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訪談主題 Selected Themes of the Interviews
政府與政治 Government and Politics
  政治事件 Political Events
政治信仰 Political Ideology
公務員 Civil Servants
官委人士 Appointees of Government Institutions

經濟與行業歷史 Economy and History of Trades and Industries
  漁農礦業 Fishing, Agriculture and Mining Industries
製造業 Manufacturing
建造業 Construction
服務業 Services*
傳統行業 Vanishing Industries

教育與學校 Education and Schools
  學校歷史 History of Schools
校園生活 School Lives
教育發展 Development of Education

文化、新聞及傳播 Culture, Press and Communication
  文化與藝術 Culture and Arts
報紙 Press
電台及電視廣播 Radio and TV Broadcasting
出版業 Publishing

社會組織 Social Organizations
  基層團體 Grassroots and Community Organizations
文化、宗教團體 Cultural and Religious Organizations
商會、工會 Merchants' Association and Trade Unions

族群 Social Groups
  大陸移民 Chinese Immigrants
方言群體 Chinese Sub-ethnic Groups
華僑 Overseas Chinese
非華籍族裔 Non-Chinese Groups

社會生活 Social Lives
  戰時生活與抗日活動 Lives and Activities During Wartime
家庭與婚姻 Family and Marriage
婦女 Women's Lives
消閑與娛樂 Leisure and Entertainment
新界農村與農民 Village Lives in the New Territories
社會福利 Social Welfare
風俗文化 Traditional Customs and Culture
宗教 Religion

社區歷史 History of Communities
  灣仔 Wanchai
西營盤 Sai Ying Pun
荃灣 Tsuen Wan
其他社區 Other Districts

專題 Special Themes
  香港抗日游擊隊 Anti-Japanese Troops in Hong Kong
嘉道理農場與農業協助會 Kadoorie Farm and K.A.A.A
市區的盂蘭勝會 Ghost Festival in Urban Districts

* 服務業包括運輸、金融及保險、飲食、批發及零售、個人服務及社會服務。Services include transportation, finance and insurance, catering, wholesale and retails, personal services and social services.
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