新编课外练习题 , 数学
3875   五环向历史报告 : 现代奥林匹克运动会
3876   五环旗下的阴影
3877   五經算術 : 2卷
3878   五經算術 : [2卷
3879   亚纯函数的不动点与分解论
3880   交食捷算 : 四卷
3881   京剧史话
3882   京剧名家名段唱腔赏析
3883   京剧新序
3884   京剧新序
3885   京剧梅派唱腔艺术研究
3886   京剧艺术论
3887   京剧贞观盛事创作评论集
3888   京剧音乐介紹
3889   京剧音韵概说
3890   京劇"樣板戲"音樂論綱
3891   京劇, 蹺和中國的性別關係 : 1902-1937
3892   京劇100題
3893   京劇二百年歷史
3894   京劇唱腔硏究
3895   京劇唱腔硏究
3896   京劇唱腔音樂硏究
3897   京劇改革的先驅
3898   京劇欣賞入門
3899   京劇流派欣賞
3900   京劇漫話
3901   京劇生行藝術家淺論
3902   京劇知識手册
3903   京劇臉譜
3904   京劇藝術 : 中國文化的一朵奇葩
3905   京劇藝術發展史簡編
3906   京劇藝術論
3907   京劇談往錄三編
3908   京劇長談
3909   京劇音韻知識
3910   京劇精神
3911   人口, 疾病, 保险
3912   人学理论與历史
3913   人寿保