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  1. ABC of learning and teaching in medicine
  2. Academic medicine : a guide for clinicians
  3. Achieving excellence in medical education
  4. Achieving excellence in medical education
  5. Advanced initiatives in interprofessional education in Japan : Japan Interprofessional Working and Education Network (JIPWEN)
  6. An authoring tool based on multimedia and simulation : application in medical education
  7. Barron's guide to medical and dental schools
  8. Being me (and loving it) : stories and activities to help build self-esteem, confidence, body image and resilience in children
  9. BMAT and UKCAT uncovered : a guide to medical school entrance exams
  10. The business case for managing health and productivity : results from IBI's Full-cost Benchmarking Program Free resource
  11. China Medical Board eighth annual report, January 1, 1922-December 31, 1922
  12. China Medical Board ninth annual report, January 1, 1923-December 31, 1923
  13. Comprehensive textbook of healthcare simulation
  14. Constancy of purpose : an account of the foundation and history of the Hong Kong College of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, 1887-1987
  15. Constitution of the Academy of Medicine of Philadelphia
  16. A discourse upon the institution of medical schools in America : delivered at a public anniversary commencement, held in the College of Philadelphia May 30 and 31, 1765.: With a preface containing, amongst other things, the author's apology for attempting to introduce the regular mode of practising ...
  17. The doctor tree : developmental stages in the growth of physicians
  18. Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chair in General Practice
  19. Educating for professionalism : creating a culture of humanism in medical education
  20. Education and public health : natural partners in learning for life
  21. Education is empowerment : promoting goals in population, reproductive health and gender : report of a technical consultation on UNFPA's role in education 8-10 December 2003, NewYork Free resource
  22. Educational technologies in medical and health sciences education
  23. The educator's guide to substance abuse prevention
  24. Ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorder : guidelines for retail grocery stores Free resource
  25. Essays that will get you into medical school
  26. First aid for the match : insider advice from students and residency directors
  27. Frontiers of medicine : a history of medical education and research at the University of Alberta
  28. A guide to methods in the biomedical sciences
  29. A handbook for medical teachers
  30. Handbook of clinical teaching
  31. Health literacy : a prescription to end confusion
  32. Health professions education : a bridge to quality
  33. How companies consider value in health policy and design : results of the survey of employer decision-making for health and productivity Free resource
  34. How to become an effective course director
  35. How to get into the right medical school
  36. How to teach in clinical settings
  37. In the nation's compelling interest : ensuring diversity in the health-care workforce
  38. Individualized medicine : ethical, economical and historical perspectives
  39. Innovation and tradition at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine : an anecdotal journey
  40. Innovative tools for health education : making inexpensive props, visuals, and manipulatives
  41. The insider's guide to medical school admissions
  42. An introduction to medical teaching
  43. Jesuit health sciences and the promotion of justice : an invitation to a discussion
  44. Laws of the Academy of Medicine of Philadelphia
  45. Leadership careers in medical education
  46. Learning in medical school : a model for the clinical professions
  47. A letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel : Secretary of State for the Home Department, on some of the impediments, defects, and abuses, existing in the present system of medical education : with suggestions for their removal and correction
  48. Making sense of clinical teaching : a hands-on guide to success
  49. The Markey Scholars Conference : proceedings
  50. Medical education and socioloy of medical habitus : it's not about the stethoscope!
  51. Medicine : preserving the passion in the 21st century
  52. Medizin im Ausland : Survival Guide für Famulatur und Praktikum
  53. Mindful medical practitioners : a guide for clinicians and educators
  54. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and workplace factors : a critical review of epidemiologic evidence for work-relate musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, upper extremity, and low back Free resource
  55. A new and untried course : Woman's Medical College and Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1850-1998
  56. On implementing a national graduate medical education trust fund
  57. Pearls for leaders in academic medicine
  58. Personnel needs and training for biomedical and behavioral research : the 1983 report
  59. Preparing the public health workforce : educational pathways for the field and the classroom
  60. Professional development : a guide for general practice
  61. A profile in alternative medicine : the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, 1845-1942
  62. Promoting health through schools
  63. Proposal for the initiation of the National health education of China
  64. Prospectus 1997
  65. Questioning the premedical paradigm : enhancing diversity in the medical profession a century after the Flexner report
  66. Redesigning continuing education in the health professions
  67. Remediation in medical education : a mid-course correction
  68. Researching health promotion
  69. The role of computers and technology in health care education
  70. Schools and health education II
  71. Schools for health and sustainability : theory, research and practice
  72. Second helpings : books and activities about food
  73. The sexual life of the child
  74. Simulation in healthcare education : an extensive history
  75. Social control and multiple discovery in science : the opiate receptor case
  76. Statistics at square two : understanding modern statistical applications in medicine
  77. Strengthening the education sector response to school health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean Region : a rapid survey of 13 countries Free resource
  78. A syllabus of a course of lectures on the institutes of medicine
  79. A syllabus of a course of lectures on the institutes of medicine
  80. A syllabus of a course of lectures on the institutes of medicine
  81. Teaching and learning in medical and surgical education : lessons learned for the 21st century
  82. Teaching and learning methods in medicine
  83. Teaching health science : elementary and middle school
  84. Teaching medical students in primary and secondary care : a resource book
  85. Teaching professional attitudes and basic clinical skills to medical students : a practical guide
  86. Telementoring in the K-12 classroom : online communication technologies for learning
  87. Time and life management for medical students and residents
  88. To the public : It is painful necessity only which induces me to appear again before the public ... The object of my former numbers, was to inform the public of the impropriety of the gentlemen who dissolved the medical society of this town--it now remains for me to shew the importance of a medical ...
  89. To the public : My silence for some time past will no doubt excite the surprise of many, but when the true ground of my conduct on this occasion is disclosed, I shall feel secure in the approbation of the public
  90. Transformative curriculum design in health sciences education
  91. The Visual arts and medical education
  92. What I learned in medical school : personal stories of young doctors
  93. When a doctor hates a patient, and other chapters in a young physician's life
  94. [Reports]
  95. 中国健康教育五十年
  96. 健康敎育學
  97. 健康敎育學
  98. 健康敎育與健康促進
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