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About the Project
The Table of Contents (TOC) Project was conceived in 1996 as an integral part of the proposal submitted by the Special Collections to build up an Electronic Hong Kong Collection. It received financial support from the graduates of the Class of '72 in 1997 when they donated one million Hong Kong dollars to the University of Hong Kong Foundation designated for use by the University Libraries for the TOC Project of materials held in the Hong Kong Collection to celebrate their 25th anniversary of graduation.
Implementation of the TOC Project started in September 1997 and it took three years for Special Collections staff to complete retrospective data inputting, with TOC of 13,559 Hong Kong titles (479,466 entries) added to the Libraries' online catalogue. The Systems Department of the Libraries extracted this data from the catalogue, created a database to hold it, and Web pages for searching. Apart from Libraries staff keying the data manually, Systems staff developed a program that helps to capture scanned TOC to the bibliographic record automatically to speed up the project and to save manpower. The TOC Project is still ongoing now with TOC of newly acquired Hong Kong titles being added to the catalogue. In December 2001, TOC of some 18,000 Hong Kong titles (651,000 entries) are searchable online and the creation of this webpage is yet another step to further facilitate TOC searching of Hong Kong materials.

While the Special Collections takes all necessary steps to build up a comprehensive TOC database, it does not include TOC of the following categories of Hong Kong materials:

  • Travel guides
  • Caricatures and cartoons
  • School textbooks
  • Juvenile literature
  • Catalogues
  • Leisure readings
  • Titles without distinctive table of contents, such as essays, prose, etc.
The University of Hong Kong Libraries is grateful to the graduates of the Class of '72, the University of Hong Kong, for making a generous donation to financially support the TOC Project.
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