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Architecture : E-theses
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  1. "All men are builders" : architectural structures in the Victorian novel
  2. "Arkhitektura i mnimosti" : the origins of Soviet avant-garde rationalist architecture in the Russian mystical-philosophical and mathematical intellectual tradition
  3. "Bridging Ages" : rejuvenating the North Point Estate
  4. "Bridging landscape" : landscape as medium to activate ecological design of Yuen Long Industrial Estate
  5. The "bright" and "dark" side of Hong Kong's urban heritage : the relationship between the legal and illegal socio-economic activities at North Temple Street and their associative urban fabric and spaces
  6. "Built for health" : American architecture and the healthy house, 1850-1930
  7. "Church" in high-dense city
  8. "Click-and-Mortar" Bookstore + Distribution Warehouse
  9. "Creation of a missed link" : connecting a bustling hub and vibrant waterfront
  10. The "design decade" and beyond : American industrial designers and the evolution of the consumer landscape from the 1930s to the 1950s
  11. "Every textafter allis a lazy machine asking the reader to do some of its work. What a problem it would be if a text were to say everything the receiver is to understand - it would never end." Umberto EcoSix Walks in the Fictional Woods
  12. "I am not a decorator" : Florence Knoll, the Knoll Planning Unit, and the making of the modern office
  13. "Imperceptible Transitions:" The Anglo-Indianization of British Architecture, 1769-1822
  14. "Inappropriate" appropriations of planning ideas : Informalizing the formal and localizing the global
  15. "Life as it is" A renovation of the project of the city
  16. "Mile end": The architecture of [hope]lessness
  17. "Mo' pixels, mo' problems" : Institutionalizing street artists without killing their street cred
  18. "Near-by Nature" : A Logical Framework for Building Integrated Agriculture
  19. The "new" charrette : stakeholder perceptions of an alternate approach
  20. "Park" as "shop" , "shop" as "park"
  21. "Partnering in Hong Kong Construction Industry" : an exploration into the challenges and opportunities
  22. The "pedestrian realm" as a genesis of commerce : Bazaars of the East and mixed-use centers of the West
  23. "Puertas" : Gateways meaning and a design proposal for their interpretation in Casco Antiguo, Panama
  24. "Quadrante" and the politicization of architectural discourse in fascist Italy
  25. The "Ramayana" at Loro Jonggrang : indian antecedents and Javanese impetus
  26. "Realized day-dreams" : excursions to authors' homes
  27. "Then came the peaceful invasion of the Northerners" : The impact of outsiders on plantation architecture in Georgetown County, South Carolina
  28. "To improve and beautify our surroundings" : a study of private and public gardening in New Castle, Delaware, 1880--1940
  29. "Tradition" as modernism in German architecture and urban design, 1888--1918
  30. "Utility, economy, and if possible, beauty" : an analysis of Chinese architectural ideologies in the third quarter of the 20th century
  31. 'According to the Polish sky and customs' : theories of art and architecture in early modern Poland
  32. 'Artificial constructions' and object lessons in a sacred landscape : the art and architecture of Central Park, 1858--1880
  33. The 'context of fear' as an indication of healthy community investment: 80 low-income neighborhoods in los angeles
  34. 'Experiencing the unexpected behavior of nature' : the outdoor museum of wall trees
  35. 'governments, individuals, and old houses' : the slate roof house of philadelphia (pennsylvania)
  36. 'Meaning through use' : a framework for understanding architectural form in the Jesuit Garden ofYuanmingyuan
  37. The (aesthetic) experience of urban pedestrian spatial sequences
  38. (Di)Sport-scape for professionals & amateurs : Mongkok Stadium & District redevelopment
  39. (Mass) timber : Structurally optimized timber buildings
  40. (Out)Focus : a community node in Yuen Long
  41. (Re)program for an art district
  42. (Re)qualifying the block: Towards a sustainable design strategy for downtown CharlottetownPEI
  43. 1 + 1 = 3 : an approach to building in the city (nova scotia)
  44. The 21st Century Learning Environment : Education in the Digital Era
  45. 404 King Street : The Charleston County library and modern architecture in Charleston
  46. Abandoned train station redevelopment
  47. Academy of design
  48. Academy of fine arts
  49. Accessibility of open space : a study of urban morphology and its relation to open space use in the Wanchai District of Hong Kong
  50. Accidental conservation : the making of SoHo, a case study on how property prices have driven gentrification to be a mean of conserving post-war Tong Lau
  51. Accommodating seniors in the design of urban parks
  52. Acoustic analysis of the H.V.A.C. systems in the University of Massachusetts Lowell Durgin Hall music performance spaces
  53. Acoustics in the worship space : goals and strategies
  54. The acquisition and analysis of time management perception in the architectural domain
  55. Across the grain : the role of food in sustainable redevelopment for a Canadian prairie city
  56. Action architecture : Lawrence Halprin's experiments in landscape design, urbanism, and the creative process
  57. Action potentials : Building an urban landscape through discreet moments (Texas)
  58. Active agents
  59. Active recreation in parks : can park design and facilities promote use and physical activity?
  60. Activity-based approach to zoo designs : through the eyes of the polar bears
  61. Adaptable home : a sustainable alternative to housing in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta
  62. Adaptable housing in Hing Wah Estate II
  63. Adaptable, scalable, probabilistic fault detection and diagnostic methods for the HVAC secondary system
  64. Adaptation strategies of contractors in response to recession
  65. Adaptive customization : new design opportunities in orthopedics, driven by the merging of imaging and surgery
  66. An adaptive information retrieval environment for collaborative architectural design work
  67. An Adaptive Intelligent Integrated Lighting Control Approach for High- Performance Office Buildings
  68. Adaptive re-use of urban industrial heritage buildings for cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong
  69. Adaptive reuse for historical buildings in Hong Kong : a case study : the former Marine Police headquarters
  70. Adaptive reuse in Martinsburg : The Interwoven School of Crafts
  71. Adaptive social underground linkages urban interface for Mass Transit Railway
  72. Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Residential Buildings, A Case Study of Wuhan
  73. Adaptive useheritage educationand social gathering places: An alternative approach to educating the public about historic preservation
  74. Addressing Architecture & Fashion : On Simulacrum, Time and Poche
  75. Addressing human factors in green office building design : occupant indoor environment quality survey in China
  76. Addressing new stormwater policies in the redesign of the National Grove of State Trees at the United States National Arboretum
  77. Adolf Loos in Central European culture (Austria, Czech Republic, Franz Kafka)
  78. The Adoption of advanced technologies for Hong Kong construction industry
  79. Adoption of pre-cast elements in the construction industry in Hong Kong in the last decade : an analysis of its effect on construction quality and programme
  80. Advanced Building Thermal Simulation Coupling of Finite Volume Method and Nodal System
  81. An advanced digital solution for representing continuity in urban architectural change : a virtual urban architectural evolution
  82. Advanced simulations of air distributions in buildings
  83. Advances in the application of passive down-draft evaporative cooling technology in the cooling of buildings
  84. Aesthetic responses to urban greenway trail corridors : implications for sustainable development in tourism and recreation settings
  85. Aesthetics and symbolism of Late Byzantine church facades, 1204--1453
  86. The aesthetics of mass-persuasion : war and architectural sites in tokyo, 1868--1945 (Japan)
  87. The Affordance of Online Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVE) for Creative Collaboration
  88. After the oil : Three future architectural narratives
  89. Ageing well, living well : ageing polis : a landscape planning scheme responsive to Hong Kong's demographic transformation
  90. Agencies of reassurance (Texas)
  91. Agent-based modeling of commercial building stocks for energy policy and demand response analysis
  92. An agent-based simulation-assisted approach to bi-lateral building systems control
  93. Agglomeration or dispersal : the spatial behavior of sex-oriented industry in Hong Kong
  94. Aging in a continuing care retirement environment : a case study of Villa Gardens retirement community
  95. Agricultural skyscraper
  96. Aids research centre
  97. Air distribution effectiveness and thermal stratification with stratified air distribution systems
  98. Aircraft catering facilities : Chek Lap Kok
  99. Airport passenger terminal design and operations : critical challenges for configuring emerging spatial conversions
  100. Albert Mayer, architect and town planner : the case for a total professional
  101. Alberti at Rimini : The process of patronage in fifteenth-century Italy
  102. All Above : Visual Culture and the Professionalization of City Planning, 1867--1931
  103. The Alliance Bible Seminary
  104. The Alois House An Equestrian Student Housing Complex
  105. Alternative technologies of domestic enclosure in the early twentieth century united states
  106. Alternative to Aberdeen redevelopment
  107. An alternative training & practicing campus
  108. An alternative transportation center, Denver, Colorado
  109. Alternative way to green the city : unplanned vegetation in Hong Kong
  110. An alternative way to urban renewal
  111. Amalgamated spaces of modernity
  112. America Town : Building the outposts of empire
  113. American Consulate and Cultural Centre
  114. The American lawn : Culture, nature, design and sustainability
  115. Amidaji : Mortuary art, architecture, and rites of Emperor Antoku's temple
  116. Amplified encounters at high speed
  117. Amusing the gods and the people : the bamboo shed theatre of the Taiping Qingjiao festival in Sheung Shui Wai
  118. Analyse comparative de la structure et de la symbolique du design de mode et de l'architecture dans la seconde moitie du XXe siecle
  119. Analyses of fluctuating light on visual comfort for the applications of daylight dimming control systems
  120. An analysis of a low-energy, low-water use community in Mexico City
  121. Analysis of a mechanically ventilated multiple-skin facade with between-the-panes venetian blinds
  122. An analysis of a missing design concept for sustainable buildings : Addressing the safety and health of the construction workers
  123. The analysis of a secondary space : Bathrooms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
  124. Analysis of alternative energy options for buildings
  125. An analysis of energy consumption in grocery stores in a hot and humid climate
  126. The Analysis of environmentally sustainable interior design practice
  127. The analysis of factors affecting energy consumption of duplex residences in college station, texas
  128. An analysis of fire safety legislations and fire safety management for hotels in Hong Kong
  129. An analysis of low cost, energy efficient housing for low-income residents of hot and humid climates (Texas)
  130. An Analysis of Marcel Breuer's Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library
  131. Analysis of open canopy structures with parapets under wind
  132. Analysis of residential energy consumption characteristics : A comparative study between two cities in China and the U.S
  133. An analysis of selected aspects of the residential real estate market in Philadelphia County, PA
  134. An analysis of space
  135. An Analysis of the "Learn by Doing" Approach as Evidenced Through an Examination of the Life of Frank Lloyd Wright
  136. Analysis of the Congress of New Urbanism landscape design principles and social interaction
  137. Analysis of the Impact of Urban Heat Island on Energy consumption of Buildings in Phoenix
  138. An analysis of the influence of transportation improvement on residential property market : a case study of East Tsim Sha Tsui Extension
  139. Analysis of the passive design and solar collection techniques of the houses in the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition
  140. An analysis of the use of an interactive 3D hypermedia paradigm for architecture
  141. An analysis of the use of preservation easements for historic interiors
  142. An analysis of underwater habitats : A development of the outline for aquatectural graphic standards
  143. Analysis on the links between housing and respiratory health of residents in Hong Kong
  144. Analyzing the defensibility of visual simulations through post construction appraisal for Dundas Square and HtO Park
  145. Animal care and education centre
  146. ANN-based model-free thermal controls for residential buildings
  147. Anti-terrorism site design guidelines for U.S. military installations : An evaluation of the implementation process at U.S. Army forts in Texas and Louisiana
  148. The applicabiligy of Kerr's conservation model to the understanding of my ancestral house in Tianzhongyang village
  149. The applicability of the alternative workplace strategies in the real estate operations in Hong Kong
  150. The application and study of the advancements in three dimensional architectural modeling
  151. The application of facilities management to hotel renovations in Hong Kong
  152. The application of food landscape in Johns de la Howe School
  153. Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the assessment of agri-environmental measures of the Rural Development Programme
  154. Application of the Historic Preservation Index strategy to Historic Vernacular Landscapes
  155. Application of wind catcher in cooling process of data centers
  156. The applied potential of Hong Kong's town planning system in area based heritage conservation
  157. Applying community design principles to amenity area development in Ontario's Blue Mountains
  158. Applying the function and aesthetics of structure to furniture
  159. An approach for communities to assess stormwater application and detention requirements for overall watershed health
  160. An approach to integrate lighting concepts into interior design studios : a constructivist educational framework
  161. Approaches to housing design focusing on human well-being in Japan
  162. Approche hybride : Une approche pour une meilleure integration des outils CAAD dans le developpement du processus architecturale du projet
  163. Appropriating infrastructure in an urban landscape (england)
  164. Aquatic Architecture : Craft at the Water's Edge
  165. Aquatic leisure & training centre at Stanley
  166. An aquatic leisure centre
  167. Aquatic sports resort at the Former High Island Detention Centre
  168. An archaeology of the fragment : the transition from the antique fragment to the historical fragment in French architecture between 1750 and 1850
  169. Archetype, hybrid, and prototype : modernism in "House Beautiful"'s Small House Competition, 1928--1942
  170. Archfilm : Cinema and the architectural promenade
  171. Archiostranenie : perceptual subversion and sensual engagement in architecture
  172. The Architect as Craftsman An exploration into craft at the urban scale
  173. Architects' and interior designers' perceptions of their roles in designing the built environment
  174. Architectural Acts : Architect-figures in Athenian drama and their prefigurations
  175. Architectural and HVAC applications of impinging jet ventilation using full scale and CFD simulation
  176. Architectural cinema : a theory of practice for digital architectural animation
  177. Architectural considerations for lunar long duration habitat
  178. Architectural correlates of privacy : The dynamics of privacy regulation
  179. Architectural design decision support system
  180. Architectural design in virtual environments : exploring cognition and communication in immersive virtual environments
  181. Architectural design of plazas, social capital, and cultural hybridity in urban neighborhoods : Defining a multidimensional network model for public health promotion
  182. The architectural design studio as a learning environment : a qualitative exploration of architecture design student learning experiences in design studios from first- through fourth-year
  183. Architectural evolution as a result of technological innovation : An architectural geography of single-family homes in Akron, Ohio
  184. Architectural experience : A design exploration for a new school for the blind
  185. Architectural explorations : A formal representation for the generation and transformation of design geometry
  186. An architectural forum for Hong Kong
  187. Architectural heritage conservation in China
  188. An architectural history of grand opera houses : constructing cultural identity in urban America from 1850 to the Great Depression
  189. The Architectural Image : space, Movement and Myth
  190. The architectural imagination of s. arthur townend (ontario)
  191. An architectural inquiry into the significance of home
  192. Architectural intent and its vernacular process : a morphological study of the spatial planning concept in traditional settlements and courtyard houses in Huizhou, China
  193. An architectural interpretation for bridging two Chinese generations (Taiwan)
  194. The Architectural Oracles Game : a Futures Tool for architecture and design
  195. Architectural patterning in the Purepecha heartland : An intrasite settlement study at the urban center of Sacapu Angamuco, Michoacan, Mexico
  196. Architectural permeability : sustainable design as a global consideration (alberta)
  197. Architectural practice in small towns : a study of the architect-client relationship in the Western Erie Canal region
  198. Architectural publicity in the age of globalization
  199. Architectural representation of the Pure Land : Constructing the cosmopolitan temple complex from Nagarjunakonda to Bulguksa
  200. An architectural score : recording and orchestrating an architectural experience
  201. Architectural site intimacy Nurturing the relationship between architecture, humans and land
  202. Architectural Street Credibility : Reframing Contemporary Architecture to Sidewalk Level with Images from Google Street View
  203. Architectural transformation of heritage buildings case study : folk Art Museum Building, Sonargaon, Bangladesh
  204. Architectural translations : Giuseppe Barberi (1746--1809) between Rome & Paris
  205. Architectural Type as a Cultural Schema and Its Cognitive Use in Architectural Design : An Analysis of the Aga Khan Award Winning Dwellings in Turkey
  206. Architecture : An interface of digital/social connectivity
  207. architecture : appalachia
  208. Architecture : music, city, and culture
  209. The architecture and architectural decoration of the Adina Mosque, Pandua, West Bengal, India : The problem of the conjoined Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic motifs in the mihrab niches
  210. The architecture and art of the Long Beach Airport Administration Building
  211. Architecture and authenticity : constructing the ontological
  212. Architecture and central public libraries in America, 1887--1925 : a study of conflicting institutions and mediated designs (massachusetts, new york, ohio)
  213. Architecture and cultural identity in the traditional homes of Jeddah
  214. Architecture and design for healthy eating in schools
  215. Architecture and impermanence : the re- thinking of territories
  216. Architecture and instructional design : a conceptual model for e-learning
  217. Architecture and involution : claude bragdon's projective ornament
  218. Architecture and Nation-building in Mid-20th Century Urban Turkey and Iraq
  219. Architecture and philosophical ideation : an analysis of the role of theoretical ideas in architectural creation
  220. Architecture and place : A critical look at how they interact and influence each other through definition, creation, and representation
  221. Architecture and social behaviour in the Galisteo Basin : A visibility graph analysis of Pueblo communities
  222. Architecture and social complexity in the Late Ubaid Period: A study of the built environment of Degirmentepe in East Anatolia (Turkey)
  223. Architecture and the marvelous : the incorporation of the marvelous in American architecture from Monticello to Disneyland
  224. Architecture and the nation : meanings of modern urban design and possibilities for political participation in czech prague 1900
  225. Architecture and the senses : a sensory musing park
  226. Architecture and urban design as influences on the communication of place and experience in graphic design
  227. Architecture and urban form in India's Silicon Valley : a case study of Bangalore
  228. Architecture as Performance : The construction of display
  229. Architecture as symbol : Elements of the German New Building
  230. Architecture for community and spectacle : The roofed arena in North America, 1853--1968
  231. an architecture for the fourth dimension the Andorran Pavilion, Expo 2010 Shanghai
  232. Architecture in motion : A model for music composition
  233. Architecture in play : intimations of modernism in architectural toys, 1836--1952
  234. Architecture in the museum : displacement, reconstruction and reproduction of the monuments of antiquity in Berlin's Pergamon Museum (Germany)
  235. Architecture Occupation A sky community culture center in traditional district, Guangzhou
  236. The architecture of central-pillar cave in China and Central Asia : A typological study
  237. Architecture of Destruction and Renewal
  238. The architecture of enabling technology in the critical care setting : the role of architecture in addressing the health care - technology paradox
  239. An Architecture of Fire : Restoring the former Denny-Renton Clay and Coal Co. site in Renton
  240. The architecture of Hong Kong's waterworks : a historical and typological study
  241. The Architecture of Information at Plateau Beaubourg
  242. The architecture of joseph michael gandy (1771--1843) and sir john soane (1753--1837) : an exploration into the masonic and occult imagination of the late enlightenment (england)
  243. The architecture of light : Color and cathedral as rhetorical ductus in the Middle English "Pearl"
  244. The architecture of Maxentius : a study in architectural design and urban planning in early fourth-century Rome (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius, Emperor of Rome, Roman Empire)
  245. The architecture of nineteenth-century Cuban sugar mills : Creole power and African resistance in late colonial Cuba
  246. The Architecture of Rural Healthcare : Supporting access to health in remote and rural areas
  247. The architecture of space and transformation in massively multiplayer online role-playing games
  248. The architecture of the poetic image the visible and the invisible in the sacred architecture of Sigurd Lewerentz
  249. The architecture of well-being: Designing for care of the elderly in the Canadian prairies
  250. Architecture on the move : modernism and mobility in the postwar (Martin Wagner, Walter Gropius, MarcelBreuer)
  251. Architecture pedagogy : psychological, social, and other emergent issues in the design studio
  252. An architecture story--engaging design through storytelling
  253. The architecture studio : Its implications for instructional design education
  254. Architecture that embodies the symbolic nature of good leadership and promotes productive collaboration between women's international organizations. will : women's international leadership league
  255. Architecture, advertising, and corporations, 1929-1959
  256. Architecture, aesthetics and the city : Building and rebuilding the memory of the Holocaust in Berlin
  257. Architecture, craftwork & empowerment : A craft center for Maasai women in Kajiado, Kenya
  258. Architecture, discourse and the environment : Architectural conversations
  259. Architecture, Expertise and the German Construction of the Ottoman Railway Network, 1868-1919
  260. Architecture, ritual expression and social differentiation in fourth millennium north Mesopotamia
  261. Architectures for a Future South : Posthumanism and Ruin in the Novels of Cormac McCarthy
  262. Architectures of affect : Form and feeling between Enlightenment and modernity
  263. Architectures of Inequality : Evaluating Houses, Kinship and Cosmology in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, A.D. 800-1200
  264. Architectures of information : christopher Alexander, Cedric Price, and Nicholas Negroponte and MIT's Architecture Machine Group
  265. Archives and historic buildings : A perfect match or a disaster waiting to happen?
  266. Area based conservation in Hong Kong : a case of Tai O fishing village
  267. An area-based conservation approach : restoring the heritage values of Western Street, Sai Ying Pun District
  268. Areas of knowledge needed by superintendents and architects to enhance their collaboration in the school design process
  269. The Arg (castle) in Persian art and architecture. Arg-e Bam case study
  270. An Argument for Modern Craftsmanship : A Philosophy of Design, Materials, and Process in a Post-Industrial Environment
  271. The Army Post as Design Laboratory : Experiments in Urban Planning and Architecture, 1917--1948
  272. Art and architecture : New life for Haverhill's Wingate Street Arts District
  273. Art and the built landscape in the central business district of Dallas : Influences from an identifiable era in the late twentieth century
  274. Art communities : around the flyover
  275. Art factory : Exhibiting art production and supporting site-specific art practice in Toronto
  276. Art Nouveau as social art : the modern democratic aesthetic of Parisian worker housing, 1894--1914
  277. The art of the ensemble : the Tsukubusuma Sanctuary, 1570-1615. (Volumes I and II)
  278. Art on the edges, hagen, 1890--1922 : art and society in a german industrial town (karl ernst osthaus)
  279. Art reshaping space
  280. Art ropolis : redefining the museum of (new) art, TST
  281. Art, architecture and politics in Mewar, 1628--1710 (India)
  282. Art, urbanism, and public space : Critical spatial responses to urban redevelopment in Beijing (1976--2000)
  283. Artifacts of nature
  284. Artifice as nature : post-industrial Pearl River Delta in transition : the case of the Guangzhou steel-mill
  285. Artist colony at Green Island
  286. Artist village in Ma Tau Kok : transformation of cattle deport and gas storage tanks
  287. Artists village-place (space) for artists in Yau Tong Bay, Yau Tong
  288. The Artpark : an Open-Air Museum Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
  289. As found : Perception and play
  290. Ashes of the after death : the tangible and intangible heritage of bamboo-paper ritual objects
  291. Asian Games Village : a High-Density Sports Complex
  292. Aspects of design logic and le corbusier's universe of forms
  293. The ASPEN design tool : a LEED credit design and cost minimization program
  294. Assessing Daylight Performance in Atrium Buildings by Using Climate- Based Daylight Modeling
  295. Assessing ecological design principles as they relate to sustainability in neighborhoods of TucsonArizona
  296. Assessing mold risks in buildings under uncertainty
  297. Assessing the associations among green space type, structure, general mental health and general health employing the BRFSS and the US National Land Cover Data
  298. Assessing the economic revitalization impact of urban design improvements : The Texas Main Street Program
  299. Assessing the impacts of converted rail-trails in North Texas communities : Learning from the stakeholders' perspectives
  300. Assessing the potential play value of vegetation in the outdoor environments of NAEYC-accredited preschool programs in TucsonArizona
  301. Assessing the quality of property management of public rental housing between housing department and property management agents
  302. Assessing urban design : historical ambience on the waterfront (pennsylvania, japan)
  303. Assessment and enhancement of decision-making models used for the pre- development stages of office developments in Turkey
  304. Assessment methods and tools for architectural curricula
  305. An assessment of computer model techniques to predict quantitative and qualitative measures of speech perception in university classrooms for varying room sizes and noise levels
  306. Assessment of Displacement Ventilation for Schools in Alberta
  307. Assessment of neighbourhood's perception to qualify the social significance of "Dai Pai Dongs" at Stanley Street
  308. An Assessment of the Neighborhood Retail Environment in Union Square, Somerville
  309. An assessment of understanding universal design through online visual resources and role-playing simulation exercises
  310. Assimilation of urban street into urban green space system
  311. The Association of Urban Form and Design with Children's Physical Activity and Active Travel
  312. At home in postwar France : The design and construction of domestic space, 1945--1975
  313. The Atlantic Fiddle Factory
  314. Attachment to the physical age of urban residential neighborhoods : A comparative case study of historic Charleston and I'On
  315. Attachment to urban natural areas : effects of environmental experience (urban environment, place attachment)
  316. The attack on greenery : Critical perceptions of the American man-made landscape, 1955--1969
  317. Attitudes of higher education interior design faculty toward the innovation of distance education
  318. An audio-visual centre at Stanley Street
  319. Augmented reality aided design
  320. Authentic thresholds : Interior design client involvement in the creation of sense of home
  321. Authenticity in restoration from the Chinese perspective : the Guangzhou case studies
  322. Authenticity of space : An interdisciplinary convergence of the tradition of sacred music and twenty-first century sacred architecture
  323. Authenticity, integrity, and extra-ordinary experiences : An event evaluation of the Friday the 13th event in Port Dover, Ontario
  324. An avatar's perspective : the architectural interface of virtual encounters
  325. Aviation museum and academy
  326. B(u)y the sea (Japan)
  327. B-Shelves : A Web Based Mass Customized Product
  328. B2B e-Work Intranet solution design for rebar supply interactions
  329. Back to the basics : Student achievement and schoolyard naturalization
  330. Back to the city : The re-emergence of urban grocery stores in mid-sized cities
  331. Back to the Root : Designing a Culturally Responsive Open Space for Seattle's Chinatown-International District
  332. Back to the root : Hong Kong urban river revitalization / Wong, Yin Kiu
  333. The balance between technology and culture in sustainable architecture
  334. Balancing human visual comfort and psychological wellbeing in private offices
  335. Balancing on transit : redevelopment of the Southern Pacific Railyards Sacramento, California
  336. Balancing preservation and interaction in the museum setting
  337. Bamboo housing in Costa Rica : an analysis of a pilot program
  338. Bank community development corporation investments in community economic development
  339. Bark park : a social hub for dogs and their owners
  340. The Baroque Effect : Architecture and Art History in Berlin, 1886--1900
  341. Basic documentation of Ping Yao dwelling courtyards
  342. Bayesian calibration of building energy models for energy retrofit decision-making under uncertainty
  343. The beating retreat of No. 8 police station : a critical review on its heritage impact assessmentimplementation
  344. Beating the bounds (settlement patterns)
  345. Beauty and a wet pond stormwater management practice
  346. Beauty in Buildings : How Beauty and Inspiration Impact Building Energy Performance
  347. The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art : The architecture and discourse of a single-donor modern art museum
  348. Becoming Like the World : Korean Articulations of Globalization in the Global Zones, 1987--present
  349. The becoming of problems in design : Knowledge in action to frame wicked problems
  350. Before its vanishes
  351. Behavior and analysis of plattforms building system
  352. Behavior and design of sheathed cold-formed steel stud walls under compression
  353. Being green and the common citizen : Developing alternative methods of renewable energy investment through solar power and efficient building design
  354. The Bennett Street neighborhood An architectural community worthy of recognition
  355. The Berlin Wall and the urban space and experience of East and West Berlin, 1961--1989
  356. Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue's military commissions : Identity, process, importance and stewardship of these cutural resources
  357. A better future for Mai Po? : a critical review of the conservation measures for Mai Po Nature Reserve
  358. A better museum experience : re-interpreting and re-presenting the house and culture of the Sheung Yiu FolkMuseum
  359. Betterment of the building maintenance industry in Hong Kong : by interdisciplinary effort to enhance customer satisfaction
  360. Betting complex 2000 : Yuen Long maxi centre
  361. Between : inner architectures (original artwork)
  362. Between architecture, landscape, and interior
  363. Between humanism and the counter-reformation : villa and villeggiatura in renaissance ragusa (croatia, lodovico beccadelli, nicolo vito di gozze)
  364. Between Localism and Nationalism : Two contemporary examples of Thai Temple Art and Architecture in Northern Thailand
  365. Between the aged and the agelessness : an elderly home in Wong Tai Sin
  366. Beyond buildings, progressive planning : Improving collaboration among design and community development professionals
  367. Beyond density : Measuring neighborhood form in New England's Upper Connecticut River Valley
  368. Beyond facility : Tai Kok Tsui Community Complex
  369. Beyond historicism : Jakob von Falke and the reform of the Viennese interior
  370. Beyond intuition : a perceptual basis for the elements and principles of design
  371. Beyond stormwater design considerations : when beauty and duty collide
  372. Beyond the label : A typology for assessment and mitigation of disparities in the urban food environment
  373. Beyond the lesson plan : the physical environment, semiotics and design of schools
  374. Beyond the TV screen : RTHK : redevelopment of RTHK Headquarters
  375. Big women
  376. Big, bigger, vacant
  377. A BIM-based Pre-occupancy Evaluation Platform (PEP) for Facilitating Designer-Client communication in the Early Design Stage
  378. BIOcity
  379. A bioclimatic community : water and land
  380. Biomimetic design of the building envelope : Biological climate adaptations and thermal controls in the Sonoran desert
  381. Biomimicry Design for Pre-fabricated Steel Module Inspired by Beehive
  382. A Biophilic Landscape Design in Shanghai, China
  383. Birth control and the twentieth-century woman
  384. Bishop Hill : transformation and redevelopment of the HK Anglican Church Headquarters
  385. Black gold and blue collars
  386. A boarding school : mentally retarded children
  387. A boarding school for autistic children
  388. The body narrated : Fashion + identity + space
  389. The body of christ in Chinese clothes : understanding the heritage significance of Hong Kong's Chinese-style church architecture through St. Mary's Church in Tai Hang
  390. Body | building | skins : Patterning spatial surfaces
  391. Bookstores/soft capsule : A retail prototype for small independent business
  392. Boon or bane? : changes in the Yi Fan Festival of the Chinese Mulam minority after its designation as a national-level intangible cultural heritage
  393. Border crossings
  394. Borderwall : Peace and the future of the Korean Demilitarized Zone
  395. Borrowers, bricoleurs, and builders of architectural knowledge
  396. Bound in stone : A landscape and architectural analysis of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation reservation, Connecticut
  397. Boundary layer control of heat transfer in buildings
  398. Boxes
  399. Boy scout New Territories regional headquarters
  400. Branded architecture
  401. Branded Library : Extending the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Through the Avondale Community
  402. Branding a label through architecture : Giordano Tower
  403. Brandscape : studies on internet consumerism on logistic landscape & branding of site of consumption
  404. Breakaway : An exhibition to explore civic engagement and the cycling community
  405. Breaking the city barrier : revitalisation of the Gürtel area around Alser Street subway station in Vienna =Die Mauer der Stadt zu brechen : Wiederbelebung des Raum der Gürtel bei der Station Alserstrasse, Wien
  406. Breaking the wall, preserving the barrier : gender, space, and power in contemporary mosque architecture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  407. Breakthrough : Tech. Centre II
  408. The breathing castle : in search of the social value of University Hall, HKU
  409. Breathing new life into DC's Eastern Market
  410. Brewery musuem in Qingdao, China : a historical place revitalization
  411. Bridging : An alternative project delivery method
  412. Bridging the gap
  413. Bridging the gap : a tool to support bim data transparency for interoperability with building energy performance software
  414. Bridging the gap between planning and architecture : A closer look at design collaboration
  415. Bridging the town centre : the community bridges in Tung Chung
  416. Bridging the worlds through art and culture : An Iranian cultural center in Washington D.C
  417. Broadcasting park, RTHK
  418. The Buddhist caves at Ellora
  419. Buddhist retreat at Tei Tong Tsai
  420. Building a Community Rooftop Network : Design Prototypes for Taipei
  421. Building a neighbourhood: Neighbouring and its place
  422. Building a sacred mountain : buddhist monastic architecture in Mount Wutai during the Tang dynasty, 618--907 C.E
  423. Building Across the Sacred Landscape : The Romanesque Churches of Verona in their Urban Context
  424. Building an evaluation framework of environmental interpretation for Chinese geoparks---case study of Yuntaishan World Geopark
  425. Building as an incomplete urban topography : a public terrain at Wong Tai Sin Temple
  426. Building based communication research
  427. Building berry hill : plantation houses and landscapes in antebellum virginia
  428. Building brasilia : modern architecture and national identity in brazil
  429. Building chan chan : the application of construction project management to the analysis of ancient architecture (peru)
  430. Building communication : Architectural gestures and the embodiment of new ideas
  431. Building community : a town hall and firewise resource center in Quilcene, Washington
  432. Building community from within and without : a return to small urban schools
  433. Building construction research centre
  434. Building control on adaptive re-use : a case study on the old dairy farm depot in HK Central
  435. Building Education in the North Where Lies the Architectural Border Between Cultural Memory & Oblivion?
  436. Building for the future : evaluating the current viability of thin shell concrete structures
  437. Building in the air : Aspects of the aerial imagination in modern Italian architecture (Franco Albini, Edoardo Persico, Alberto Sartoris)
  438. Building information modeling (BIM) : The untapped potential for preservation documentation and management
  439. Building information modeling integrated with electronic commerce material procurement and supplier performance management system
  440. Building Material Centre
  441. Building materialism : Architecture, interior space and urbanism in East German literature, 1949--1973
  442. The Building Program of Archbishop Walter de Gray : Architectural Production and Reform in the Archdiocese of York, 1215--1255
  443. Building romanticisms : literary and architectural space in Britain, 1764--1832
  444. Building safety in Hong Kong : an empirical inquiry into the proliferation of unauthorized building works in residential buildings
  445. Building science : An interdisciplinary tool for building analysis
  446. Building stories : Literature and architecture in early modern England (Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke, Sir Henry Wotton, Ben Jonson, John Stow, George Herbert)
  447. Building structure : the integration of building and community
  448. Building the Chinese work unit : modernity, scarcity, and space, 1949--2000
  449. Building the Invisible Bridging the Gap Between Past and Future in Chinese Architecture
  450. Building the redwood region : the redwood lumber industry and the landscape of Northern California, 1850--1929
  451. Building the Working City Designs on Home and Life in Boomtown Detroit, 1914-1932
  452. Building watershed narratives : two case studies of urban streams in Seattle, Washington
  453. Building will : the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright through the lens of Schopenhauer's philosophy
  454. Bureaucracy and red tape : a comparison between public and private construction project organizations in Hong Kong
  455. Business as usual : cultural mapping of a shopping street of a historical market town : the case of San Hong Street in Shek Wu Hui
  456. Business procedures : Architectural, construction management, construction contracting
  457. CAD and virtual reality in construction : an empirical study on the patterns of use of visualization in Hong Kong construction sector
  458. California DREAMing : The design of residential demand responsive technology with people in mind
  459. Campus design : landscape redevelopment for the Shaw College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  460. A campus for the fourth century: A master plan for the College of William and Mary in Virginia
  461. Campus planning and design : Exploring the programmatic elements involved in creating residential campus courtyards
  462. Can the application of a landscape designed learning environment enhance education?
  463. Cancer Treatment Centre
  464. Canopies : The framing of sacred space in the Byzantine ecclesiastical tradition
  465. The Cantonese lion head : the process of making a lion head in Guangzhou
  466. Cantonese opera garden in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
  467. Cantonese opera on the temple ridge : conservation of Shek Wan ceramic figurines on the ridge of the Hung Shing Temple at Apleichau
  468. Capital Architecture : Situating symbolism parallel to architectural methods and technology
  469. Capital Museum, Beijing
  470. Capsizing the flagship : A study in PHARMETICS
  471. Capturing the city/spatializing the captured : an animated documentary of Hong Kong
  472. Car museum
  473. Car! ...Game on. An adaptive reuse of Maple Leaf Gardens (Ontario)
  474. Career influences for women in landscape architecture
  475. Cartoon Production Centre : an urban channel to fantasy world
  476. A case for high-density living, a study of adaptable prefabricated construction for high-rise residential buildings in Hong Kong
  477. A case study comparing measured and simulated acoustical environments : acoustical improvements of verle annis gallery (california)
  478. A case study of cost overruns in a Thai condominium project
  479. A case study of the constraints in the planning, design, and construction of a higher educational facility using the neo-institutionalism approach
  480. Casting the void
  481. Castle Peak Hospital redevelopment
  482. Castle Pinckney : Past, present, future
  483. Catholic Liberation Education : Implications for Msgr. Edward Pace High School
  484. Cattails & Epinctieres : filtering the watershed of the Rat River
  485. Cattle as urban planner
  486. Causality study of urbanization and economic growth
  487. Causes and Solutions for High Energy Consumption in Traditional Buildings Located in Hot Climate Regions
  489. A celebration of cultural heritages
  490. Cemetery design: Transcending the traditional
  491. Cemetery gardens : the historical cultural landscape of Hong Kong's colonial cemetery
  492. The center of his existence : Domestic architecture & class identity in nineteenth-century Lincoln County, Tennessee
  493. Center versus periphery, interior versus exterior : how space shapes gender in Yin Yu Tang, a traditional house from the Huizhou region of China
  494. Central Star ferry pier : policy, politics and protest in the making of heritage in Hong Kong
  495. Centre for China Studies
  496. Centre for Chinese Studies
  497. Centre for HK Cantonese Opera Artist's Association
  498. Centre for the hearing impaired people : a language minority
  499. Centre for the visually impaired
  500. Centre of music experiment
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